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Cardinals draft bonus pool details released

On Tuesday, assigned pick values for the entire first ten rounds of the 2013 First-Year Player Draft were released by Baseball America. Earlier, the St. Louis Cardinals’ total of just over $6.9 million had been revealed, placing them 11th of the 30 organizations in terms of total budget. Now, the details of how that total was developed by individual pick are known.

The Cardinals’ first player this June will be taken 19th overall, the exact same spot at which they chose Michael Wacha in 2012. That pick is valued at $2,055,800 this year, which is over $150,000 higher than the value of the number 19 pick last year. St. Louis’ other first-round selection is the compensation pick received for the free agent loss of Kyle Lohse. The 28th overall spot is valued at $1,785,300.

Here is the Cardinals’ complete list:

Round Overall # Pick value Notes
1 19 $2,055,800
1 28 $1,785,300 Lohse comp
2 57 $971,400
3 93 $557,900
4 125 $405,100
5 155 $303,300
6 185 $227,100
7 215 $170,300
8 245 $153,300
9 275 $143,100
10 305 $135,300
total $6,907,900

In part due to compensation picks coming and going, team totals vary widely. Houston has the most to spend at $11,698,800 for 10 players, while Washington has just $2,737,200 for nine. Penalties for clubs that exceed their bonus pools can be financial and even loss of picks.

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4 Responses to “Cardinals draft bonus pool details released”

  1. blingboy says:

    Last year we had so many 1st round picks we used some taking guys like Piscotty and Ramsey who could be signed under slot to pile up cash to sign guys like Carson Kelly.

    This year with 2 1st rounders rather than 5, we will probably not be able to go for under slot guys in the 1st round where the money is substantial. That will have a substantial effect on who we can draft in later rounds.

    That could change up the strategy quite a bit. For example, what if there is a Carson Kelly we want and we think he will be available when we pick in the 2nd, like last year. But we know we won’t be generating $1M under slot in the 1st round unless we just happen to love a couple of seniors more than everybody else who could be had.

    What to do?

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Ramsey was a senior, so was signed for $200K-300K less than the bonus customary for where picked. Piscotty got a bonus commensurate with draft rank. In the early going of 2013, both have looked good, as one would expect.
      We saved a bit more money on Wilson in the 10th; a CF in the 9th; and pitcher in the 7th. Not sure how we found all the bonus moola to lavish on Kelly.

      • blingboy says:

        I believe Ramsey was more like $500-600 below, and I was thinking Piscotty was below as well.

        Anyway, the big savings has to come in the 1st, and I doubt the Cards will employ that strategy this year.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Ramsey got $1.6MM, $175K less that pick value. Piscotty landed pick value of $1,430,400.
    We saved $300K on3B Wisdom, $170K on C Bean, and $44K on SS Mejia. This gets the savings up to $689K.
    The above pick cost of Kelly was $1,025,000. We also splurged on 12th rounder, Foody, who cost about $225K more than expected.

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