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Who is your Cardinals’ sixth starter?

After Jaime Garcia missed one start for the St. Louis Cardinals due to elbow discomfort, the left-hander took the mound in Houston Tuesday night. The 25-year-old was ineffective, removed after allowing six runs in just two innings.

You can read Garcia’s comments and his manager’s here.

Though it is premature to assume Garcia will miss more time or be placed on the disabled list, one has to consider the possibility; hence this post.

If you were Mike Matheny, to whom would you give the ball if Garcia couldn’t go? In other words, who would be your “sixth starter?”

Maikel Cleto had been a starting pitcher prior to 2012 and seems to have evolved into being the long man in the current version of Matheny’s pen. Brandon Dickson has been up several times in recent years, but rarely used. Neither Joe Kelly nor top prospect Shelby Miller are on the 40-man roster, with Kelly pitching better this season for Memphis than Miller. Instead, the Cardinals could look out into the free agent market or engineer a trade. (Click on highlighted players’ names to get a look at their stats.)

How would you address a need it if arises?

My Cardinals sixth starter would be....

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Please explain your thought process below.

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29 Responses to “Who is your Cardinals’ sixth starter?”

  1. crdswmn says:

    Shelby has been getting his backside handed to him in Memphis and there are people who think bringing him up now is a good idea? Oookay. Do they want a pitcher who is averaging less than 5 innings a game? That would be just special for the bullpen. How about giving up almost one home run per game (9 in his last 10 games).

    Ain’t gonna happen people. Not unless John Mozeliak is on psychedlic drugs.

  2. Bw52 says:

    Right now nobody at AAA seems to be the solution.Figuring Garcia goes on DL {seems like a recurring theme this year} Brandon Dickson would seem like the logical choice………..being on the 40 man roster and having some MLB time.Lesser of several evils it seems.Might be a good time for Mo to check out whats available via trade.

    • kray66 says:

      Agreed. Dickson got my vote. Hasn’t done much out of the pen, but his start late last year surpised me. If he can pitch 7 innings and give up 4 or less runs, I’d take it.

  3. blingboy says:

    1. The question posed is what would you do, not what do you think Mo will do. So I voted free agent. Moyer cleared waivers so there is nothing to decide in my mind. Maybe he’d retire a Cardinal and get his number on the wall !

    2. I wonder if Roy wishes he’d waited.

    3. I didn’t notice if they still have that flagpole in center field, but if they do, what happens if somebody rings one off it about 20 feet up?

    4. It was stand up for the Cards to draft Matheny’s kid, knowing he’ll end up going to college. Wouldn’t have heard his name called otherwise. Give him some standing with the teammates at Mo State. Funny that a catcher’s son is a center fielder, must take after the mom.

    5. Colby is coming on a bit. OPS is 60 pts higher than Schmalbert. His team is 2 games out in the AL East. Maybe they’d take Scrabble back for him.

  4. WesPowell says:

    I’d broach the idea of a 4 man rotation until Carpenter or Garcia is ready again, but that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore in baseball. 5 men with pitchcounts is the only option. I guess with Wainwright still coming back it wouldn’t be a good idea anyhow.

  5. crdswmn says:

    Garcia on 15 day DL, Salas brought up.

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