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Cardinals Breadon, Marion fall far short of Hall of Fame

In results of voting by the National Baseball Hall of Fame Pre-Integration Era Committee announced on Monday morning, two prominent St. Louis Cardinals figures from the past, owner Sam Breadon and shortstop Marty Marion, fell far short.

Both received three or less votes from a 16-member committee that elected umpire Hank Oโ€™Day, New York Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert and 19th Century catcher/third baseman Deacon White. Inductees, whose major contributions occurred during the pre-1946 years, needed to be named on at least 12 ballots. The three honorees, all deceased, will enter the Hall during the 2013 Induction Ceremony set for Sunday, July 28 in Cooperstown, NY.

Further information about the winners, the committee, the process and schedule for voting for pre-1946, 1947-1972 (Golden Era) and 1973-current (Expansion Era) baseball figures can be found here.

Details on the careers of Breadon and Marion can be read here.

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13 Responses to “Cardinals Breadon, Marion fall far short of Hall of Fame”

  1. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    B.J. Rains @BJRains 18m

    Mozeliak on Garcia pitching in World Baseball Classic: “I’m encouraged that physically he feels like he can compete.”

    • blingboy says:

      Why shouldn’t he compete. Isn’t he supposed to be good as new like Furcal?

      Besides, if he blows up the insurance will pay, won’t it?

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        Joe Torrey in coaching the USA team. He also represents MLB who strongly supports this tournament for obvious reasons. All of that being said, do you think for one second that Garcia’s agent doesn’t call Mo before allowing his name to even be included on Mexico’s “promotional” roster?

        Things you probably did not know. MLB carries a very expensive supplemental insurance policy for their players participating in this tournament. 2) Garcia’s contract is well insured. Also it is a very bad contract. He will likely attempt to play in that event. He will likely have to drop out because of shoulder issues. He will likely have the surgery in March, missing Spring training completely. For Mo, that is likely a best case scenario. He has a pitching surplus and that sequence of events represents the best chance a minimizing losses.

        “The team will have a chance during spring training to gauge his recovery and his availability, and at that time, Mozeliak said, the Cardinals will discuss with Garcia and his representative whether it’s wise to compete in the WBC.

        “I’m encouraged that he believes he can compete,” Mozeliak said.

        Its all right there.

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