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Two years of Albert Pujols age and contract coverage

There is no doubt in my mind that the contract status of new Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim first baseman Albert Pujols has been my single most written-about subject here at The Cardinal Nation Blog over the past two years.

As a result, this site has seen an explosion in traffic over the last three days. Apparently others are searching for past information about Pujols’ tenure with the St. Louis Cardinals. Popular subjects include contract-related posts as well as looks into the claims that the 31-year-old may be older than reported.

In any case like this, revisionist history can inadvertently set in over time. So rather than recap what happened, instead I selected 19 of my previous articles which directly represent the Pujols news of the day from my vantage point at various times over the last two years.

In tying a bow around my Pujols coverage, this post serves as a directory of some of the key Pujols articles previously posted here. A number of them also include polls which sampled reader opinions about Pujols-related issues at the time as well as countless reader comments that accompany each post.

The articles below are presented in chronological order.

January 2010
“Time to act on the Holliday-Pujols contract FUD” – After the Cardinals signed Matt Holliday, I explained the merits of trying to extend Pujols at that time as well.
“What if Albert Pujols becomes Mark Teixeira?” – I looked at a comparable situation to see what the Cardinals might land in trade before and during the 2010 season if they felt Pujols could not be signed.

February 2010
“Albert Pujols: On his contract” – Pujols took his story directly to the people in a long television interview, making it clear he did not want to leave St. Louis.

November 2010
“Has Pujols’ negotiating stance changed?” – Pujols was quoted as saying he wanted to get a new contract done before the 2011 season began.

December 2010
“The Cardinal Nation Blog top stories of 2010 #4: The Pujols decade” – Nothing heavy. Just a look back at some of Pujols’ top on-field accomplishments, serving as a good reminder of his many contributions.

January 2011
“Pujols and the Cardinals: Is it a matter of trust?” – After watching and listening to Pujols, one of his representatives and Cardinals executives face-to-face at Winter Warm-Up, I sensed problems brewing between the two sides.
“Why are some surprised by the Pujols no-trade rumor?” – I wondered why someone perceived the need to publicly state that Pujols would not accept a trade.
“Why do Pujols’ age questions persist?” – National writer Rob Neyer is among the most prominent individuals to repeatedly suggest Pujols has falsified his age, though others have wondered over time as well. Substantiation is noticeably missing.

February 2011
“More local TV revenue won’t cover Pujols’ contract” – Those hoping for a enhanced Cardinals television deal that could provide a new source of income to pay Pujols had to be disappointed with my investigation into the possibility. (This has proven to be quite the contrast to the current situation with the Angels.)
“Pujols and the money: What to believe?” – Trying to sort out what was offered before the two sides cut off spring negotiations. Lots of rumors, but as usual, no facts.
Pujols’ shadow means 10 more months of winter” – The realization that with negotiations having ended, Pujols’ free agency was almost assured.
“Seven years ago today: Announcing Pujols’ new contract” – I took a look back at the 2004 signing of what became Pujols’ final Cardinals contract.
Pujols and the 2004 wayback machine” – Several 2004 Pujols articles were interesting to review, covering his age, contract and lost MVP awards.
“Pujols’ contract remarks from spring 2009 and 2010” – A must-read as it captures Pujols’ own words and how they evolved over time.

March 2011
“Cardinals concerned about Albert Pujols’ age?” – Neyer again repeats the rumor that Pujols is older than reported, but this time asserts the Cardinals themselves are among the concerned.
Fan optimism slipping about Pujols’ Cardinals future” – I recapped several site reader polls predicting where and when Pujols would sign. They indicated a shift in public opinion as to what the end result might be.

May 2011
Pujols as part owner of the Cardinals: Not so fast!” – Some people became very excited over the prospect of awarding Albert a share of the team. After looking at all the ramifications, I did not join them.

November 2011
Miami sideshow leads to more Pujols age questions” – A Florida writer said the Marlins believe Pujols is older than 31. No sources were quoted and later, the club reportedly increased its offer to Pujols.

December 2011
It’s ok. Just don’t insult us, Albert. It was about the money.” – My summary of and reaction to Pujols’ decision to sign with the Angels.

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147 Responses to “Two years of Albert Pujols age and contract coverage”

  1. LarryBird says:

    Live press conference of Pujols and Wilson at 1:30 central time.

    • crdswmn says:

      There is just nothing that could possess me to watch that. I am fed up to the hairline right now with platitudes and Bull Durham quotes and we are not likely to get some genuine honesty out of anyone.

      I just want to focus on the positives right now. Getting some additional talent for the roster if it makes sense and the price is right, and looking forward to Spring Training.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Lozano was with Beverly Hill Sports Council or something like that, before starting his own firm. A few years ago, the Cards wanted to sign LH closer Brian Fuentes. TLR was outspoken in wooing Fuentes. However, Fuentes was represented by BHSC and chose the Angels. A precursor of the Pujols deal.

    Sometimes a player’s choice of agent connotes a lot. BHSC or Lozano seem to look for the highest bidder, as may be their fiduciary responsibility to their players. If there are “hometown discounts”, BHSC or Lozano seem unlikely to supply them. Hometown discounts are like unicorns, seldom seen.

  3. crdswmn says:

    This story that I am hearing from some that the Cardinals could have signed Albert two years ago if they had treated him right and given him more “love” is starting to really annoy me. I am not a Bill DeWitt supporter by any means, and I don’t doubt that he hasn’t been entirely above board in all his dealings, but to make Albert out to be a victim here is just more than I can swallow. The victims here were the fans, who were strung along with this “hometown discount” fantasy, which Albert encouraged and the FO didn’t discourage. Yes it was a fantasy and many fans were gullible, but they are fans, not baseball players or executives who understand the business and the process. Dishonesty and deception are part of the process, that is the reality, but many fans don’t understand this and to mock them because they are not jaded is just wrong. Even I, who understands how it works more than most fans, did have at least a 10% hope that the fantasy was true and that Albert would settle for less to stay in St. Louis. The 90% realist and cynic in me knew what was likely to happen, but when it did happen, the 10% idealist fan was still very disappointed.

    • LarryBird says:

      Great comment!

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      CRD……………the finances of BD’s Cardinal Operation is what is in question here……..and its future…..he won the war of convincing everyone of the nature of the business………… and its limitations…….. I can’t criticize him at this point………..he did the right thing for the club……..and himself…….. for the present anyway……….. the future Challenge is Pujols……….it broke A-Rod……. Cardinals are looking good right now……….. but it goes without say our pitching depth may be exploited for profit….. lets watch.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      I seldom agree with crdswmn, but largely agree with her post. I do not believe “hometown discounts” exist. Salaries are based on a diversity of factors, such that apparent low prices can have underlying technical rationales that are not discounts.
      Post-Dispatch reporters seemed to write about hometown discounts five or six years ago, but this may have just been sloppy reporting or to entertain readers or both.
      I agree the idea the Cards could have signed Albert 2 years ago, if Mo had only given him a few million more is a fantasy.
      Albert worked very hard, like a machine, as he is known through the game, and earned his freedom. He then chose a credible offer that was higher than the best the Cards could afford.
      Neither Pujols nor the Cards wanted the fans to know this day was coming. This was considerate of both parties, helping the fans enjoy 2010 and a wonderful win in 2011. It would have been tough for Albert to enjoy working for the Cards, if the fans had become persuaded he was going to leave.
      Accordingly, each side said encouraging things in public about their hopefulness for a long-term deal that would allow Albert to retire as a Cardinal. This was a convenient fiction serving many purposes.

      • crdswmn says:

        Sure, kind of like how people use to tell those who were dying that they were going to be just fine until they were on their death bed. Is that how you want to be treated Jumbo?

        I would NEVER prefer to be patronized. I can handle bad news with grace and find the enjoyment I can out of life.

        • JumboShrimp says:

          crdswmn, it may be useful to bear in mind no one has died and baseball is just entertainment.

          The Cards do not want to concede in advance and volunteer that there is zero chance that they can re-sign their greatest player. This would be bad for fan morale and ticket sales.
          Nor does DeWitt want to indicate this by instead trading a star approaching free agency, as some other teams have chosen to do. He elected to enjoy Albert to the end of his contract and that course happenned to yield a WS win. Even if it had not had this payoff, it was still a good decision not to trade Albert. For the sake of St Louis baseball, you just want to enjoy him while you have him and then say good-bye with mutual respect.

          • crdswmn says:

            Oh please Jumbo I was just using the dying thing as a point of reference analogy. It wasn’t about the dying it was about the patronizing treatment dying patients used to receive. Like they were too weak minded to accept the truth.

            Like I said, I accept the reality that the process includes dishonesty and deception. You can’t practice law for 25 years and not know that. But if you are going to do that, then you must also accept that those who don’t understand or accept that are going to be angry when the deception is revealed. There are those who are now mocking and calling these people stupid and gullible and that I have a problem with. That was my point.

            • crdswmn says:

              And there are those of us, like me, who would prefer to be told the brutal truth. I believe many who are angry now would be less angry had they been. I don’t believe fan morale and ticket sales would have been that affected, at least in the longer term, as most people would have eventually accepted it.

              • JumboShrimp says:

                re the post at 1:42: owing to uncertainties, there was not a brutal truth that was predictable.

                It seems predictable Pujols would select a substantially higher bid, if one emerged. I have never heard of a plausible hometown discount given anyone.
                Did the St Louis media discuss the serious possibility of Pujols leaving? I followed the 2011 season, enjoyed it, and did not read much about Pujols’ free agency, so I do not know how much the topic was written about and how prepared the fans were.
                It all comes down to bidding in early December. We might have won, but did not. Having someone pessimistically forecast Pujols would leave months earlier would not be 100 percent reliable, nor assuage the December decision. At some point, there is a decision and when it is made, somebody is going to be disappointed and it is harsh.

            • JumboShrimp says:

              crdswm, several clarifications.
              The Yanks and Red Sox have 1bmen. The Cubs were a possibility, but might want Fielder. The Dodgers are out of action right now, being sold. The White Sox and Mets would have been out. The Nationals would be a possibility, maybe Detroit, maybe Dallas. No one would have expected the Marlins. The Great Recession is an uncertainty in terms of how much money owners want to commit to. Albert was off a little bit this year. What is his age? How about the elbow ligament? Its an uncertain market.
              As a result, the Cards might have been able to retain Albert. They did their best to position themselves to do so. They are only going to find out when the auction starts and Lozano hammers down the winner.
              I do not think there was zero chance Pujols would resign. Pujols and the Cards maintained an amicable relationship. So even though there are convenient storylines, they do not have to be lies, as I may have oversimplified, above. The Cards have also acknowledged the possibility Pujols might leave. It would have been wrong not to do so. So the two parties were reasonably honest and in this case honesty means acknowledging uncertainty, ambiguity, and hope.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        At least Pujols did not get hired by Jeff Loria down in Miami.
        Also Albert avoided signing with the Cubs, praise the Lord. Brian had a recent poll about the possibility of Pujols joining the Cubs. I voted this a 50 percent possibility. Thus rationally, I knew it was likely Pujols would leave, provided he suited the needs of a richer team.
        Because this was an unpleasant thought, I did not want to think about or post this.

  4. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Go figure…………

  5. blingboy says:

    Mr. DeWit seems to be one of the few owners who has spent nothing so far. Good job. Plenty of dry powder. Soon, the dumpsters will be brimming with non-tenders, and Mo can go diving. Down at the bottom, amongst the fish heads, I smell a hero.

    • Brian Walton says:

      What are you talking about? Is this some kind of race to spend the most soonest? If so, certainly the Angels and Marlins have lapped the field. When they are defending World Champs they will have something meaningful to celebrate.

      P.S. Your modified gravatar is eye-catching!

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        The Cardinals meticulously crafted a loser in 2011…..and I think you can see where they were going…I hope…….. and it was a doozy………. only Tony’s valiant sacrifice………..and s–t house luck changed the scenery………… We can win now……. 2011..2006………yeah, BD has figured out what it takes…….

        in all fairness……..we are in the catbird seat right now………… only careless moves could change that…. but the temptation to take profit is great…………. I’m watching with interest…….. a guy like Boras might be able to make some money in this market……….I expect it……..lets just see how much……..

      • blingboy says:

        Kansas had the idea that a change might be in order. Altering the photo I had stored, and then changing the gravitar, are my most stunning technology related achievements to date. Am I turning into a wonk, or what!

    • crdswmn says:

      Maybe not BB. Mo was on KFNS yesterday ( I was listening during my drive through St. Louis), and he hinted that the Cardinals could go after Carlos Beltran and even Jimmy Rollins if the price were right. Now I am hearing that they are deep in talks with Furcal (I didn’t believe Rollins’ price would be right). Some of the past dumpster diving could have been TLR motivated more so than Mo motivated.

      • LarryBird says:

        I would love to see Furcal back. After he got settled in, I think he was the major factor in why we made the playoffs.

        • Brian Walton says:

          Glove good, hitting bad-good-bad. August OPS .667, Sept .819, post-season .569. Which is the real Furcal?

        • crdswmn says:

          I think it is more of a possibility now that the Brewers got Gonzales as I think they were the major competitors for Furcal. I think Furcal still wants to play here, even though Pujols is gone (he still has Yadi). We have Greene for backup and if we could get Punto as well, we would have plenty of depth in the MI with Descalso. I know some people would like a bigger name like Rollins, but he is just not going to sign here.

      • bigchieftootiemontana says:

        eek! Please no Beltran, I don’t see how it fits in the outfield, would rather have Adron Chambers in right field until Allen Craig is back.
        Pretty lukewarm on Rollins, maybe his bat would be a little better than Furcal?

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      Dotel is gone…….chemistry………Braun breathes a sigh of relieve………. Furcal another that didn’t even get an offer sheet that might have encouraged AP……….. he is still in play…..but only for chump change………Green is your shortstop………and I like that……. the kid just needs something….and he probably just received it………… Don’t know why they would keep Shoemaker……….. they are bound to non-tender and hope someone swoops in…….that might happen……. Beltran…give me a break….

      • crdswmn says:

        So are you saying no to Beltran because you think he wouldn’t sign or you think he is not worth it?

        • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

          Scott Boras…………….. his temperament is in no way a fit here……….. where do you hit him??? there is no chance………..he is a designer player for a large market team………Boras has the Market now….and he will squeeze it…………. Hanley is the prize…………and he is up for grabs…….. but we are going to be seen Greene………I think he’ll be fine……

  6. crdswmn says:

    The mysterious and aloof “Sources” are telling us that the Cards are finalizing a two year deal with Furcal.

    • crdswmn says:

      2rs. Some are saying 12 million, others 14 million.

      • RCWarrior says:

        2 yrs 14 million……..I wasn’t far off on this one. 🙂

        • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

          That was a good BaseB move………..have to believe that ends it for nick p………. if they don’t trade Greene……… he will be rotating at second and short….with Decaslo, who will also be spelling at third………………….. they will bring in some bench power to back up a first………… thats a solid team………….. I want to see some Chambers………the kid could be a 1 or a 2 in front of Holiday and Berkman………… you’ll never see Craig hitting 2 again………thank you Lord ….both the reason and the propagator are gone……..along with the DP’s………… if they want to walk Holiday……..then enjoy Freese and Craig……………..after Lance…………….. we are a better team…………

          • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

            I do not see this move as a “compensation move”…………..I think they held off because it might appear to be an attempt at encouraging AP……………. yeah….we’re free………

    • blingboy says:

      A good clubhouse guy, will surely take on a leadership role to help fill the void. He and Lance, hopefully Matt. Carp and Wainy. Plenty of oxygen in the room now, no open flames.

      We should open strong up the middle, a big improvement over last season.

  7. blingboy says:

    After the 2006 WS, we went into ’07 relying on Rolen and Edmonds, shopworn and battle scarred verterans who had creaked and groaned down the stretch. They promptly broke down. Those guys were heros and world champs, but their trajctory was tilted downward.

    Addition by subtraction can be just as effective as addition by addition. So, while the addition of Albert could make the Angels better, the subraction of Albert could make the Cardinals better.

    As of the day after game 7, Albert’s performance and reliability trajectory is downward, his salary trajectory upward. For the Cardinals, who must compete on a budget, this is a good candidate for applying the addition by subtraction tactic. But for Arte, sistting there in heavily hispanic LA and on the brink of a massive new TV deal, the Angels with Albert are better draw than the Angels without Albert. Addition by addition.

    Aside: I have let it be known that I want a bird for christmas. Don’t care what kind as long as it craps a lot. Years ago, one of the kids had birds, and the cage was still in the basement, buried under other junk. Now its back upstairs, cleaned up, with an absorbant looking full page ad lining the bottom, awaiting its destiny.

  8. JumboShrimp says:

    Furcal is a good idea. If Furcal suffers another injury, Greene can fill in.

    Beltran is another good idea, with a 910 OPS last season. Mo could try to re-assemble the 2004 Astros, with Lance and Carlos. After trading Rasmus, we could use Beltran for his left swing. He can play RF, leaving Craig time to heal. With Boras as his agent, we would have a fair shot at a deal.

    TLR, Pujols, and Theriot departing would free up $28MM/yr. We could potentially flexibly reinvest $17MM/yr to land Furcal and Beltran on two year deals, and still be $11MM up. Hmmm…..

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      Beltran’s medical history precludes him from even a straight 2 yr deal…….. he was a great player….. Boras will be selling him with 1yr plus option year to a fixed price…and a buyout if he can get it………it will not be for chump change…………..

      Furcal was a good investment…………..he might not make it till July 31…….but they control a valuable asset that has a high demand and is an easy salary bail for prospects………. Greene will platoon with Decaslo and Furcal…….always playing one of the spots against a lefty……………. they aren’t going to have all those middle infield bodies this year……….they will try to line up some muscle behind 1st and the Corner outfield spots……………….for a change……………… why bother at third when Descalso subbing just gives Greene another start………..

  9. crdswmn says:

    The only thing I worry about now is keeping Yadi. Mo would be wise to not let Yadi get to free agency. Perhaps Yadi might be inclined to move on with Albert gone, but maybe a sufficient financial incentive now could head that inclination off at the pass.

    • T8Ball says:

      Yadi helping Shelby, Carlos and Company along the next 4-6 years would be golden (sorry for the colorful adjective, my 9 y.o. is overusing the word at the moment)

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      Lets see who he is without being little brother………….. he will want to be paid……..question is…who is he? I think we’ll be surprized………….. he just moved up in stature……….. I bet he won’t be looking for a deal right away…………. he has value………. you heard albert speaking Spanish today………that is very attractive to Yadi I’m thinking…………… they’ve talked I’m sure…… Spanish of course………

  10. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    I would think they would non-tender Skip…….and hope someone picks him up…….or trade him…..he won’t be playing second…………..he has been a competent outfielder that hits 300……… his best bet is somewhere else……….I bet they give the league a chance to value him……….. he’s a good guy…..but…
    Talent and profit in the Bigs is about developing talent and then using it instead of cash…when its starts to get expensive…………. trying to win with Skip is just a bad investment………. this is as good has he gets………… bad investment………..

    • T8Ball says:

      Replacing a .300 bat isn’t always easy. He’s so well liked in the organization, too.

      I see KMac leaving as a salary crunch before Skip, imo. If we get Cuddyer or Beltran then Skip would become a casualty.

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        It has always been a situationally sensitive 300…….T8 thats save money …control Tony thinking…..we need speed and a player with appetite……….. if you can’t push Jay……. he will slack off on you…he always does……….

  11. JumboShrimp says:

    I have to salute Mo, for handling all the changes. Not only TLR resigned, but Albert flew away via angel wings. Luhnow got the GM job in Houston. Luhnow may want to steal scouts and others from the Cardinals to help him in Houston. Lots of personnel needs.

    What has Mo done? Its impressive. Hired a new manager and settled a good coaching staff. Re-signed Lance Berkman. Adjusted Carp’s contract, so he costs less. Now re-sign Furcal so fast after Albert’s departure that it looks planned. We could still use a veteran good hitting OF, plus a LOOGY. Mo is so efficient, we can be hopeful.

  12. T8Ball says:

    Brian, would you happen to know the AAV Beltran and/or Cuddyer might be demanding? I was thinking about affordability.

    Do we press towards DeWitt’s 110million or was that number for if we re-signed Albert?

    • Brian Walton says:

      Beltran will be trying for two years, but he has had a lot of injuries. Seems a better AL fit. I have no idea what he is asking, but my guess is that he should get at least what Berkman got last year, $8 million, and perhaps more. Then there is the question of dealing with Lozano… 😉

      I am not a big Cuddyer fan for what he may be asking. He made $10.5 M last year and represents a safer but less exciting alternative to Beltran. If the Cards view Allen Craig as an everyday player, I’d rather they get a next-tier down guy and known quantity like Ryan Ludwick (edit: or better yet, a RHH who can also play CF).

      Hard to believe they will spend all the Pujols money though Mo did not rule it out yesterday. Extensions for Yadi and Wainwright could eat that up in out years…

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        Cuddy is also a 3rd baseman………….Twins have an offer in I think………… he had opportunity made of injuries and a spotlight……… he has a good cut……..too expensive……..Cardinals just made there signing…….they won’t bury Craig……..if Freese isn’t the MvP………Craig is right there with Berkman……both well in front of Pujols………….

  13. T8Ball says:

    It’s my chance at what I call a PS3 MLB the Show trade ~ Use our depth in the Minors (RH pitching) and and 1 from the CF trio of Tilson, McElroy, Jefferies and get Cargo from the Rox!!!!!!!

  14. crdswmn says:

    ScottMCBSSports tweets

    So Pujols deal w/Angels is for 10 years, then another 10 in personal services. Albert, Angels relationship for 20 years.

    “I really loved St. Louis mang” says Albert as he gives the ole three finger salute.

    • Brian Walton says:

      That is an amazingly long commitment from a courtship that lasted all of about 24 hours. Good luck to all!

      • crdswmn says:

        Do you think this is an attempt to influence the HOF into putting Pujols in there as an Angel?

        • Brian Walton says:

          To influence a HoF decision to be made in 15 years? No.

          I see it as an attempt by Moreno to sell Pujols as being his “partner.” Albert used that very word during the pep rally today.

          P.S. One of our favorite commentators went on and on today about Pujols surely going into the Hall as a Cardinal, as if any of us can predict Pujols’ impact over the next ten years. It is possible? Sure. It is likely? Pass the crystal ball…

          • crdswmn says:

            But in 15 years he will still be providing “personal services” to the Angels and thus strongly tied to them.

            I don’t know what criteria the HOF uses to decide these things, so I am just wondering.

            • Brian Walton says:

              My point being that I see the Hall decision depending on a comparison of his StL and LAA results. If they are close, then yes, perhaps he goes in as an Angel. If he stinks out there as a player, it will be a no-brainer, personal services contract or not.

              Check back in about 10 years and I can give a better reading. Then, five years after he retires, a cap logo decision will be made. In other words, about 2026… 😉

            • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

              Thats why they are paying him………..its about being a role model for the Hispanic community…………
              …..Orange county has little in common with Miami in that respect………. SoCal Hispanic is 300 years in the making…

    • crdswmn says:

      That should have been “third” finger salute.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      The long commitment a way to make sure Albert enters the Hall of Fame wearing an Angel’s uniform.

  15. LarryBird says:

    I do not see Albert in an Angel uniform before this contract is over.

  16. crdswmn says:

    BREAKING: Ryan Braun has tested positive for a PED. Faces 50 game suspension if upheld.


  17. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Pretty revealing interview………………… It will all come out eventually………if you can piece it together.

  18. LarryBird says:

    What I am trying to say is. Albert just got sold a bill of goods.
    OK that is it. I am moving on!

  19. CariocaCardinal says:

    It will be interesting to watch season ticket sales and overall attendance in STL in 2012. My guess is they still go over 3 million unless the team totally tanks. I haven’t heard one fan suggest they will attend less games with Pujols gone.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Agreed. Sounds like a tired cliche, but the appeal of and support of the team is far greater than one man, even a superstar. The guys remaining are hardly chopped liver. Internally, I am anxious to see the new team dynamic without one overriding star and with a new manager. It may take some time to find its groove though.

      I have thought about this every year, but never mentioned it explicitly until now. Pujols has won just about every possible award in the world except one. Each year, the Cardinals players vote for the Darryl Kile Award. The criteria is being “a good teammate, a great friend, a fine father and a humble man.” The award has been given nine times. Albert never won. Here is the list.

  20. Kansasbirdman says:

    My brother texted me Furcal signed on for two years. Me likey.

    • Kansasbirdman says:

      Missed the blog yesterday. Thot I had a scoop, scanned the last few posts and thot id had my first ‘first news post’ here should have known better!
      Hadn’t heard about ryan braun

  21. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    I led a campaign here for 2 years trying to out this guy…………….. tediously pointing out the problems with him……………….. if you read with any understanding, even describing this exact scenario……………………and I still, I wish him the best…………I hope he breaks all the records……I hope we meet the Angels in the world series…………..5yrs running and battle him every step of the way………..I hope all the records fall…and a new age of competitive engagements ensue …………………………….the only way this could possible happen……… if the Scoisoa and Moreno and his new handlers…….and teammates……..insulate him from reality…….just like he was treated here in SL……….lets face it….thats not going to happen……….so instead….lets hope that Albert has mental and emotional growth spurt……..having freed himself from the tit of fans like yourselves………….whose need he apparently fulfilled………… deal with………. We need fewer hero’s……….more Chris Carpenters…… ball player if there ever was one …………… concerning baseball….I don’t see Wainwright coming out hot………. don’t saddle him up until he starts showing attitude………….

    • blingboy says:

      wish him the best. check.
      hope he breaks records. check.
      world series. check.
      drop off Pujols jerseys at the homeless shelter. . . .
      Well, you got a 75%, not quite enough to get you in the namby pamby hall of shame. Strong showing though.

  22. JumboShrimp says:

    Here is a story about the relevance of money, within baseball.

    In July, we picked up the pricey Furcal from the Dodgers. Furcal goes on to tighten the infield defense and contributed an OPS above 700, good for SS. You might have assumed Rafael was pleased to play with TLR, Oquendo, Albert, and the gang. He says he might like to re-sign with the Cards. You might assume this could hinge on fellow Dominican star Albert choosing to re-sign with the Cards.

    However, maybe it does not really work that way! Maybe instead Furcal’s re-signing actually hinged on Albert leaving! Why? Money, the same reason Albert left town is why Furcal is returning.

    Furcal, Pujols, and other free agents are mercenaries to the highest bidder. If Pujols leaves, this liberates a lot of money in the budget for the Cards. As soon as Albert leaves, Furcal is ready to step up and sign a two year deal with Mo. It happenned so fast in fact, with almost unseemly alacrity, it makes you wonder if Mo and Furcal could have had a quiet chat about this back in September. Mo could have said, we will give you $14MM/2 yrs, if Albert leaves, to help our fans recover their spirits.

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      Furcal is playing in a place he likes I think, Jumbo…………. Guy likely…. friend or not…….realized AP wasn’t the reason we won anything…………….. We could repeat……… he’s a Cardinal………enjoy him…………bet he hits 285 or better………. bet there’s and all star incentive in that contract………

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Westie, its not just about winning or anybody’s personality or locker room chemistry or hometome discounts. Money is a powerful explainer of player behaviors. If you pay Rafael more than anyone else, then yes, then I agree with you, “Furcal is playing in a place he likes, I think.” Rafael likes Mo’s moola. Lets not pretend its anything else.

        Sometimes you can tell, when they volunteer a denial Albert says its not just about money, its about commitment or winning. Actually, its about money. If they pay you more, you feel the commitment and you are more hopeful of winning. If they pay you less, you do not feel the commitment and the hopefulness. Money affects emotional outlooks.

        • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

          I agree with some of what you’re trying to say Jumbo…………….. Furcal makes that elsewhere if we don’t pay him…………………… don’t forget………..everything Albert is………..St Louis fans made him….in the image of their own needs and fantasies…………………… Back in the Archives, I called it a no loss scenario………..BD couldn’t lose…….if AP hits 350 with 150 RBi’s the market takes him……..of he hits 225………..the market takes him…..or, as in this case…….offers his mythology sanctuary…….. The only way he returns is if they had just set out a formal offer sheet……….in front of everyone else, and just said, “we can’t afford any more big guy…what every you choose…go with God”……………they were very..very careful not to do that………….BD’s is right where he wanted to be…… spades…. with the WS victory led by 5 other players………….. luckiest guy around……….

  23. blingboy says:

    Matt Holiday’s arrival almost exactly marks the onset of the downward tilt in Albert’s performance stats, both offensively ancefensively. Cause and effect? Don’t know, its just the way it is.

    The master plan, spending the dough to put some world class heft behind Albert, never really panned out. But without an Albert Pujols needing to do something besides take IBBs, Bill doesn’t spend the moolah on Matt, we know that. So now we have Matt but not his reason for existance as a Cardinal. This would weigh heavily upon him.

    What to do? I propose a surprise Matt Holliday day at Busch, the centerpiece of which is ceremoniously giving Matt back the uniform number he wore before coming to the Cardinals and having it unceremoniously ripped from his back. (OK, that last is figurative, for dramatic effect). The luminous and glistening white home jersey is lowered from the rafters in a darkened stadium, held in the beam of a spotlight with the bird on the bat emblazoned accross the chest. Then, it slowly rotates revealing the name ‘Holliday’ and his old number, reunited in glorious splendor, to the tumultuous and thindering applause of the throng. Any takers?

  24. blingboy says:

    Here is the Angels all time uniform #5 roster. Not exactly chock full of luminaries:

    1967, 68: Don Mincher
    1969: Dick Stuart and Jim Hicks
    1970: Jim Hicks and Tommie Reynolds
    1971, 72: Mickey Rivers
    1973: Mickey Rivers and Mike Epstein
    1974: Mike Epstein and John Doherty
    1975: Mike Miley
    1978, 79: Brian Downing
    1980: Carney Lansford
    1982 – 1990: Brian Downing
    1992: Ken Oberkfell
    1993 – 95: Rod Correia
    1996: George Arias
    1997: Luis Alicea
    1998: Craig Shipley
    1999: Jeff Huson
    2000: Ron Gant
    2001: Wally Joyner
    2002 – 04: Alfredo Amezaga
    2005: Dave Matranga
    2006 – 11: Jeff Mathis

  25. JumboShrimp says:

    During Albert’s career, he has been very focused, hence his nickname, the Machine.

    He has showed this same trait in finding a new team. He orchestrated the move in a highly orchestrated manner. Even down to feigning affection for new boss, Arte Moreno. This aims to appeal to Angels fans by telling them how much he likes his new affiliation. And Pujols released the newspaper advert back in St Louis. The respective scripts for Anaheim and for St Louis were probably written by public relations pros, on his behalf.

    I am genuinely grateful for Pujols time with St Louis. He was tremendous and had a great work ethic (even if not for running out grounders hard). His departure will probably cost wins for a few years. Nevertheless the Cards can do a lot with the budget liberated by Albert’s departure. A 10 year contract would have been difficult for the Cards. Pujols’ move seems like a win for everyone.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Its not exactly a heart-warming story whether a ballplayer is making $254MM or $210MM. When salaries get up in the stratosphere and its all about the money, its harder to win the admiration of fans.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Ryan Braun has been found full of too much testosterone. He already has a big contract, so in his case its now about helping his team win.
        Too bad, Ryan, we beat you anyway, even though you did seem very hepped up during the NL championship, so we learned to pitch around you.

        Money and muscle-helping-molecules, two big factors that influence our national past-time!

        • RCWarrior says:

          I’m not certain Ryan was found to be full of testosterone. Heck, if you take a snort of nasal spray and you haven’t reported that you are using a nasal corticosteroid(which doesn’t build muscle by the way), you will be reported as testing positive for a banned substance……and the list of banned substances is as long as from here to St. Louis.

          I doubt Ryan would take a steroid because you can still take HGH and it does the same thing so there is no need to take that chance.

          • crdswmn says:

            “According to a source familiar with the case, Braun’s original test for performance-enhancing drugs was “insanely high, the highest ever for anyone who has ever taken a test, twice the level of the highest test ever taken,” writes Teri Thompson of the New York Daily News.”

            That was some honkin’ powerful nasal spray. 🙂

            • Bw52 says:

              Crdswmn-did you read that Braun has retained a special lawyer who has represented several other players in high profile cases.Said that players have lost all 13 appeals on drug test.Of Ryan Braun being the MVP and playing for Seligs former team i feel confident Braun will be the first one to win his appeal.

              • Bw52 says:

                Crdswn-meant to say the blurb said players are 0-13 in appeals.

              • JumboShrimp says:

                Testosterone is not a steroid, IIRC. Its one of those helpful molecules that helps boys be boys and make the world go round. All men have testosterone. Braun must have gotten a mega-dose. You want a big squirt of that stuff up the old schoz, during playoff games.

            • RCWarrior says:

              Knowing what I know about most newspaper accounts and internet accounts, I wouldn’t believe anything 99% of them wrote. It just doesn’t make any sense for Ryan to have taken a steroid when HGH is undetectable in a urine sample. I just don’t buy it. There is no way he would have gambled by taking a steroid imo. I may be wrong but it just makes no sense.

              • crdswmn says:

                I am kind of neutral on this thing. If he did it, then he deserves to get busted, if he didn’t then I hope he wins his appeal. I have no vested interest in the outcome.

                I was on a message board yesterday, reading a series of posts by a commenter who is a doctor. Too many posts to quote or link to but he basically said that athletes who inject testosterone (if that is what he took), also inject a masking agent at various intervals. He said if one dose of the masking agent is missed, or not timed properly, it will cause the testosterone levels to sky rocket.

                I guess we will just have to await the outcome of the appeal.

                • RCWarrior says:

                  I am familiar with everything that is steroids as I have written a couple of papers on them and actually have manufactured my own as part of a senior seminar many years ago in college. We had some rats that were jacked up. 🙂 Again, if Ryan was doing anything it would have been foolish to do a steroid during the season. Now I have no doubt that some use them in the offseason and use the masking agent to hide their T levels but not during the season. The only way he could have gotten caught was if his HGH was not pure and was tainted with something. Most all HGH today is bought in powder form and mixed so I don’t see how he could have a tainted batch. I just find it hard to believe that he would gamble with something that could cost him 50 games. Again, he may have done it but if he did, he really is dumb because there was no need to do that with HGH being available and undetectable.

                  You see that HGH those guys get from Mexico or the Dominican may very well have everything in it, which is why you see some of those latin kids getting caught, and Manny. Surely Ryan didn’t shop in Mexico. 🙂

                  • CariocaCardinal says:

                    Mfg your own steroids? Is this a new twist on “breaking bad”? 🙂

                    • RCWarrior says:

                      It was a two year college course for Chemistry majors so it was a little different than breaking bad. We did have rats that grew twice the size of the others in short periods of time. With a wheel in the cage they really grew big. It was a fun experiment. You need some serious equipment to force the specific molecules onto the ring to make a steroid. The ability to force different molecules onto the different locations makes the uniqueness of a steroid. Its really cool how the location makes each steroid different.

                  • Kansasbirdman says:

                    I didn’t think HGH added strength, just some mass and helped injuries heal.

                    Steriods add mass and strength.

                    Then there is ground stag velvet. Can be ordered from New Zealand. The Red Stag variety. I am gonna try some of that stuff.

                    • RCWarrior says:

                      HGH does add strength…..not as much certain steroids but more strength than other steroids. And it does add mass. It is very beneficial for the quick healing of torn ligaments and broken bones. Its a miracle drug for sure.

  26. blingboy says:

    “His departure will probably cost wins for a few years.”

    I’ve heard lots of people say/write that same thing. I can’t see it. The Cards haven’t exactly been a win machine in recent seasons. Over the last five or six years the Cards have averaged about 86 wins a year. I don’t think the next few years will be less than that.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      bling: we will play out the games and see.
      A year ago, some imagined Berkman was washed up, and though they were wrong, Lance is not getting younger. Furcal is post-prime. Freese has had injuries, same with Craig. Lohse and Westbrook are post-peak; though Carp has a champion’s heart, he has been injury prone and has a lot of innings on him; Garcia is not a big innings eater; Wainwright may be innings limited. Fortunately Lynn and Shelby Miller are in the wings.
      Pujols spent little time on the DL and was a productive hitter for 11 seasons, why he earned the name the Machine. He gave us a tremendous foundation, making us at least a .500 team, such that if others contributed, we could make the playoffs. Other teams would bring in their best right reliever late in games just to address Pujols. He was the big dog.
      Yet I like the budget flexibility that Mo has obtained. We can pay for several players and spread out the responsibility.

  27. RCWarrior says:

    I did get a kick out of Albert saying that he felt wanted by the Angels and Arte. In other words Albert didn’t want to return to St. Louis because he didn’t feel like they wanted him because BD didn’t make over him…….. 🙂 Remember Albert, baseball in St. Louis is a business as your man, TLR has repeatedly stated…..and there is no room for emotion in business.

    Albert, having watched Tony LaRussa for the last three years I know exactly what you mean……and you wanted out because of it. I know someone who can see where you are coming from. I do believe it makes a difference when your boss actually wants you on his team and acts like it. 🙂 That is funny stuff right there.

    I did get a kick out of Colby as we were watching Albert’s press conference. We were hitting in his new cage when a couple of the other guys yelled out to cut the music down so they could hear Albert speak. He just laughed for 20 minutes listening to Albert go on and on about family and GOD. His words were…….”that is priceless”. 🙂 And he turned the music back up and started hitting again.

    • Bw52 says:

      RCW- you and your boy sure got a thing about Albert and TLR don`t you?

      • RCWarrior says:

        BW, I think Albert is a phenomenal baseball player. He very well may be the best hitter I have ever watched. I love to watch him play the game as he is that good.

        I actually find it hard to fault Tony LaRussa as far as managing a baseball game goes. He has proven himself to be really good at keeping a job and winning more than he lost.

        I don’t dislike Albert in any way I don’t believe. Now all that fake stuff is funny to me and the fact that the people in St. Louis thought him to be godlike always caused me to chuckle. If you were a latin player Albert loved you……..if you were not he didn’t fool with you. But we all have our likes and dislikes. The only thing I wished Albert was more of would be a leader……as he was the farthest thing from being one of those. Super player? YES. Leader? Not even close and to me that was sad. To those that are given much, much is expected…..this is my thought on Albert.

        Now Tony is just a bad guy, no ifs an’s or buts. He is like a mob boss. The behind the scenes strong arms BS, the lies, and the manipulation is just off the chart ridiculous. He definitely needs some old school justice imo and could use a good, old time butt whipping. A fella can dream can’t he? 🙂

        • Bw52 says:

          RCW- how did Tony last 30 plus seasons being such a mean rotten person ?Why such a long career if he was such a foul person who treated people with such contempt? How did he last and why ?
          Still coming from you it still sounds like sour grapes by you and Colby.
          Instead of dreaming about whipping Tony you should worry more about Colby hitting his weight and being a good major leaguer.
          The Cards bridge is burned down with you and Colby so why not concentrate on Toronto.

          • RCWarrior says:

            Winning games is what this thing is all about BW and Tony did an excellent job of doing just that. And you don’t have to be a good guy to manage a baseball team and be good at it. TLR did a great job. Doesn’t he have 3 World Series Titles? That along with being the second winningest manager of all time looks pretty good on a resume.

            Why would it benefit me to make things up about TLR BW? Sour grapes? Like I said long ago, perception is reality and the perception is that Tony is a great guy because he loves puppies and is a good manager. I have no problem with you continuing to believe that he is a great guy. It really makes me no nevermind. 🙂

            It is much easier to dream about whipping TLR than getting Colby to hit his weight or to be a good major leaguer. The smiley face was put after that comment to show you it was a joke. I don’t want to whip TLR, he is a really old man. I was kidding BW. 🙂

            I haven’t really been concentrating on the Cardinals and I surely won’t be concentrating on the Blue Jays. I don’t play and haven’t played for either team. More of the TLR media manipulation BW. I’m not nearly as involved as you think. Actually you have helped the Cardinals hit more last year than I did with any cardinal player. But to read a newspaper you would think I was in there hitting up a storm every day.

            • Kansasbirdman says:

              As I have gotten older, I realize more people have gotten to where they are by crushing others than by being good people. CEO’s, coaches, especially politicians.

              It was Balzac that said ‘Behind every fortune lies a great crime’

              Behind every person who has risen to the top is a pile of casualties. Sad BW but true. THat’s why I am never surprised by scandal and don’t put anyone on a pedestal.

              • Bw52 says:

                KBB-its not a matter of putting anybody on a pedestal.Its about someones constant attacking and belittling TLR and blaming him for Colby`s failure.For a guy not involved RCW sure doesn`t miss a chance to get a rip in when he can.Thats fine and good for him.Just don`t expect everybody to like it and not respond.

                • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

                  Tony is a hero 52……….he took on his adversaries and gave us a WS…at the cost of his job…………….
                  But Colby was a sacrifice……….. and BD took him to market instead of putting him back on the farm……………. hastening Tony’s and eventually AP’s demise………….. RC has a beef….and its well founded……….. watch out becoming a pull Toy here WC cried out…………… live and learn…….

                  • RCWarrior says:

                    Unfortunately TLR’s mission was known back in 2008 with the , “:if Walt had drafted you you would have made this team ” crap. From that point on we tried to get Colby clear of the idiot.

                • RCWarrior says:

                  Oh BW…I blame Colby for Colby’s failure, not TLR. Colby is too nice of a kid. I, or any of my other 3 boys wouldn’t have had any issue with TLR. They wouldn’t have put up with it, nor would I have. Unfortunately for Colby, he is unable to be disrespectful to old people. He learned through this process though that just because you read that somebody is a good guy doesn’t make it so. I believe he was shocked that TLR was such a mean and vindictive person and wasn’t capable of understanding what was happening with all the Luhnow/LaRussa stuff.

                  In other words Colby failed because he let an arrogant asshole effect his play and that is his fault. The world is full of bad people who are bad bosses……you have to learn how to navigate those situations without letting your situation become worse. Colby failed at that immeasurably.

                  Colby did try to get clear of TLR more than a few time via conversations with Mo but Mo wouldn’t move him so I do give him credit for trying.

                  But in the end Colby’s failure is on Colby…..not TLR.

                  But I did enjoy telling Tony what I thought of him in the end…….if was really invigorating. 🙂

                  • CariocaCardinal says:

                    Oh, to be a fly on that wall 🙂

                  • Bw52 says:

                    RCW- i bet TLR really gives a damn what you thin k of him.I seriouslydoubt any sleep has been lost.So who areteam Rasmus going blame if Colby falls flat on his ass this time?

                    • RCWarrior says:

                      Ahhh BW……..I do enjoy your belief in everything in the world being so clearly defined as good and evil.

                      Obviously you don’t retain what you read very long as I just wrote in the post above that Colby is responsible for Colby, not anyone else. 🙂

                      And Colby may very well fall on his ass which I have no problem with…..its being pushed that has gotten me a tad bit on the upset side.

  28. CariocaCardinal says:

    Deidra Pujols claims the Cards only offered 5 years – not 9 or 10.

    • blingboy says:

      Interesting. It has also been said that the Marlins didn’t offer what was reported either. Perhaps Arte bid against no one, like the Cards with Holiday. Maybe the wall of silence on the negotiation details will break down.

      Bernie is trying hard to convince himself, and us, that Albert is experiencing regret, or at least second thoughts, over his hasty decision. But the hasty decision scenario doesn’t really make any sense, unless the Angels offer was seen as a massive, and possibly fleeting, windfall. If so, despicable Dan deserves credit for drawing the wily lunker out from under his log and hooking him.

    • crdswmn says:

      I want to know what I have to do to get the Cardinals to give me 130 million dollars worth of insults. Do I have to play baseball?

      Is she saying the 9-10 year offer never existed in any form or it existed in a form with too many strings to their liking? If it did exist in any form, how does what she is saying mesh with Albert’s insistence that it was all about commitment and not money? I mean 10 years is 10 years, strings or not. It would seem to me the strings are about the amount of money, and so the “commitment” would be the same either way.

      I understand another interview with the Pujolses was granted to KSDK. I can’t get that station here in Jeff City, so could someone post the details?

    • JumboShrimp says:

      It makes sense the Cards would have offered $26MM for 5 years. Its more than Holliday’s deal, though 2 years less. Its a lot of money.
      Then if Albert wanted more years, we added years and came down on the average cost per year, because of the age/production risk.
      The bottom line is the Angels have a vast cash flow and could readily choose to double the Cards initial offer.

  29. blingboy says:

    Maybe its Arte that made the hasty decision. Will he wake up in the morning and want to chew off his contract signing hand?

    More likely, there were no hasty decisions by anyone. I don’t go so far as Westy, with the prepared market, etc., but it seems like the participants would have done the math and been prepared.

  30. blingboy says:

    RC, I am interested in your take on what effect Albert, and the atmosphere he created, had on Matt Holiday the last couple years. Will we see any difference now? Matt hasn’t seemed like the kind of ‘presense’ I expected from such a high profile big bat type. But maybe that’s just him.

    I ask you about it because, at some level I sense that both he and Colby had similar issues becoming one with the Albert/TLR universe they found themselves in. They came in from vastly different places, career-wise, so I don’t carry the comparison too far, but consitant enthusiasm is hard to fake for anybody. But, like I said, maybe that’s just him.

    • Brian Walton says:

      It is just one data point, but Holliday stood up for himself today, calling into a talk radio show when they labeled him as being often injured.

    • RCWarrior says:

      Albert was such a huge presence that nobody could breathe with him around. I remember Dave McKays batting group was the premier group as Dave was the best BP thrower on the staff so everybody wanted in that group. Matt told Colby one day that he was going to get Colby in that group. Colby told Matt you won’t be able to do it because Albert/TLR won’t allow it. Matt told him I bet I can. Colby came to the field that day and was not only in the McKay group but was in Pettini’s group which was the one that nobody wanted in….because he throws cutters in on the hands all day.

      In other words because Albert/TLR suspected Colby of trying to get Matt to help him Colby was punished. I could give you many different examples of similar stuff but BW would consider me squeezing the juice out of the sour grapes. 🙂

      I believe Matt will really take charge and I do believe the team will be closer because of it. Colby had get togethers will all of the younger guys on a weekly basis to keep those guys together and not allow them to become split like the older guys and Matt was the one who told him to do that. Matt is the Derek Jeter type of team guy.

      • Bw52 says:

        RCW-“the sky is falling” the sky is falling” If you tell it enough times RCW will that make it all true?

        • RCWarrior says:

          BW, the sky is not falling where I’m sitting. The truth is the truth……….but this is America my good fellow……you can worship GOD, SATAN, or Allah…… can marry a man if you want, or a woman if you prefer that…..Nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to do or believe anything you don’t want to believe. I’ve just stated some facts……the FACT you choose to believe that those FACTS are made up does not alter the FACT that those FACTS are what they are…….a FACT. You and I can just agree to disagree on TLR’s sainthood. 🙂

          • Bw52 says:

            RCW-So you have absolute proof that Colby was punished by AP?TLR because Matt tried to help him.Proof or just speculation?
            What is a FACT is that you use every chance to rip,attack and demean TLR/AP s character.I think everybody knows your hatred towards them because of the so-called mistreatment of CR.
            How about this FACT……….I still say your mission here is to stir things up.You admittedly are not a Cards fan.So what`s your purpose other than furthering your “POOR LITTLE COLBY” agenda?
            Nobody says TLR is perfect or AP was either.You are the one constantly seeking to bring them down.Whats the matter? Nothing to raise hell about in Canada yet?

            • RCWarrior says:

              I think Albert Pujols is a baseball stud. How have I tried to bring him down? If I started a team tomorrow I would pick him first if I was picking. I surely don’t like some things Albert does but that doesn’t mean I dislike him. Albert supported Tony and Tony’s agenda so Albert did get caught up in doing some things for Tony. But I don’t blame Albert for that, I would have done the same because Tony treated him like royalty. Albert did what any person would have done.

              Now Tony I do dislike. A Good manager? Yes an innovator? Yes. A manipulating liar? Yes. Like I have said before…..You can be a good baseball guy but also be a bad person. See Ty Cobb.

              What reason would anyone have for stirring anything up in regards to TLR or Albert? Why would it benefit anyone? Neither is a cardinals at present.

              Poor little Colby? Not at all. He did the best he could at handling a bully, but didn’t handle it even remotely well. Its all on him in my eyes.

              How can I bring down Albert or Tony? ha ha. That couldn’t happen in a million years nor would I care anything about doing it.

              I only raised hell because Tony is a cardinal site watcher. It was a way to get to Tony to get Colby out of St. Louis. It took too long to work but it did eventually work. I’ve never even been on any other teams site but the Cardinals, nor would I ever get on another teams site.

  31. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Some if you are struggling with this issue……………… remember…… Lozano is not required to notify AP of any offers….other than formal offer sheets…… rule/and law………….. the Marlins top offer was not a legitimate offer sheet….it became public, to serve those that would claim its relevance… Lozano just demised it to fulfill his obligations……… was just a proposal with a resolution of some trade status adaptations…… Lozano was aided in his aspirations,,,,,,,by BD…who knew what they were….
    The Cardinals helped AP to his new home………. Deidre tried to speak openly…….but could not say certain things……………… the real issue is… did not matter…….the Cardinals would have ducked what ever was necessary ………….. I called it herding at one time………….still works………

  32. RCWarrior says:

    I did get another kick out of this. Do you mean to tell me that somebody isn’t telling the truth? Shocker…..more PR spin by somebody……….who is the one that is fibbing? 🙂

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