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Cardinals World Series 8-disc set trivia: “Minors up the middle”

Correctly answer a multi-part St. Louis Cardinals-related trivia question and win a free 2011 World Series Champions Collectors Edition DVD Set from The Cardinal Nation Blog and A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions.

This is the final of our series of St. Louis Cardinals-related trivia questions here at The Cardinal Nation Blog. Before responding, please familiarize yourself with the complete contest rules (follow the link) to ensure your entry will qualify.

The reader who posts the first complete and correct answer below will win a free copy of The 2011 World Series Champions Collectors Edition DVD Set, courtesy of A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions.

The 2011 World Series Champions Collectors Edition DVD Set includes all seven complete World Series games plus a bonus DVD. This box set includes alternate St. Louis Cardinals radio network play-by-play and features over 20 hours of game action.

The eighth disc includes extras like all the regular season walk-off winners, individual milestone plays by Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday, the highlights, last out and celebration at each winning level of the playoffs, the trophy presentations from the NLCS and World Series and a ride with David Freese at the Victory Parade. This eight-disc set retails for $56.99.

Here is your trivia question. Note that it has multiple parts, all of which must be answered correctly. Only one answer per person is allowed.

After leaping over A-Advanced this season, 2011 first-round draft pick Kolten Wong has been impressive in early Texas League action with both the bat and the glove. Springfield’s second baseman may be considered the most exciting middle infield prospect the Cardinals have developed in some years.

To that end, how long has it been?

Specifically, name the most recent Cardinals Minor League Player of the Year (as selected by the organization) who called the middle infield his primary home AND identify the year he won.

Good luck to everyone and please remember to read the rules before answering. Thanks for playing!

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14 Responses to “Cardinals World Series 8-disc set trivia: “Minors up the middle””

  1. STLfan51 says:

    Allen Craig 2009

    • Brian Walton says:

      Sorry, that is incorrect. Craig is not considered a middle infielder, though he has played in nine games at second base since reaching the majors. Given his knee problems since, that may be the end of any second base play for him.

      Craig was an accomplished hitter in the minors. As noted, he was the Minor League Player of the Year in 2009 and led the system in hits both that year and the year prior, too.

  2. STLfan51 says:

    I realized that as soon as I sent it, I saw “primary home” after I submitted my answer. Good question, I researched for for a while and was still wrong!!!

  3. kseel says:

    Adam Kennedy won in 1999.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Way to stick with it, kseel. This time, you nailed it!

      There have been a dozen winners of the Cardinals Minor League Player of the Year Award since 1999. None have been middle infielders since then-Memphis second baseman Adam Kennedy took home the honor that season.

      A first-rounder for St. Louis (in 1997) like Wong would be 14 years later, Kennedy is still in the majors, currently with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since leaving the Cardinals for a second time in 2009, the former Angels star has become a baseball vagabond, also having played with Tampa Bay (Triple-A), Oakland, Washington and Seattle.

  4. jflack1 says:

    Adam Kennedy won in 1999

    • Brian Walton says:

      jflack1, your answer is also correct, but since it was your first post here, it didn’t display immediately. At any rate, kseel’s answer arrived first, but thanks for playing.

      I want to issue an invitation to all the new arrivals to stick around and participate in the discussion.

  5. JumboShrimp says:

    Beltran is helping Mo look like a super genius.
    So why is Beltran looking so doggone good? Carlos was a very fine player back circa 2004, before signing a long term deal with the Mets. He had a big year, before Wainwright dropped a high curveball surprise into his strike zone during October 2006, en route to our 10th world championship.
    New York is a tough town, Carlos suffered some injuries, so folks got down on him. He has gotten himself rehabbed and back into strong playing condition. And we have eased stress by moving him out of the demanding position of CF. So now everything is in alignment, Carlos is responding with a fantastic start to the 2012 campaign.
    Angels fans might like to subscribe to Cards games, if they would like to watch a Latin star.

  6. JumboShrimp says:

    I had a feeling Greene would like the matchup with the lefty Bray. This year, Greene will get enough at bats to establish himself at the ML level. If little unspeedy Aaron Miles or Ryan Theriot can spend years in the majors, Greene can play at this level too.

  7. JumboShrimp says:

    It must be tough on Dusty, Brandon Phillips, and Cueho, to get smeared like they just go run over tonight. What a mismatch. The Champs at home against a pitcher the Reds gave up a lot of minor leaguers for. But the Cards treated him like a doormat. Pretty demoralizing for the Reds.

    • Kansasbirdman says:

      It was kinda painful to watch, felt bad for the young lad, but don’t get me wrong, Glad Cards won 🙂

      I liked that our defense was good, enjoyed the DP’s. And runs from hits, not just hr’s.

  8. Urvon says:

    First baseman Matt Adams was the Cards Minor League Player of the year in 2011 as an infielder.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Welcome, Urvon. You are correct, however, Adams doesn’t fit here. The question specifically says “middle infielder”. That includes second base and shortstop. “Corner infielder” is the comparable term that encompasses first and third basemen.

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