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Matheny to manage first double-header

In his rookie 2012 season, St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny checked off pretty much every “first” box on his managerial action list. They varied from the mundane such as first rain delay to the sublime, his first post-season wins.

Friday night’s rainout at Busch Stadium versus San Francisco created a new situation for Matheny, as he will be managing in his first double-header on Saturday. The current uncertainly swirling around the bullpen and its usage makes Matheny-watching on Saturday potentially even more interesting than usual.

With the able assistance of researcher Tom Orf, we have the results of Cardinals double-headers during the La Russa years of 1996-2011. Since their last twin-bill loss at Cincinnati in 1996, during La Russa’s first St. Louis season, the Cardinals won five double-headers and split the other 17.

Cards in double-headers since 1996 Home Road totals
Sweep (2-0) 3 2 5
Split (1-1) 6 11 17
Loss (0-2) 0 1 1
totals 9 14 23

Details follow with most recent double-headers first.

Game 1 Game 2 DH
2011-04-20 (1) STL* WSN L 6-8 2011-04-20 (2) STL* WSN W 5-3 split
2009-07-12 (1) STL CHC* L 3-7 2009-07-12 (2) STL CHC* W 4-2 split
2008-06-05 (1) STL WSN* W 4-1 2008-06-05 (2) STL WSN* L 9-10 split
2007-09-15 (1) STL* CHC L 2-3 2007-09-15 (2) STL* CHC W 4-3 split
2007-07-28 (1) STL* MIL W 7-6 2007-07-28 (2) STL* MIL W 5-2 sweep
2004-08-20 (1) STL* PIT W 5-4 2004-08-20 (2) STL* PIT W 5-3 sweep
2003-09-02 (1) STL CHC* L 2-4 2003-09-02 (2) STL CHC* W 2-0 split
2002-08-31 (1) STL CHC* W 8-1 2002-08-31 (2) STL CHC* W 10-4 sweep
2002-08-27 (1) STL CIN* L 4-5 2002-08-27 (2) STL CIN* W 5-0 split
2001-08-03 (1) STL* FLA W 9-5 2001-08-03 (2) STL* FLA L 4-6 split
2000-04-16 (1) STL COL* W 9-3 2000-04-16 (2) STL COL* L 13-14 split
1999-09-29 (1) STL* SDP W 4-3 1999-09-29 (2) STL* SDP W 6-5 sweep
1999-08-22 (1) STL NYM* L 7-8 1999-08-22 (2) STL NYM* W 7-5 split
1999-08-06 (1) STL PIT* L 1-5 1999-08-06 (2) STL PIT* W 5-1 split
1998-09-15 (1) STL* PIT L 6-8 1998-09-15 (2) STL* PIT W 9-3 split
1998-08-21 (1) STL NYM* W 10-5 1998-08-21 (2) STL NYM* L 0-1 split
1998-08-20 (1) STL NYM* W 2-0 1998-08-20 (2) STL NYM* L 4-5 split
1998-04-16 (1) STL* ARI W 5-4 1998-04-16 (2) STL* ARI L 2-8 split
1997-09-06 (1) STL COL* W 10-7 1997-09-06 (2) STL COL* L 6-7 split
1997-06-14 (1) STL* CLE L 3-8 1997-06-14 (2) STL* CLE W 5-2 split
1997-04-19 (1) STL SDP* W 1-0 1997-04-19 (2) STL SDP* W 2-1 sweep
1996-09-22 (1) STL CIN* L 3-6 1996-09-22 (2) STL CIN* L 0-6 loss
1996-08-01 (1) STL PHI* L 1-2 1996-08-01 (2) STL PHI* W 7-1 split
* Home team

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15 Responses to “Matheny to manage first double-header”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Only one pitcher in the National League has suffered the ultimate indignity of being solved by our Old Wiggy for an RBI single. Every other pitcher in the league has kept Wiggy out of the RBI column, save one. His name is Matt Cain, starting today.
    On the bench, poor old Wiggy must be losing his mind, with Cain down 7 runs. Wiggy does not want this chance to slip away. He must be begging for a chance to pinch-hit while Cain remains in the game. Cain could be Wiggy’s best hope for driving in a second run during 2013.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Pitchers rise and fall. Boggs is a recent decline, Shelby Miller is rising toward the top of MLB, with an ERA beneath 2.
      Another sad decline is that of Matt Cain, with an ERA of 5.5, being bullied by the Cardinals and even solved by Ty Wigginton. When Wiggy is your nemesis, a pitcher has to be worried about how much longer he can remain in the Bigs.

  2. Bw52 says:

    Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      It was an epic game for Old Wiggy. He got off to a great start by getting smacked by a pitch. This must have gotten him untracked.
      Later he had singles with runners in scoring position. With a faster runner, Wiggy might have collected three RBIs rather than two. Old Wiggy now has 3 RBIs for the 2013 season, all obtained thanks to the generous Giants.

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    The fantastic 2013 season rolls on. Mo does not mess around after our horrible loss to the Royals. Boggs was essentially was fired and sent to the minors, to do hard time and penance. The Cards bounce back and show zero mercy to the pathetic Giants, mopping the floor with them behind Wainwright and Miller, 15-1. Who else can Mo fire next?

  4. JumboShrimp says:

    Strong game by Lyons. 2 runs in 6 innings. Good enough to win. And Giants have Posey, Scutaro, Pence, Arias.

    • Nutlaw says:

      If he’d have stopped at six innings, maybe they could have won.

      Given that the Giants scored one run over two games yesterday, not overly impressive.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Lyons’ first two starts were against the punchless Padres and the hapless Royals. At least the Giants have some right swinging hitters to challenge him. Posey went 4 for 4.
        If we can get Lyons to hold a team to 2 runs in 6, we are getting a lot from a guy who has not gotten a lot of hype coming up. Lyons is pitching a lot better than Rzepcynski or Boggs, so he deserves a salute.

  5. Nutlaw says:

    At this moment, the Cards not only have given up the fewest runs in the NL, but they have scored the most runs in the NL as well. That should continue to work out well for them. 😀

  6. blingboy says:

    Any guesses how long until we see Siegrist up here?

  7. blingboy says:

    “The Cleveland Indians apologized to fans who attended Friday night’s game with Tampa Bay that had nearly five hours of rain delays and ended shortly before 3 a.m.”

    From ESPN.con

  8. CariocaCardinal says:

    Not a criticism but a compliment – I’m pretty sure Brian has never gone this long without a new blog post since he started this blog. I hope all is well.

    • Brian Walton says:

      I am fine. I just skipped one day, Sunday, as I have done now and then when swamped. I was just in the process of posting today’s thoughts when your message popped up.

      The end/start of the month is a particularly busy time on the main site. Add to that many player moves and the start of the DSL season means my time is at a premium. The draft and its aftermath plus the Cards-Mets series in NYC followed by some vacation time signal that it isn’t going to get better this month.

      Perhaps I will drop back to shorter posts here for awhile if need be to maintain a daily frequency.

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