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How does nine winning Cardinals starting pitchers compare?

With Joe Kelly earning his first 2013 win at Chicago on Friday, the right-hander became the ninth different St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher to claim a victory this season.

I asked researcher Tom Orf how that stacks up compared to other Cardinals seasons through 91 games played.

The nine winning starters tie the most by the team to this point in any season. Though it is not rare, having been accomplished 11 times in the past, the club has never featured ten winning starters through 91 games.

The first time for nine occurred in 1928, a World Series year, and the most recent was in 1998, for what became a third-place club.

St. Louis Cardinals, most different starting pitchers with wins through 91 games at nine

Year Pitcher W
2013 Adam Wainwright 12 Lance Lynn 11 Shelby Miller 9 Jake Westbrook 5 Jaime Garcia 5 Tyler Lyons 2 John Gast 2 Michael Wacha 1 Joe Kelly 1
1998 Todd Stottlemyre 9 Kent Mercker 5 Mark Petkovsek 3 Manny Aybar 3 Juan Acevedo 3 Cliff Politte 2 Donovan Osborne 1 Mike Busby 1 Kent Bottenfield 1
1994 Bob Tewksbury 10 Allen Watson 6 Rick Sutcliffe 5 Vicente Palacios 2 Rheal Cormier 2 Tom Urbani 1 Omar Olivares 1 Bryan Eversgerd 1 Rene Arocha 1
1980 Pete Vuckovich 8 Bob Forsch 7 Jim Kaat 4 Bob Sykes 3 John Fulgham 2 John Urrea 1 Roy Thomas 1 Silvio Martinez 1 Don Hood 1
1966 Bob Gibson 11 Ray Washburn 8 Al Jackson 7 Larry Jaster 4 Nelson Briles 3 Ray Sadecki 2 Tracy Stallard 1 Curt Simmons 1 Art Mahaffey 1
1952 Gerry Staley 12 Joe Presko 5 Cloyd Boyer 5 Vinegar Bend Mizell 4 Cliff Chambers 4 Harry Brecheen 4 Al Brazle 3 Eddie Yuhas 1 Willard Schmidt 1
1946 Howie Pollet 12 Harry Brecheen 7 Max Lanier 6 Murry Dickson 5 Ken Burkhart 3 Fred Martin 2 Johnny Beazley 2 Red Barrett 2 Al Brazle 1
1945 Red Barrett 11 Blix Donnelly 6 Ken Burkhart 6 Ted Wilks 4 Harry Brecheen 4 Jack Creel 3 Max Lanier 2 Mort Cooper 2 Bud Byerly 2
1943 Mort Cooper 13 Howie Pollet 8 Harry Gumbert 8 Max Lanier 5 Howie Krist 5 Ernie White 3 Red Munger 2 Murry Dickson 2 Al Brazle 1
1942 Mort Cooper 12 Lon Warneke 6 Johnny Beazley 5 Howie Pollet 4 Harry Gumbert 4 Ernie White 3 Max Lanier 2 Howie Krist 2 Murry Dickson 1
1936 Dizzy Dean 13 Roy Parmelee 9 Paul Dean 5 Jim Winford 4 Bill Walker 4 Bill Hallahan 2 Flint Rhem 1 Ed Heusser 1 Jesse Haines 1
1928 Jesse Haines 10 Pete Alexander 10 Bill Sherdel 9 Flint Rhem 8 Syl Johnson 4 Art Reinhart 2 Clarence Mitchell 2 Fred Frankhouse 2 Carlisle Littlejohn 1

It goes without saying that to need so many starters, either injury, ineffectiveness or both must have occurred. In 2013, with Chris Carpenter, Jaime Garcia and John Gast out and Jake Westbrook having also spent time on the disabled list, it has been more of the former than latter.

With other new and old potential starters such as Carlos Martinez and Carpenter on the win horizon as well as the potential of a trade bolstering the rotation for the second half, this total of nine has a chance to grow.

The Cardinals high in recent years was 13 starters with wins – in that aforementioned 1998 season – and 11 in 2002, a first-place campaign.

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  1. CariocaCardinal says:

    I’d be interested how Seigrest first 12 games/12 innings in the majors without giving up an earned run ranks among Cardinal pitchers/lefthanders

  2. Bw52 says:

    Come on Wainwright.You are supposed to be the ace.

  3. Bw52 says:

    Disgusting.Just plain stinking baseball.The freaking Cubs no less.

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