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Archive for November, 2012

Molina charity softball benefit to feature Cardinals stars

Catcher Yadier Molina is assembling family and St. Louis Cardinals teammates for a charity softball game in Daytona Beach.

La Russa video game funding strikes out

An initial attempt to raise cash for a new generation of Tony La Russa-branded Baseball video games has failed.

Hal Chase, the Highlanders and the Polo Grounds

This is a guest column by blingboy, inspired by Tuesday’s discussion of left-handed throwing shortstops and Hal Chase, specifically.

Musial faced MLB’s last left-handed shortstop – sort of

A left-handed thrower designated as shortstop appeared in the field in 1954 as part of a unique attempt to retire Stan Musial at the plate.

Mets return to GCL a positive for the Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals should again have a fourth Gulf Coast League opponent in 2013 with the New York Mets returning to the rookie-level league.

Should the September active 40-man be limited?

MLB is considering making equal numbers and potentially fewer players available in September games. Good idea or bad?

Should Freese offer the public an explanation?

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese was involved in a Thursday afternoon automobile accident. Should any explanation be provided?

Will MLB offering changes mean higher prices to viewers?

MLB is considering combining its pay television and internet offerings, but would such a move be good for consumers?

2013 Cardinals spring training schedule update #2

17 St. Louis Cardinals games during 2013 spring training have been announced by their opponents.

2013 Cardinals Legends Camp accepting enrollments

Registration is open to the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals Legends Camp, to be held in Jupiter, Fla. in January.

What is your opinion of the Cardinals uniform changes?

A simple vote on the new alternate uniform to be worn by the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals and other minor changes.

Making one contender from two non-contenders

A tale of two cities, Miami and Toronto, and how Bud Selig saved their Major League Baseball.

Should we share the Cardinals’ optimism for Garcia and Furcal?

The St. Louis Cardinals are pleased with the progress shown by two injured players, but does that mean the club should stop looking for alternatives?

New York writer’s idea of Beltran to Yankees shot down

An unrealistic trade proposal sending Carlos Beltran to the New York Yankees apparently cooked up by a New York Post writer was rejected by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Bruce’s Silver Slugger should have gone to Holliday or Beltran

A look at the numbers indicates a 2012 National League Silver Slugger Award was given to the wrong outfielder.

First three 2013 Cardinals spring training games announced

The St. Louis Cardinals will continue to play the AL-bound Houston Astros in 2013 – including during spring training.

Should the Cardinals trade starting pitching for a shortstop?

If you were running the St. Louis Cardinals, would you be willing to give up one of your top pitching prospects for a shortstop? Would you have a choice?

Not exactly Runnin’ Redbirds, but improvement in 2012

The 2012 St. Louis Cardinals stole the most bases in eight seasons with the best success rate in nine years.

Ex-Cardinals greats Marion and Breadon on Hall of Fame ballot

A former owner and shortstop behind some very successful St. Louis Cardinals clubs of the past will soon receive another chance at induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Should pitcher Rick Ankiel and the Cardinals re-unite?

Rick Ankiel is reportedly considering a return to the mound. Does he owe St. Louis rights of refusal? Should the Cardinals consider him?