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Sorting out Cardinals spring uniform numbers

With the official reporting of St. Louis Cardinals pitchers and catchers to Jupiter, Fla. this weekend, the final questions have been resolved with respect to spring training uniform number assignments for the 60 players invited to major league camp.

The information follows below, presented in four formats. The first breaks out the 40-man roster players and the non-roster invitees by position. The second set is also organized by position, but puts the 40-man and NRI players together. The third major grouping is a simple listing by last name and the final presentation is a straight numeric sort, from Carlos Beltran’s number 3 to Kolten Wong at number 89.

Despite the many retired and unofficial reserved numbers, the club managed to avoid assigning any numbers in the 90s to players this spring – until next month when minor leaguers are brought over for late-game appearances, that is.

For depth chart-like details of the entire Cardinals system by level and position, always check out the Roster Matrix, kept updated here at The Cardinal Nation Blog.

St. Louis Cardinals 2012 spring training uniform numbers

40-Man Roster (39)

By Position

By Name

By Number

Total (60)
# Total (60)
# Total (60)
# Pitchers (19) # Pitchers (30) 87 Adams 3 Beltran
41 Mitchell Boggs 41 Boggs 61 Anderson 4 Molina
29 Chris Carpenter 29 Carpenter, C 3 Beltran 7 Holliday
63 Maikel Cleto 63 Cleto 12 Berkman 8 Velez
65 Brandon Dickson 65 Dickson 41 Boggs 12 Berkman
70 Chuckie Fick 70 Fick 29 Carpenter, C 13 Cora
72 Samuel Freeman 72 Freeman 37 Carpenter, M 15 Furcal
54 Jaime Garcia 54 Garcia 56 Chambers 16 Romero
26 Kyle Lohse 76 Gast 63 Cleto 19 Jay
31 Lance Lynn 75 Greenwood 13 Cora 21 Craig
46 Kyle McClellan 73 Jenkins 84 Cox 23 Freese
30 Jason Motte 74 Kelly 21 Craig 26 Lohse
53 Adam Ottavino 40 Linebrink 48 Cruz 27 Greene
68 Adam Reifer 26 Lohse 81 De La Cruz 29 Carpenter, C
16 J.C. Romero 31 Lynn 33 Descalso 30 Motte
34 Marc Rzepczynski 66 Marte 65 Dickson 31 Lynn
59 Fernando Salas 46 McClellan 70 Fick 33 Descalso
52 Eduardo Sanchez 71 Miller 72 Freeman 34 Rzepczynski
50 Adam Wainwright 30 Motte 23 Freese 35 Westbrook
35 Jake Westbrook 53 Ottavino 15 Furcal 37 Carpenter, M
68 Reifer 54 Garcia 38 Hamilton
# Catchers (3) 16 Romero 76 Gast 40 Linebrink
61 Bryan Anderson 79 Rosenthal 27 Greene 41 Boggs
48 Tony Cruz 34 Rzepczynski 75 Greenwood 43 Robinson
4 Yadier Molina 59 Salas 38 Hamilton 44 Hill, K
52 Sanchez 44 Hill, K 46 McClellan
# Infielders (9) 77 Siegrist 60 Hill, S 47 Kozma
37 Matt Carpenter 78 Swagerty 7 Holliday 48 Cruz
84 Zack Cox 67 Swindle 88 Jackson 50 Wainwright
33 Daniel Descalso 50 Wainwright 19 Jay 52 Sanchez
23 David Freese 35 Westbrook 73 Jenkins 53 Ottavino
15 Rafael Furcal 74 Kelly 54 Garcia
27 Tyler Greene # Catchers (8) 82 Komatsu 55 Schumaker
38 Mark Hamilton 61 Anderson 47 Kozma 56 Chambers
47 Pete Kozma 48 Cruz 40 Linebrink 59 Salas
55 Skip Schumaker 81 De La Cruz 26 Lohse 60 Hill, S
44 Hill, K 31 Lynn 61 Anderson
# Outfielders (8) 60 Hill, S 66 Marte 63 Cleto
3 Carlos Beltran 4 Molina 46 McClellan 65 Dickson
12 Lance Berkman 80 Stanley 71 Miller 66 Marte
56 Adron Chambers 86 Stock 4 Molina 67 Swindle
21 Allen Craig 30 Motte 68 Reifer
7 Matt Holliday # Infielders (14) 53 Ottavino 70 Fick
19 Jon Jay 87 Adams 68 Reifer 71 Miller
82 Erik Komatsu 37 Carpenter, M 43 Robinson 72 Freeman
43 Shane Robinson 13 Cora 16 Romero 73 Jenkins
84 Cox 79 Rosenthal 74 Kelly
Non-Roster Invitees (21) 33 Descalso 34 Rzepczynski 75 Greenwood
23 Freese 59 Salas 76 Gast
# Pitchers (11) 15 Furcal 52 Sanchez 77 Siegrist
76 John Gast 27 Greene 55 Schumaker 78 Swagerty
75 Nick Greenwood 38 Hamilton 77 Siegrist 79 Rosenthal
73 Tyrell Jenkins 88 Jackson 80 Stanley 80 Stanley
74 Joe Kelly 47 Kozma 86 Stock 81 De La Cruz
40 Scott Linebrink 55 Schumaker 78 Swagerty 82 Komatsu
66 Victor Marte 8 Velez 67 Swindle 84 Cox
71 Shelby Miller 89 Wong 8 Velez 86 Stock
79 Trevor Rosenthal 50 Wainwright 87 Adams
77 Kevin Siegrist # Outfielders (8) 35 Westbrook 88 Jackson
78 Jordan Swagerty 3 Beltran 89 Wong 89 Wong
67 R.J. Swindle 12 Berkman
56 Chambers
# Catchers (5) 21 Craig
81 Luis De La Cruz 7 Holliday
44 Koyie Hill 19 Jay
60 Steven Hill 82 Komatsu
80 Cody Stanley 43 Robinson
86 Robert Stock
# Infielders (5)
87 Matt Adams
13 Alex Cora
88 Ryan Jackson
8 Eugenio Velez
89 Kolten Wong
Outfielders (0)

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20 Responses to “Sorting out Cardinals spring uniform numbers”

  1. blingboy says:

    Lynn is wearing #31

  2. blingboy says:

    Its out of my hands – check.
    Suspend negotiations – check.

    • Brian Walton says:

      “They know I’m open to talk.” – uncheck

    • crdswmn says:

      I’ve said it before, Yadi is out of here.

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        Hi there stranger……………… its not what it appears………….. the Cardinals are forwarding the premise that it is a privilege to play here …….. with the permission of their fans now ……… Its just a tactic…alls fair in “business”……………. but below the surface there is something insidious lurking ………. in this case I could care less ………………… Molina will do fine with the pressure ……………unlike AP……… whether you all know it or not……….BD intends to show the locals here a few things about power…he’s addicted to it…………….however……….there is a variable here that he can’t possibly comprehend ……. but lets be fair about this………….. he has done nothing till this point……..pressuring Molina is just another way of complicating AP’s issues……..he will continue……….however if he pressures Anderson onto this team ……….. and uses him like I’m guessing ……….we are are going to check his oil for him….

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Jamie Garcia has the same agent, but was in a very different situation, looking for financial security after just a couple of years in the majors. In contrast, Molina already has more money than he will ever need, having earned about $24MM.
      For players in Molina’s situtation, its about how to cash in. Your next contract could be your last. You want to get as many years, for as much as possible, play it out, and retire. Yadier’s next deal could be $70MM+. The player does not have a lot of incentive to settle before free agency. It may make sense to wait until next December and see who is the high bidder. Sometimes the high bidder is Mo (Holliday, Beltran, Furcal, Berkman) and sometimes its Arte (Pujols). If Molina lands a massive offer from another team, we thank him for years of wonderful service and move on. Its business.

  3. CariocaCardinal says:

    Actually, it makes a lot of sense for the player to sign now. 5/50 vs. 5/65 won’t change his life much. But 5/50 vs. zero if he has a career ending injury or vs. 3/15 if he hits .230 and shows declining defensive skills would make a difference.

    • Brian Walton says:

      It all depends on how much importance Molina assigns to money. If I was him, I would surely wait.

      The odds of a truly substantive, career-damaging event during 2012 – serious injury or even a dramatically sub-par season – are very low compared the upside of free agency this fall.

      In your example, Molina would pay a $15 million insurance premium to cover the chance of experiencing a major calamity during the 2012 season. No wonder insurance companies are so wealthy!

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Carioca, you might be right, but the issue should be looked at in terms of labor movement ideology.
      The individual could, as you suggest, make a risk averse decision to lock in the $50MM. But Molina has already made fabulous wealth, $24MM, already. So he could be indifferent between making $50MM or $65MM more.
      He could figure, just take what they offer next winter. Its hard to know what it will be. It might be $30MM, it might be $90MM, who knows for sure? Its like an art auction. Who knows what rich dopes will shell out to buy one painting by Van Gogh or Matisse, versus a lesser painting by the same artist? Just go to the auction and find out.
      The Union wants elite free agents to go to the baseball auction and discover what they are worth, to help the trickle down effect on the wage rates for average players. If the Cards are high bidders, agents are happy. If some other team is high bidder, agents are happy. They generally do not care who the high bidder is. MLB likes all the drama and publicity. Everybody wins.

  4. CariocaCardinal says:

    “It all depends on how much importance Molina assigns to money. If I was him, I would surely wait.”

    Doesn’t that say it all? Isn’t that what those who think Yadi (and Albert) should re-sign with the Cards argue as well. That the money isn’t everything.

    • crdswmn says:

      Not every player is the same. Money is the primary motivator for most I would guess but for some other things weigh heavier. For instance, if money was everything to Roy Oswalt, one would think he would have taken the 10 million dollar offer from Detroit. He apparently values being closer to home more. I hear AJ Burnett refused to go to a West Coast team because of his wife’s fear of flying. Cliff Lee took less money to play for Philly.

      I don’t have a problem with a player wanting to go where the most money is. I just don’t care for some players need to call it something else instead of what it is. Albert’s lack of honesty was a turn off. Yadi is being honest, which is good, but he would have been better served by not using “worry about his family” as a reason. Somehow I doubt his family is one paycheck away from starving, and people who are one paycheck away from starving might resent that a little.

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        You can stop blaming AP for being a money chaser CRD……………… If thats a firm 210……he takes that deal along with a small favor to be granted……….it wasn’t……….they wouldn’t ……………. his fate was decided with the powers that be before the Holiday signing……….. the “herding” was just that ………and if you really think about it ……… the folks that have learned to think that way are few…….. and we are lucky enough to have one of them right here in St. Louis………………. in some ways their arrogance is born of privilege because they are able to maneuver outside the laws of the system ……….. I will ask you all once again….considering all that went down…..who sent the “stink bomb” on Lozano to the press?????????? and why won’t you ever here of it again ????????

  5. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    La Russa publicly voiced exasperation with the club’s inability to make a move later that season and last summer pressed ownership and Mozeliak to reconsider their public reluctance to trade center fielder Colby Rasmus.

    Read more:

    Well I never!!!!!!

    • Brian Walton says:

      Just for accuracy, “that season” above refers to 2008. (Not sure why this excerpt is particularly enlightening at this point in time. Was there any doubt about it?)

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        Pre- Chris Duncan….post Chris Duncan ……shows TLR’s dismissal of Colby even before the Kennedy assassination and Tony’s Skipper solution ……….. he did not like Colby …… but look how far Colby was pushed in that system by BD/Mo….. chew toy …………… the last push back, got Tony tethered to the alter stone …………… BD learned of AP’s special consideration in the research for first extension …….. put it in his pocket because it was irrelevant at the time ………….. the problem most have with these issues is rooted in the apparent value of money………… I mean…….where does Fox get all this loot……..??? whose money is it anyway?

    • CariocaCardinal says:

      Interesting use of the phrase “public stance”. Why should TLR care what the public stance is? The real stance is all that would be important. Sounds like a writer trying to hedge, since he doesn’t know what the real stance was.

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