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Cardinals Top 40 prospect countdown begins Monday, 12/3

Once again, it is time for the unveiling of our annual The Cardinal Nation/ Top 40 Prospect List, back for its eighth year.

Starting with number 40 on Monday, December 3 and each day throughout the period we call “40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Cardinals Prospects”, a new top St. Louis Cardinals prospect will be disclosed, with the process carrying us well into the New Year.

Here is the link to the schedule of articles and more details about “40 Days, 40 Nights, 40 Cardinals Prospects for 2013.”

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Brian Walton runs The Cardinal Nation and The Cardinal Nation Blog, covering the St. Louis Cardinals and minor league system.
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12 Responses to “Cardinals Top 40 prospect countdown begins Monday, 12/3”

  1. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    While there have been rumors about a James Shields trade for two years, one AL exec says that this will finally be the time for the Rays to pull the trigger. “Just look at the contract. He’s got this year and next year left. So he’s got more value now than he’ll have a year from now. They’re very analytical about everything they do. It just makes sense that now’s the time,” said the exec.

    I’d guess Mo has an offer in here that will likely make the news in an off hand way. If he does give up pitching, to get pitch with a cost…….plus the prospects………… spare me any arguments about baseball. ………… It would be classic Cardinals though………..

    • Brian Walton says:

      Classic Cardinals… taking on more salary while trading away lower-cost youngsters… wait!

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Focus on the dots. They can be very soothing.

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        They tried it before the break. They want that contract. Its trade-able… has buy outs….and there is a guy that challenges Adam for the Ace designation…….. Grienke is going to make 150. They are playing around with 30 or 40 million…………….. You are saying its impossible??? Think of what others might be giving……… watch and see if the Rays leak something…..

        • JumboShrimp says:

          Mo has not done any deals with the Rays.
          When the Cards were sniffing around Shields, they instead went for Edwin Jackson. We now have more pitching and are less likely to pony up for Shields.

          • Brian Walton says:

            Seems like there are/should be higher priorities elsewhere.

            • JumboShrimp says:

              Mo learned from the Mujica deal that finding a talent you need is valuable. Accordingly, it is plausible the Cards will zero on finding a second lefthander for the pen. We have had some weak lefties for years. It would be a pleasant change to find a competent lefty rather than riffraff like Tallet or Romero and others.

              Mo’s first major move was re-signing Westbrook. Then a low profile but needed signing of a catcher, Johnson. The next piece of business is likely the lefty reliever. Mo is probably determined to obtain one and this resolution should produce a result.

              Mo may feel more opportunistic about a middle infielder and a right swinging OF. Either could be signed, depending on who is available among free agents at a reasonable price.

              • JumboShrimp says:

                I would be surprised if the Cards won the bidding for SS Drew. Kepplinger might get consideration, but might be pricey. They might end up with somebody like Yuniesky Bettancourt.

                For lefties, how about Parra, just released by the Brewers? He has some upside, though will need to improve control.

            • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

              One of your most revealing posts Brian………………. do you think I’m unaware of your situation?
              I’m no threat to them………I could care less how they go about their business………. I’m just watching till the door is shut …………

  2. blingboy says:

    Mo might not do much of anything this winter. There is nothing urgent.

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