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Looking at the Cardinals playoff path ahead

Now that the ten post-season teams are named and slotted, it is time to look at the upcoming schedule as it affects and may affect the St. Louis Cardinals.

Obviously, winning Friday’s wild card game at Atlanta is mandatory to continue.

Because of the compressed schedule with the second wild card being added this year, the Division Series will be played in a one-time-only 2-3 format. The wild card team is the host for games one and two, with the best-record division-winner, Washington, at home for the final three (as needed).

Specific game times are being added to the table below as they are announced.

Note there are two off/travel/rainout days built into the Championship and World Series schedules as well as one day between the series. Further, the World Series home advantage will again be with the National League in 2012 due to their All-Star Game win.

NL Wild Card (NWC) STL @ ATL Fri Oct. 5 4:07 P.M. (CT) TBS
NLDS Gm 1 WSH @ STL Sun Oct. 7 2:07 P.M. (CT) TBS
Gm 2 WSH @ STL Mon Oct. 8 3:37 P.M. (CT) TBS
Gm 3 STL @ WSH Wed Oct. 10 12:07 P.M.  (CT) MLB Network
Gm 4* STL @ WSH Thu Oct. 11 3:07 P.M. (CT) TBS
Gm 5* STL @ WSH Fri Oct. 12 7:37 P.M. (CT) TBS
NLCS Gm 1 STL @ SF Sun Oct. 14 7:15 P.M. (CT) FOX
Gm 2 STL @ SF Mon Oct. 15 7:05 P.M. (CT) FOX
Gm 3 SF @ STL Wed Oct. 17 3:05 P.M. (CT) FOX
Gm 4 SF @ STL Thu Oct. 18 7:05 P.M. (CT) FOX
Gm 5* SF @ STL Fri Oct. 19 7:05 P.M. (CT) FOX
Gm 6* STL @ SF Sun Oct. 21 6:45 P.M. (CT) FOX
Gm 7* STL @ SF Mon Oct. 22 7:05 P.M. (CT) FOX
World Series Gm 1 DET @ NLC Wed Oct. 24 TBD FOX
Gm 2 DET @ NLC Thu Oct. 25 TBD FOX
Gm 3 NLC @ DET Sat Oct. 27 TBD FOX
Gm 4 NLC @ DET Sun Oct. 28 TBD FOX
Gm 5* NLC @ DET Mon Oct. 29 TBD FOX
Gm 6* DET @ NLC Wed Oct. 31 TBD FOX
Gm 7* DET @ NLC Thu Nov. 1 TBD FOX
* if necessary

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56 Responses to “Looking at the Cardinals playoff path ahead”

  1. Kansasbirdman says:

    Frustrated that the game will start at 4:00 CT. Will probably miss the first hour.

  2. blingboy says:

    Jonny Baseball Jay finished the season with 0 errors. Wow. A gold glove is in order.

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    The Wild Card battle is like the Super Bowl. One game takes all. The Cards are a better team, but the Braves have the home field advantage, normally a big help. It may be less so, in the playoffs.

    The Cards definitely have a good chance against the Braves, who have lost in the playoffs, time and time again, during history. So often the bridesmaids, the Atlanta Braves. In their honest hearts, they know they are not destined to become Champions.

  4. Brian Walton says:

    Folks had better like afternoon baseball. If the Cards win Friday, they will play home afternoon games on Sunday and Monday. Times have been added to the main post above.

    • Kansasbirdman says:

      Weekend afternoon baseball is fine by me, it’s weekday baseball that I can’t watch. I know many folks have different work schedules, and nobody asked me.

      This Medlin sounds like a crafty pitcher. I will have to get my voodoo doll ready to go, 😉

    • Nutlaw says:

      I’m excited! If nothing else, the one game series makes things interesting.

  5. Kansasbirdman says:

    Ugg(la) I’m going to be sick.


  6. Nutlaw says:

    Color me impressed. Sure, two of them are unearned, but Medlen hadn’t given up four runs in a game all season (two months starting).

  7. Kansasbirdman says:


  8. Kansasbirdman says:

    “Maybe they forgot Tony LaRussa isn’t in the opposing dugout”. (On the pitch out defense of a potential hit and run)

  9. Kansasbirdman says:

    Smart base running and switches, and some good luck finally.

  10. Kansasbirdman says:

    Now the crowd is upset

  11. Nutlaw says:

    Yeah, I don’t recall baseball fans reacting that strongly. I understand why they were upset, but that tends to be more of a football response. The one game playoff clearly leads to higher tensions.

  12. Kansasbirdman says:


  13. Kansasbirdman says:

    The Braves got a pass with that Craig touching first call so I say it’s even.

  14. Bw52 says:

    Holliday playoffs and flyballs should make any Card fan nervous.

  15. blingboy says:

    Only caight the 8th and 9th. That call was possibly the worst I have ever seen.

    I don’t know who choked worse, the umps or the Braves.

    Hopefully, the protest will not be upheld.

  16. crdswmn says:

    Doubt that was the Wild Card game of Bud Selig’s dreams.

    Thought the infield fly call was heinky but I like to think our fans would not behave that badly.

  17. JumboShrimp says:

    Big game by Kozma. Pete helped those Braves fans lose their cool. Good going!

  18. Bw52 says:

    Bling if your boy Kozma had caught the ball a big stink would have been avoided.Umps and MLB said it was a judgement call.After the hosing in 1985 the Cards should geta break or two.

    • Nutlaw says:

      Kozma sure seemed to think that Holliday was taking that ball. They were in not-quite-shallow left field at that point. If nothing else, Kozma showed great skill on the basepaths.

      • crdswmn says:

        I saw some speculation on another blog that the umpire yelling the infield fly (apparently they are supposed to verbally call it as well as raising the arm), may have been mistaken by Kozma as Holliday yelling for the ball. People who were at the game said it was very loud in there.

        • Brian Walton says:

          It will be interesting to see Kozma’s comments. Holliday said he pulled back when he saw Kozma’s hands in the air. The ump could have barked out the call before throwing his arm into the air, but it looked like Koz was reacting to Holliday.

          • crdswmn says:

            He contradicted himself post game. When talking to Jim Hayes he said he thought he heard something. In another interview they showed on ESPN he said he didn’t hear anything. We may never know what really happened.

    • blingboy says:

      Not Kozma’s finest moment. I’ll blame belly ball boy for not calling him off and taking it like the outfielder should do in that situation. Learn that in little league.

  19. JumboShrimp says:

    Kozma has been on a hot streak lots of things going right for him. Things are truly breaking your way when rather than screwing up and hurting your own team, instead you screw up, confuse the umps, and hurt the other team. That is a true hot streak. Nice going Pete.

  20. JumboShrimp says:

    Three different plays……

    2009, Holliday loses a ball in twilight against white lights. Not a mental error. Horrible and damaging, though not his fault.

    2006, game 7, Chris Duncan drops the easiest fly, using a one handed catch attempt. Mental error, was his fault, but not damaging since we won.

    2012, wild card game, Kozma settles under ball, ump calls batter out, Kozma suddenly thinks Holliday will make play and leaves. This was a mental error, because Pete’s only job on the planet was to catch that ball. The ump made a judgment call and should have instead made no call, so there was a non reversible error by the ump. Because we won, Pete’s mental mistake did not matter.

  21. Kansasbirdman says:

    With the call the runners still got to advance (but the out was costly). Catch, no call, no advance two outs. No catch and no call bbases loaded one out. No catch with call, two outs but runners advance. Split the difference.

    What happens if call and catch, runners get to advance or no? Would Braves have benefitted? Ump called when he didn’t know outcome so could call have benefitted Braves if Kozma caught?

    On, another note.
    Chipper Jones is a class act (re: his postgaamme statement).

  22. crdswmn says:

    There was a link posted on another blog last night, where someone calculated the likelihood that the Braves would have won that game if the call had not been made. It was around 20%. That’s pretty low odds.

    I think this whole thing is not about the rightness or wrongness of the call. The call is an excuse to rationalize that the Braves lost. All of the “experts” said the Braves would win. It was Chipper Jones’ last chance for postseason and a possible WS championship and a lot of people wanted him to get it. It’s easier to blame a bad umpiring call than it is to acknowledge that the Braves didn’t play well enough to win. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

  23. Bw52 says:

    A big definite “thumbs down” on the new site.Really dislike it.

  24. Brian Walton says:

    Wednesday Game 3 info added above. Bob Costas and Jim Kaat will call the game for MLB Network. The overall production should definitely be an improvement over TBS. Further, we won’t have to see all those promos for those terrible TBS shows.

    • Nutlaw says:

      Dislike day games during the week.

    • crdswmn says:

      Screw MLB for allowing any game to be broadcast on MLB network only. There are a whole lot of Cardinals fans who don’t get MLB network, including me.

      I hope they lose that antitrust suit so badly.

      • Brian Walton says:

        I bet MLB want$ nothing more than to have ten$ of thou$and$ calling their $ystem provider$ demanding they add MLB Network.

        • crdswmn says:

          Anyone who has Mediacom can forget it. They have told all of their customers in no uncertain terms many times that they are not going to get it. And they have been very rude about it.

        • blingboy says:

          I had to upgrade with a package that includes MLB Network and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t want to buy but had to. A certain umentionable part of my anatomy is sore as hell.

          Since it just got activated yesterday I’ve been watching some. The concensus is Garcia was very wrong to conceal his shoulder discomfort in the days prior to his start, especially with the Cards having all-star 18 game winner ready to take the start. The thinking is some teammates will not take it very well.

          Also, scumbag Cueto has an oblique strain and is out for his game 4 (if needed) start. Which means he could potentially miss a potential Cards/Reds NLCS.

  25. Brian Walton says:

    NLDS Game 4 and 5 times added above.

  26. blingboy says:

    Guys working out on the field in wearing sweatshits, stocking caps, hoodies.

  27. Brian Walton says:

    NLCS game times added above.

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