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Cardinals spring training broadcast schedule

As is the case every spring, I scan the Florida broadcast plans of the St. Louis Cardinals and their varied opponents and combined their schedule plans in one place right here.

Spring training is a contrast to the regular season, when almost every game is televised and every one is available on the radio (as well as via the various internet, cable and satellite carriers).

While most would rather prefer to listen to the Cardinals announcers, receiving any spring telecast or radio feed would have to be better than the alternative. Many cable and satellite packages offer other teams’ regional sports networks and MLB’s pay offerings ensure every game listed below can be taken in.

To that end, here is the most current schedule of spring television and radio plans that affect the Cardinals. The newest information is the March 8 game against the Washington Nationals will be televised on NASN, bringing the Cards’ current TV game count to three.

On the radio side, KMOX is planning to broadcast 18 games, starting with the February 23 opener. Generally, those are on the same Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday schedule as past years. In addition, the two Minnesota games will be picked up by the Twins radio network.

Check back for this schedule to be filled in further as additional plans are announced. FOX Sports Midwest’s Cardinals spring schedule should be disclosed this week.

Feb. 5 update: The March 1 Astros-Cardinals game will be among the 10 Astros spring contests to be televised by CSN Houston, reports

Feb. 6 update: FOX Sports Midwest announced its spring slate of 10 telecasts, doubling its 2012 total of five. To date, 26 of the Cards’ 32 spring games will have either radio or television coverage, including all but two after March 6.

Feb. 7 update: Three Marlins radio broadcasts are added, though all are also KMOX days. None of the four Marlins television games this spring are against St. Louis.

Feb. 9 update: The Mets’ first three home games against the Cardinals will be on SportsNet New York (SNY). One of the three was already announced as being covered by ESPN. This brings the Cardinals total TV game count to an even 16 of 32. One Mets game will be covered on radio, but it is also a KMOX day. Same with the Tigers. 27 of the 32 games have either TV or radio coverage planned.

Feb. 14 update: Three Astros radio games added. Now, 29 of 32 Cards spring games will have coverage.

As expected, all television games will also be picked up by MLB.TV, as noted below. MLB Network is also covering a number of the Cardinals games, though many will on a delayed basis. There is also one oddity, in that MLBN is stating it will have a delayed broadcast of the 3/22 Cards-Astros game, which does not appear on any live schedule that I can find.

Feb. 16 update: The Yankees’ YES Network will also televise the March 11 game.

Feb. 18 update: The Red Sox’ NESN Plus channel is listing a live broadcast of the second game of the spring, on Sunday, 2/24. The game is also scheduled to rebroadcast on the regular NESN channel at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT and again on Monday afternoon at 3 PM ET/2 PM CT.

Feb. 23 update: The Red Sox-Cards Sunday night replay has disappeared from the schedules of both NESN and DirecTV. While the live NESN Plus broadcast still appears on the DTV schedule, a broadcast source told me that the listing is out of date. The game was originally scheduled to be aired, but NESN dropped it and added a different game to their spring training schedule instead. Therefore, no TV will be available for the 2/24 Red Sox-Cardinals game.

Mar. 10 update: The phantom delayed broadcast of the Cards-Astros game on 3/22 has disappeared from MLB Network’s  schedule, so it has been removed below.

St. Louis Cardinals 2013 spring training broadcast schedule (as of March 10)

Day Date Opponent Location ET StL TV Other TV StL radio Opp radio XM sat
Saturday 23-Feb Marlins Jupiter (road) 1:05 KMOX WAXY 184
Sunday 24-Feb Red Sox Jupiter 1:05 (see above) KMOX 183
Monday 25-Feb Astros Jupiter 1:05 KBME 185
Tuesday 26-Feb Red Sox Fort Myers 1:35
Wednesday 27-Feb Mets Port St. Lucie 1:10 SNY/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk
Thursday 28-Feb Marlins Jupiter 1:05 KMOX 185
Friday 1-Mar Astros Kissimmee 1:05 CSN Houston/MLB.TV KBME
Saturday 2-Mar Nationals Jupiter 1:05 KMOX Inet865
Sunday 3-Mar Nationals Viera 1:05 KMOX Inet865
Monday 4-Mar Twins Jupiter 1:05 KTWIN Inet856
Tuesday 5-Mar Open
Wednesday 6-Mar Marlins Jupiter 1:05
Thursday 7-Mar Yankees Jupiter 1:05 KMOX Inet865
Friday 8-Mar Nationals Viera 1:05 MASN/MLB.TV
Saturday 9-Mar Marlins ss Jupiter (road) 1:05 KMOX WAXY Inet865
Sunday 10-Mar Mets Jupiter 1:05 KMOX WFAN Inet865
Monday 11-Mar Yankees Tampa 1:05 ESPN/YES/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk(delay)
Tuesday 12-Mar Braves Orlando 1:05 KMOX WCNN Inet865
Wednesday 13-Mar Open
Thursday 14-Mar Braves Jupiter 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk KMOX WCNN Inet865
Friday 15-Mar Nationals Jupiter 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk(delay) FOX SportSouth
Saturday 16-Mar Tigers Jupiter 1:05 KMOX WXYT Inet865
Sunday 17-Mar Marlins Jupiter (road) 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk FOX Sports Tennessee KMOX Inet865
Monday 18-Mar Mets Jupiter 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk(delay) FOX Sports Tennessee
Tuesday 19-Mar Marlins Jupiter 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk(delay) FOX Sports Tennessee KMOX Inet865
Wednesday 20-Mar Open
Thursday 21-Mar Mets Port St. Lucie 1:10 SNY/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk KMOX Inet865
Friday 22-Mar Astros Kissimmee 1:05 KBME Inet850
Saturday 23-Mar Marlins Jupiter (road) 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk FOX SportSouth KMOX WAXY Inet865
Sunday 24-Mar Mets ss Jupiter 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV FOX SportSouth KMOX Inet865
Monday 25-Mar Twins Fort Myers 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk(delay) FOX Sports North/FOX Sports Tennessee KTWIN Inet856
Tuesday 26-Mar Mets Port St. Lucie 1:10 ESPN/SNY/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk(delay)
Wednesday 27-Mar Nationals ss Jupiter 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk(delay) FOX Sports Tennessee KMOX Inet865
Thursday 28-Mar Marlins Jupiter 1:05 FS MW/MLB.TV/MLB Netwk(delay) FOX Sports Tennessee KMOX Inet865
Friday 29-Mar Mets Port St. Lucie 12:10

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33 Responses to “Cardinals spring training broadcast schedule”

  1. crdswmn says:

    FSMW always televises three or four ST games each year. No schedule yet for them?

  2. blingboy says:

    Since the Luhnows traded Lowrie, I assume Tyler Greene will be getting a shot to compete for Astros starting shortstop. I really hope he doesn’t fall on his face again.

  3. jeff2411 says:

    The Astros broadcast call spring except when their is a split squad when the there home games is broadcasted

  4. Brian Walton says:

    MLB.TV and MLB Network games added to schedule above. For details on the timing of the MLB Network delayed broadcasts, the specifics are here.

  5. jeff2411 says:

    Sundays game vs the Redsox is on NESN Plus its on my Directv guide on channel 629.

    • Brian Walton says:

      jeff, you are right. It looks like NESN will have a delayed broadcast of the Red Sox-Cardinals Sunday afternoon game at 8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central.

      According to the programming schedule on the NESN website, they will be showing a Bruins game live on Sunday afternoon.

      That is a great catch. I have updated the schedule above. Thank you for pointing it out.

  6. jeff2411 says:

    It is on NESN on plus because of the Bruins game. It saids on my guide channel 629 live Boston Red Sox at St. Louis Cardinals And Regular NESN has it as a replay Monday at 2pm CST,

    • Brian Walton says:

      NESN’s website is a mess. I cannot even find the NESN Plus schedule there. (That is their secondary channel.) As you note, DirectTV has it.

      Oddly, the game is not listed in the press release with the 14 Red Sox spring TV games nor it is noted on the Red Sox “official” site. It is not on MLB.TV’s schedule, either.

      It must have been a late addition.

      • Brian Walton says:

        The Sunday 2/24 Cards-Red Sox telecast is no more. A broadcast source told me that the game was orginally scheduled to be aired, but NESN dropped the game and added a different one to their spring training schedule instead. Therefore, there will be no TV available for this game.

  7. jeff2411 says:

    Go to

    Look on channel 629 at noon Central. on Sunday 2/24 The game is live.



  8. jeff2411 says:

    Brian, with Sundays game how many Cards games are now TV?

  9. jeff2411 says:

    Is that the most ever?

    • Brian Walton says:

      As far as I know. It surely blows away the eight last year, the 10 the year before, 12 in 2010 and 11 in 2009. I don’t have the earlier years at my fingertips right now. FOX Sports Midwest’s big increase this year is the major reason for it.

      P.S. What seems especially different is three games in the first week. Usually, they are bunched more at the end of the spring. Expect appearances by a new “minor league guy” or two during some of these early telecasts, especially with non-Cardinals crews. A very small price to pay, though. Obviously, this is great news.

  10. jeff2411 says:

    The game was orginally scheduled to be aired, but NESN dropped the game and added a different game to the schedule during Spring Training. NO TV is available for Red Sox game tomorrow.

  11. jeff2411 says:

    XM week 2 added

    Also today’s game is now on XM 185

  12. jeff2411 says:

    Monday game is also on XM 176

    Monday, March 4
    Game Time Away Team Home Team Away Home National Spanish
    1:00 PM ET Minnesota Twins St. Louis Cardinals XM 176 (Internet 856)

  13. jeff2411 says:

    12 out of the last 15 games will be on TV.

  14. jeff2411 says:

    Brian too bad the last game next Friday is not on
    tv or readio. I guess we are getting spoiled.

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