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Cardinals open at 14/1 to win 2013 World Series

For some, the baseball season ended Sunday night with the San Francisco Giants sweeping the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 World Series.

For others, the action never ends. That includes The online betting site has published their odds to win the 2013 World Series by MLB team.

Despite being swept, the Tigers are 6/1 favorites to take it all next season, just ahead of the Yankees at 7/1. The Giants are third at 10/1, topping the National League.

The Cardinals are 14/1, in a group just behind the Washington Nationals at 12/1. Six teams have better current odds.

Other clubs at 14/1 include the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies. Albert Pujols’ Angels at 12/1 have the best odds of any club that missed the 2012 post-season.

Odds to win the 2013 World Series (Source:

Team Odds
Detroit Tigers 6/1
New York Yankees 7/1
San Francisco Giants 10/1
Los Angeles Angels 12/1
Texas Rangers 12/1
Washington Nationals 12/1
Cincinnati Reds 14/1
Philadelphia Phillies 14/1
St. Louis Cardinals 14/1
Atlanta Braves 16/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 18/1
Tampa Bay Rays 20/1
Boston Red Sox 22/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 25/1
Baltimore Orioles 25/1
Milwaukee Brewers 25/1
Oakland Athletics 25/1
Chicago White Sox 28/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 30/1
Toronto Blue Jays 35/1
Miami Marlins 40/1
New York Mets 40/1
Seattle Mariners 40/1
San Diego Padres 60/1
Minnesota Twins 66/1
Chicago Cubs 75/1
Cleveland Indians 75/1
Colorado Rockies 75/1
Kansas City Royals 75/1
Houston Astros 150/1

Footnote: The last time I looked at odds, during spring training, the line on the number of games the 2012 Cardinals would win was 87.5. They won 88. Our overly-optimistic fan vote was 90.5 games.

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4 Responses to “Cardinals open at 14/1 to win 2013 World Series”

  1. blingboy says:

    The Pirates are 30-1, last year they were 100-1.

    Nobody is going to put money on the Astros at 150-1

  2. friendmouse says:

    I wonder if our ol buddy, Tony Rasmus, made any moolah this past season? I know he hit the big-time last year with his wager on the Cards winning the WS.

    Personally, I’m convinced that gambling is a huge waste. I agree it can be fun, just like playing Hearts or Backgammon can be fun. Moderation is the rule. But I know this is not a forum for preaching, so I’ll refrain. πŸ™‚

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