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Checking the 2013 MLB odds lines

With a new month, it is seems a good time to check on the odds across Major League Baseball. They are provided courtesy of Bovada, (, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Agree or disagree? Sound off below.

First manager fired
Charlie Manuel 4/1
Bud Black 9/2
Ron Gardenhire 5/1
Ron Roenicke 7/1
Joe Girardi 15/2
Eric Wedge 8/1
Ned Yost 9/1
Terry Collins 10/1
Clint Hurdle 10/1
Mike Scioscia 12/1
John Gibbons 20/1
Odds to win World Series
Odds to win AL Pennant
Odds to win NL Pennant
Detroit Tigers 7/1 Detroit Tigers 4/1 Atlanta Braves 7/2
Atlanta Braves 15/2 Los Angeles Angels 5/1 Washington Nationals 4/1
Washington Nationals 8/1 Texas Rangers 13/2 Los Angeles Dodgers 9/2
Los Angeles Dodgers 10/1 Toronto Blue Jays 13/2 Cincinnati Reds 6/1
Los Angeles Angels 12/1 Oakland Athletics 8/1 San Francisco Giants 6/1
San Francisco Giants 12/1 Boston Red Sox 10/1 St. Louis Cardinals 8/1
Toronto Blue Jays 12/1 New York Yankees 10/1 Philadelphia Phillies 15/1
Cincinnati Reds 14/1 Baltimore Orioles 12/1 Arizona Diamondbacks 16/1
Texas Rangers 14/1 Tampa Bay Rays 14/1 Colorado Rockies 25/1
Oakland Athletics 16/1 Kansas City Royals 18/1 New York Mets 33/1
St. Louis Cardinals 16/1 Chicago White Sox 22/1 Pittsburgh Pirates 33/1
Boston Red Sox 20/1 Cleveland Indians 25/1 Milwaukee Brewers 40/1
New York Yankees 20/1 Minnesota Twins 50/1 Chicago Cubs 66/1
Baltimore Orioles 25/1 Seattle Mariners 50/1 San Diego Padres 75/1
Tampa Bay Rays 28/1 Houston Astros 200/1 Miami Marlins 350/1
Philadelphia Phillies 30/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 33/1
Kansas City Royals 40/1
Chicago White Sox 50/1
Colorado Rockies 50/1
Cleveland Indians 66/1
New York Mets 66/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 66/1
Milwaukee Brewers 100/1
Minnesota Twins 100/1
Seattle Mariners 100/1
Chicago Cubs 150/1
San Diego Padres 150/1
Houston Astros 500/1
Miami Marlins 1000/1
Odds to Win AL East

Odds to Win AL Central
Odds to Win AL West
Toronto Blue Jays 5/2 Detroit Tigers 2/7 Oakland Athletics 9/5
Boston Red Sox 11/4 Kansas City Royals 11/2 Texas Rangers 7/4
New York Yankees 3/1 Cleveland Indians 9/1 Los Angeles Angels 7/4
Baltimore Orioles 9/2 Chicago White Sox 12/1 Seattle Mariners 18/1
Tampa Bay Rays 9/2 Minnesota Twins 20/1 Houston Astros 200/1
Odds to Win NL East
Odds to Win NL Central
Odds to Win NL West
Atlanta Braves 1/1 Cincinnati Reds 10/11 Los Angeles Dodgers 7/5
Washington Nationals 6/5 St. Louis Cardinals 7/5 San Francisco Giants 7/5
Philadelphia Phillies 13/2 Pittsburgh Pirates 7/1 Arizona Diamondbacks 9/2
New York Mets 12/1 Milwaukee Brewers 18/1 Colorado Rockies 7/1
Miami Marlins 200/1 Chicago Cubs 25/1 San Diego Padres 40/1

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31 Responses to “Checking the 2013 MLB odds lines”

  1. CariocaCardinal says:

    Get me to Vegas ASAP – I want a piece of that 12/1 on Scioscia

    • Nutlaw says:

      Agreed. I’m also a bit surprised that they have Girardi listed as likely as they do.

      • Brian Walton says:

        If George Steinbrenner was alive and still in charge, he probably would have fired Girardi already. Did you know he hired and fired Billy Martin five times?

        I saw a reference to a report that the Yankees’ DL has a higher payroll than half of the MLB teams. Must be the manager’s fault! 😉

  2. blingboy says:

    The Cards don’t lose anything defensively when Carp is at 3rd. Too bad for him he is not hot with the bat while Freese is cold.

    • crdswmn says:

      A sizable number of people on Twitter are convinced that Freese will be traded.

      • CariocaCardinal says:

        No idea if he will be or not but if I had to bet on one guy, it would be him.

      • Brian Walton says:

        The tweeters are over-reactors. On the other hand, I have said for some time that Freese would seem to be the most tradeable starting position player. The big inhibitor would be the PR hit for dumping the World Series hero-local boy. Still, better to trade when at peak value. Not now.

        • Nutlaw says:

          Also, Danny D isn’t doing anything at the plate himself. Freese at least should be able to turn it around. Carpenter at 2B regularly would be okay.

          • crdswmn says:

            The twitter gang want to trade Freese and put Carpenter at 3b and bring Wong up for 2b. This is all speculation for next season, not this season. They also want to trade for Profar because they are convinced the Rangers will be shopping him.

            • Brian Walton says:

              Wong needs some Triple-A time. Current OPS under .700.

              Can’t see why the Rangers would want another 3B. That Beltre guy they have is pretty good.

            • blingboy says:

              To throw another log on the fire, if nothing bad happens to Pham, there will be a CF issue sometime next year.

              The thing about it will be that while most everyone is streaky, Jay is especially bad when he’s off, suitable only for bottom of lineup. Not really the thing if there is an alternative.

              And while his D got a lot of praise last year, it seems to have gotten streaky too.

              He also sucks at stealing bases.

              He’s arb eligible after this year.

        • crdswmn says:

          I don’t think they are thinking trade him now necessarily but sometime before next season. Many believe not signing Freese to an extension was a sign that he was on his way out.

          I agree about the PR hit. May depend on how well he plays this season how much of a hit it would be. Freese is still selling in the Lou.

  3. blingboy says:

    4 points about today’s game.

    1. Lynn continues to win. Leads staff in wins. If he wins 18 again, do we talk about co-aces?

    2. Mujica was business as usual after the homer. Good sign. Looking like a keeper.

    3. Carp is as good as Freese defensively at 3B. Something to keep in mind later.

    4. MM could have left Rosey in for the 9th, having only 7 pitches in the 8th. I think he’s getting smarter. Define roles. Stay with what is working. Don’t manage your way out of a win. Mujica closes close games when we are ahead, nothing cute.

  4. blingboy says:

    Middle of June we visit Miami. If Mujica is still doing his Bruce Sutter impersonation, I wonder what the Marlins and their fans will think about trading “an f-ing 7th inning guy” for Cox, who can’t get out of AA.

  5. blingboy says:

    Looking forward, we should be happy the Astros are not in the NL Central.

    Astros manager on his team leading MLB in DPs:

    “Porter credits the work of bench coach Eduardo Perez for positioning the infielders properly, based on the information he receives from the club’s analytics department.”

    “I’ve always said this: Quality defense starts with the ball before it’s pitched and being in the right position,” Porter said. “We’ve done a great job from an organizational standpoint in providing these guys with information to position themselves properly, and they’ve done a great job of letting their abilities show.”

    This stood out in my mind because when I think about analytics and the Astros loading up on ex-card stat guys, Luhnow and Magdal and whoever, I don’t think about it in the context of affectiing game by game defensive alignment. I also don’t think about it as something where ex-Cardinal Eduardo Perez, their bench coach, is part of the equation. I also can see what Luhnow saw in Bo Porter.

    Whatever may eventually happen, Luhnow is doing a thorough job trying to update and improve every nook and cranny of that organization.

    • Nutlaw says:

      I remember seeing Jim Edmonds in Fenway once literally dragging Eduardo Perez into position in the outfield. Not who would first come to mind when it comes to masterful defensive alignment, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t learned over the years.

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