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Reviewing the Official 2011 World Series DVDs

I spent my Thursday evening viewing as much of the two World Series DVD Sets from A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions as time and stamina would allow. There are more than ample reasons to want to own both collections.

The Official 2011 World Series Film is narrated by St. Louis native Jon Hamm and documents the St. Louis Cardinals’ championship run in a series of segments including game highlights, interviews and more. Extra material includes the last outs and celebrations of key post-season wins and a bit of the World Series parade.

The two-disc set also features a bonus DVD containing the complete NLDS Game 5 in which Chris Carpenter and the Cardinals were one run better than Roy Halladay and the Phillies. Included are the post-game interviews with the winning pitcher Carpenter, manager Tony La Russa (during which he clumsily jokes about the Rally Squirrel and Torty Craig), and a brief look at the raucous clubhouse celebration.

The Official 2011 World Series Film two-Disc DVD has been available since November 22 and will ship in a single Blu-ray disc on December 6.

The 2011 World Series Champions Collectors Edition DVD Set is an eight-disc set of all seven complete World Series games plus a bonus DVD. This collection will first be available on December 6 but is pre-orderable now.

With well over 20 hours of available action from which to choose, I had to make a tough decision where to start. Having seen the games once before, I began my viewing at the end, watching the bonus disc in its entirety.

The final play of each of the Cardinals regular season walk-off game-winners serves as the appetizer. It surprised me that so many different players contributed, from the expected like Albert Pujols to the less-expected such as Skip Schumaker and Tony Cruz.

Other regular season highlights include back-to-back home runs by Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman, Pujols’ 2000th hit, including the lengthy ovation that followed, and Holliday’s 200th career home run.

We are taken inside the Wild Card celebration, watching the players watch on the clubhouse television as Atlanta lost its final game and sharing in their jubilation. The NLCS trophy presentation is relived. Not only is the World Series Game 7 celebration featured, it includes isolation cameras capturing the reactions of a number of players on the field as the final out was secured. The disc concludes with World Series parade footage from the perspective of MVP David Freese.

On the game discs, each half inning of every game is individually selectable, as you would expect. The pre-game set up by Joe Buck and Tim McCarver is included. The Game 7 post-game segment includes a lively on-field interview with Freese that was originally shown on MLB Network, conducted by Greg Amsinger, Harold Reynolds, Kevin Millar and Al Leiter.

Here is a neat feature. The game discs include an alternate audio option to view the action synchronized with Mike Shannon and John Rooney’s call rather than the FOX network announcers. You can instead select the Rangers radio or a Spanish option and switch the audio track on demand.

There is so more to see and hear. Get your own copies to serve as your video keepsakes of the Cardinals 11th World Championship.

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30 Responses to “Reviewing the Official 2011 World Series DVDs”

  1. Kansasbirdman says:

    I remember that interview, it was an akward, it was clear he was aware of the Torty Craig phenomenon with the team and the rally squirrel, but it went over like a unhip grandpa trying to use the slang of a tween.

    Was glad to see him lighten up though. I will take lame slang dropping anytime when the enthusiasm is genuine-that came through true.

    Adding to the whole experience of viewing the interviews was the intensity of that whole game. I stood almost the entire time I watched it. My brother had to leave the room a couple of times. A one run lead against the mighty phillies, intense. My brother and I did “air” stick horses around the living room after the last out.

    • Brian Walton says:

      If you are really into discomfort, you can check out the commissioner’s reading at the World Series trophy presentation. He pronounces the word “Car-din-all” with three syllables and muffs Mo’s last name despite seemingly reading every word from a sheet of paper. Guess he planned he’d be calling out “Nolan Ryan” and “Jon Daniels,” instead. They are much simpler to say… 😉

      • T8Ball says:

        It was brutal to say the least. My wife thought he was drunk, and was quite offended. I have to admit it irked me during the trophy presentation. He couldn’t even read a prepared statement.

        • JumboShrimp says:

          Bud Selig has presided over the MLB amateur draft. This has been absurd, because he is not a great TV personality. Its lousy for business.
          MLB should hire some good looking men or women to stand in for the Commissioner at public events. The Commissioner should delegate public appearances to people who can help the sport. Bud Selig should never voluntarily appear before any television camera.

          • Brian Walton says:

            I understand your point, but I can’t imagine anything of substance would change even if George Clooney became MLB’s new spokesman.

            • Nutlaw says:

              True, but I’m with Jumbo. I always saw Selig as a solitary figure in the shadows, preferably with a black cowl over his face.

              Oh, score one for the internet. First search!

            • blingboy says:

              It is shockingly chauvenistic for you to take it for granted an MLB spokesperson would have to be male. A female could certainly do the job, and flashing some cleavage might make some of those dreary speeches more interesting, or at least take our mind off the bad news.

            • JumboShrimp says:

              Vanna White can flip the letters just as well as Bud Selig can flip letters. That’s why Vanna gets to collaborate with Pat Sajak, while Bud Selig does not.
              Bud Selig should only appear on TV before Congressional committees, kind of like that guy who heads Goldman Saks, Or that guy who was in charge of BP during the well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. Bud Selig is a car salesman who bought a baseball team. Enough said.
              When there is a cheery event like the World Series, Bud should never be allowed to utter a single solitary word near a microphone. We are trying to run a business, MLB, and appearances by Bud are horrendous for business. The Owners should bench Bud.

  2. bigchieftootiemontana says:

    In regards to the option of listening to Shannon and Rooney on the game discs I gotta say
    “Yeah You Right!”
    During the series we watched on satellite tv at a neighbors and tried to listen via satellite radio but they didn’t sync close enough. So for someone such as myself that listens to Shannon and Rooney all summer via internet, that may be enough to push me into buying the set!

    That’s cool the Redbirds hired John Mabry for assistant hitting coach.

    Great times to be a Cardinal fan. Hope Miller and Martinez can progress and be solid starters by 2013 and ’14 .

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    Its been reported Jeff Luhnow interviewed for a job with the Rangers. After a World Series appearance by signees like Jaime Garcia, Salas, Allen Craig and Jon Jay, Luhnow must be getting looks from other teams and interested in landing a promotion. Since Mo seems firmly in the GM saddle in St Louis, Jeff is looking elsewhere. What Jeff needs to do to get ahead for himself is redouble his efforts in his current role of finding talented amateurs for the Cards.

    • Brian Walton says:

      It is the GM job with the Astros, one that a number of candidates turned down even interviewing for because of the sorry state of the franchise. Still, it is one of just 30 jobs and if Jeff gets it, kudos to him. It would be a nice step forward, but a tough job nonetheless.

  4. JumboShrimp says:

    The Astros makes sense. Luhnow might fit with the Astros situation. The Astros have been a college drafting team, as were the Cards. The Astros used to do well in Latin America, especially Venezuela. Jeff could come into a situation like the Astros and help with their amateur signings, in the US or Latin America. If the Astros want to rebuild for the long term from the bottom up, they could do worse than hire Luhnow.
    The Astros will also want short-term improvements, since they have become really bad. Its a tough situation. If Luhnow got the Astros GM job, he should expect to be fired in about 3 years, so seek a 5 year, high salary deal.

  5. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    RC………I’ve been reviewing the games from April on……….. Its all right there……… Vin Scully says “my heavens this kid has a sweet swing”………. you should just use a screen capture and take down moments like that…………….. everything I alluded to during the season……now with hindsight…..was exactly true……..if it is still your contention that you can cover all issues from that bat position… are wrong…….if you study the issues… isn’t about the bat position in the end….its how the pitching at this level……..with solid scouting and new technology + video are kicking his butt …….. mentally he isn’t even in the contest at the plate as they exploit his vulnerabilities….when he was stroking…he was dropping those hands and swinging around his body…..sober up…… Oh yeah,……this is my wedding present…… well and congratulations to all.

    • RCWarrior says:

      You and I could argue hitting mechanics forever and still differ on what makes this guy or that guy work.

      The scouting and video usage isn’t kicking his butt imo as much as is his inabiliity to stay within his strengths. These last 3 years have been a battle for him to try and keep a plan in place while getting monthly changes recommended to him by the cardinal hitting guys. He has tried every one and all they continued to do was/is confuse him and subsequently cause him to flounder severely.

      Like I have stated previously, this next year we will see what kind of player he really is. Colby won’t have any of the LaRussa/McGwire philosophy to deal with and his hitting guy for the Blue Jays is trying to work with his strengths verses trying to put his stamp on him. This should help.

      You have long mentioned hand position while I would argue body position in relation to the plate along with a front hip that has been open since the Cardinals first started messing with Colby. I do value hand position as being important in a swing but my guess is you and I would not be in agreement on where those hands should end up pre swing. I like shoulder height but not a short hair above while I believe you prefer a much lower hand position.

      If I watch Colby this last year I see a guy who lost body lean over the plate which caused his hands to be way too far away from his body which prevented him from being able to hit the ball with any kind of power the other way and cause him to not be able to get inside of balls on the inner half of the plate. In other words it just provided a pitcher with way too many holes to attack. His bat angle was continually put in a negative position via Mark/Tony and in the end it was silly bad.

      Its an easy fix in my mind and one that would have taken 3 or 4 hours to get rid of in a cage.

      As far as mental issue go Tony had him appearing to be a retard so you were dead on in that assessment.

      While you say dropping his hands and we may just be differing on semantics here but when he was hitting he was loading those hands much better (which is something Mark kept trying to prevent). When he didn’t load you woulod see hips fly early, hands and elbow get away from his body, and he would pound stuff foul but was early on breaking stuff but late on heat.

      Like I say, I’m interested to see how he will do this upcoming year without all of the horse shit. We obviously know he will be expected to steal bases which will be fun for him, since he hasn’t been allowed to do that these last 3 years. He will be able to go into the year hitting like he used to hit and be able to stay with that the entire year, which will be a first. Last year I predicted a .230 batting average if Colby was forced to hit the way he was and I’m not sure I was far off. I expect him to be pretty darn good this year and .275 with 30 jacks and 25+ stolen bases would be a low guess on my part…….and this is if he can regain some of his mojo that Tony tried so hard to destroy over these last 3 years. His mind appears to be getting some of the Tony out of it so there may be a chance at sanity this year for him.

      Like I continue to say, we’ll see…..but I am feeling more and more optimistic about this next year as I watch him on a daily basis.

      By the way WC, The wedding was a huge success. I don’t how many hundred people were at it but there were tons of people.

      Freese, Jay, and Motte were really generous with their time as they were hounded by people who wanted pictures with them all night.. Joe Mather was also there along with Bryan Anderson, along with many more players.

      Some highlites were Jon Jay on the dance floor with crazy moves, Motte was also a dancing machine. Freese was slow to find his way to the dance floor but ended up killing it for the final 2 hours on the night. Mather had his hands full because every woman in the place had to get a picture with him……………….I don’t know if Joe was signing boobs or not over there but from the way those ladies were mobbing him he may have had to sign boobs at the very least for those women. 🙂

      Crdwmn, I have some pics up on facebook for your viewing pleasure. Be careful of the Joe photos as they may cause you to slobber on yourself. He was his sexy self, per usual. 🙂

  6. blingboy says:

    It would be ironic if LaRussa and Luhnow left the Cards organization within a couple months of each other.

    Wallace would get another chance.

    But wouldn’t the Astros be even better off getting somebody from the Royals, whose prospects always seem to litter the top prospect rankings.

  7. blingboy says:

    Was glad to see Matt Pags got a minor league deal. Still hanging in.

  8. blingboy says:

    “I reject any idea that a person’s Christianity should cause them to step away from what the market would demand. . . ”

    Read more:

    This is a quote from some minister in an article last winter in the P-D.

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      Thanks for the lead BB. There is an element of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of DeWittingham here…….you know how that story ends up ………….. higher ticket prices no matter the winner…..

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