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Fan guide for Cardinals spring training workouts

Many fans are aware that the first official spring training reporting date for the St. Louis Cardinals major league camp invitees is on Monday, February 11, when pitchers and catchers report. Their initial workout is the next day.

While some snowbirds plan their Florida trip to Jupiter’s Roger Dean Stadium to begin some time after the first official games begin on Saturday, February 23, others want to get an even earlier start on seeing their favorite Cardinals in action in a more informal setting.

The Roger Dean staff will once again be rolling out the welcome mat for those who want to attend Cardinals workouts (or Marlins workouts, for that matter) between February 12 and 22.

Workouts are scheduled on the back fields, but most parking (while free) is in the vicinity of the main stadium. Given the walking distances can be a bit much for some, a free trolley is again being made available to help shorten the trek.

Each of the four fields that make up The George Kissel Quad has bleachers for fans to sit and enjoy the action up close, take photos and perhaps score an autograph when players are not working. Same with Field #1, closest to the Cardinals clubhouse.

To remain hydrated and nourished, visitors can purchase food and beverage from a roving cart, and the RDS Team Store in the main ballpark will be open, as well.

The following information has been provided by the fine folks at Roger Dean Stadium.

Cardinals/Marlins back fields workout info

* Dates – February 12 – 22 will be open to the public

– Approximate times: 9 am – 1 pm (times are subject to change at teams’ discretion)

* Trolley – Will run every day during workouts

– Approximate times: 9 am – 1 pm (times subject to change based upon teams’ schedules)

– Trolley Stops (3): Outside of the Team Store (Main St.); Marlins Quad Entrance (Stadium Drive); Next to Cardinals Player Parking Lot (University Blvd. & Central Blvd. intersection)

* Food/Beverage – A golf cart will be running from Quad to Quad with various food and beverage options

* Merchandise – Regular Team Store hours during workouts (9:30 am- 2:30 pm)

For the Cardinals spring training invitee list of 56 players, click here.
For the Cardinals spring training 32-game schedule, click here.

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8 Responses to “Fan guide for Cardinals spring training workouts”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Guesses as to keys during 2013:

    1. CF Jay: can Jon lift his on base percentage over a full season, instead of streaky? I think he will improve at the plate.

    2. RF Beltran. Can his knee hold up for another campaign? When able to play, he is our best hitter.

    3. Can Shelby Miller earn a starting role? I think so.

    4. Will Ronny Cedeno step up and provide a surprise lift? I think so.

    5. Can we overtake the Reds? If we do so, it will depend on better pitching, because the Reds will be tough offensively.

    • blingboy says:

      The thing we have no plan B for is Yadi. So his health is key.

      The other thing is we have to suck less in one run games.

      • Nutlaw says:


        With the back of the bullpen more defined going into this year, hopefully those one-run games shift in the Cardinals’ direction.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Nearly all teams with an elite catcher do not have someone strong at AAA or on the bench. Usually, no plan B, more like plan C or D.

        • JumboShrimp says:

          Its nice to post about the Cardinals at this time, while others watch a vapid silliness called the Super Bowl. Glad that Phil Wellman will be classing up that nonsense, thanks Phil.
          It has been pretty quiet at this web site of late, which can be a good thing, in that there has not been a massive amount of pessimism and whining. Nothing is an improvement on that.
          I do very much miss the wonderful wit and perspectives of Wes, here for some months during 2012, until he went off to delight or stimulate minds elsewhere. Wes, you are always welcome to return. (Westy, you are no Wes, so this generous invitation is indeed to another, just to clarify.)
          I myself succumbed to wincing when we signed Wiggy. Wigginton is tough medicine to endure.
          Meanwhile, the Reds have had a fine off-season, resigning Ludwick and landing Choo and lately Parra, who I had mentioned as a good one, before Mo popped for Old Choate.
          Scott Rolen is wondering what to do about 2013. Should he return to Cinci or move west to join Mark McGwire and Skip Schumaker, in service to fellow Hoosier hero, Donnie Baseball? Donnie, Mark, Scott, and Skip would be a great cast of characters for the Dodgers.

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