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St. Louis Cardinals tentative 2012 spring training schedule

Monday’s big announcement was that of new St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. But when will the new skipper first lead his team onto the baseball fields of Florida?

If you are like me, even before the press conference, you were already looking forward to the first official pitch of spring training 2012. Though the exact timing of that moment is still unclear, more details are coming to light.

With another disclosure on Monday, that of the New York Mets’ spring training schedule by ESPN New York, about two-thirds of the tentative slate of spring games for the Cardinals can be pieced together from various non-official sources.

So far, 19 games appear on the tentative schedule, including home and away tilts against Houston, Atlanta and Minnesota. Six contests against the Mets lead the way with three against Washington. Just one Detroit game appears to date.

Finally, only two contests against the new Miami Marlins have been disclosed so far with as many as a half-dozen more that could be added when the Roger Dean Stadium schedule is released. Home season tickets can be purchased, but a date for single-game sales may not be announced until the Cardinals make their entire schedule official.

Player reporting dates to camp have not yet been made public, either, but around February 20-22 should be close.

The Cardinals are expected to host 14 home games in Jupiter this spring, with nine currently known.

St. Louis Cardinals tentative 2012 spring training schedule (as of 11/15/11)

Day Date Opponent Location Local Time
Mon 5-Mar
Tue 6-Mar Mets Port St. Lucie 1:10 PM
Wed 7-Mar
Thu 8-Mar
Fri 9-Mar Twins Ft. Myers
Sat 10-Mar Marlins Jupiter (away) 1:05 PM
Sun 11-Mar Nationals Jupiter 1:05 PM
Mon 12-Mar Braves Jupiter 1:05 PM
Tue 13-Mar Mets Port St. Lucie 1:10 PM
Wed 14-Mar Astros Jupiter 1:05 PM
Thu 15-Mar
Fri 16-Mar
Sat 17-Mar Tigers Lakeland
Sun 18-Mar Marlins Jupiter (home) 1:05 PM
Mon 19-Mar Braves Disney 1:05 PM
Tue 20-Mar Astros Kissimmee
Wed 21-Mar Mets Jupiter 1:05 PM
Thu 22-Mar
Fri 23-Mar
Sat 24-Mar Mets Port St. Lucie 1:10 PM
Sun 25-Mar Twins Jupiter 1:05 PM
Mon 26-Mar Mets Jupiter 1:05 PM
Tue 27-Mar
Wed 28-Mar
Thu 29-Mar
Fri 30-Mar Mets Jupiter 1:05 PM
Sat 31-Mar Nationals Viera
Sun 1-Apr Nationals Jupiter 1:05 PM
Mon 2-Apr Springfield Springfield, MO 6:00 PM

The Springfield exhibition on April 2 will close out the spring, setting off a whirlwind travel stretch that will go something like this. The Cardinals will log over 3,400 air miles in the course of just five days as they zigzag back and forth from, to and from Florida.

Monday, April 1: Jupiter to Springfield
Wednesday, April 3: Springfield to Miami
Friday, April 5: Miami to Milwaukee

The 2012 regular-season opener will be an unusual one-game set to be played on Thursday, April 4 in celebration of the opening of the new Marlins stadium. The Cardinals’ first full series will begin against the defending National League Central Division champion Brewers on Friday, April 6 in Milwaukee. The Cards will not reach St. Louis until Thursday, April 12, following another road series in Cincinnati.

11/22 Update: The full 2012 Cardinals spring schedule has now been announced.

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26 Responses to “St. Louis Cardinals tentative 2012 spring training schedule”

  1. blingboy says:

    Maloney is promoted to the MLB staff. Probably a Mo move rather than a Mike move. Glad to see it as well as Warner to AAA.

    Normally an incoming manager brings in at least one or two guys he likes and has worked with. Does anyone know who that guy is for Matheney?

    Also, I hope we continue to see Red hanging around.

    As to RC’s comment on the other thread about the young guys partying, I would think that after winning the WS and young guys playing so many key roles and getting so much playing time, the edge was already taken off any anti-Tony feelings. The handful of guys who couldn’t put up the numbers to stick are no doubt happy for fresh chance.

  2. Kansasbirdman says:

    I would think with Big Mac being a power-type instructor he would not fit into the new philosophy that appears to be shaping up. I don’t think he did a bad job the past two years, I just think (and this is copacetic with RC’s views and the Pro Big Mac crowd) that he is more suited to instructing players with his own type of batting philosophy and goals. Maybe it would be best to have multiple batting coaches to fit all the approaches at the plate.
    If Maloney is promoted, where does he fit in? Who is leaving?

    • blingboy says:

      All the P-D story said was that he was promoted. Nothing about role or who replaced. Those aspects may involve Matheney’s input, whereas the promotion itself was probably decided for him.

  3. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Post subject: Re: Boras: “Fielder worth more than Pujols”
    Posted: 11/15/2011 12:00 PM
    PF has spent these last years in the backwaters of Milwaukee. The competitive “small pond” environment is a big factor here. Prince reveled in his placement on the team, and be honest, the guy can crush. Scott Boras is just starting to tune up the dialog. He is paid well to do it. That is hardly about the GM’s and owners present. Thats for the press and (us) fans. Scott Boras sees Pujols/Lozano’s vulnerabilities. He will rattle the Bill/Mo’s cage as many times as he can in coming weeks.

    Anybody that makes an offer for Prince will include 1) weight sanctions 2) probably personal appearance guidelines. Except the Brewers. Boras is playing the same game/market as Lozano. Both are trying to squeeze the player preferred team to pay along the league standard performance guidelines/salary expectations.
    The difference is, Brewers want to pay the overweight, straggly bearded, local (supper) hero, we love you as you are fat guy, don’t change a thing. ……Boras wants that to be 160’s. Brewers 125/135’s. Question is, how far is Prince willing to go with Scotty’s tactics. Every team would be happy to pay Fielder 22/25 for a year to see how he reacts to their fans and players. Would Prince break out of the market late just to try again next year and elsewhere than Milwaukee?

    Lozano on the other hand, is up against a prepared market. He has known that since he left BHSC. Albert is the opposite of Fielder. His worth is unquestionable to MLB as a marketing commodity. He won’t be playing is St. Louis in 2012, and he knows that. All parties are acting in accordance with their best interests. His salary has to be high enough not to invite a collusion grievance, or at least fortifying a position to limit that number. It will be in the 7/190’s. Just not in St. Louis. Very likely, AP’s is 33 yrs old. At this point, it would be in no ones best interest to acknowledge such a thing. But that will very likely be a sub factor in all negotiations. That however is just my personal suspicion. If anyone would know, it would be Bill DeWitt and by inference, Selig and MLB.

    • crdswmn says:

      I posted in the other thread before I read this post WC, so now I have additional questions. If Pujols has already rejected 9/200 why would he accept 7/190? Also, is the Collusion to direct Albert to a bigger market team like LA because it would be more financially beneficial to MLB? Does BD go along with this simply for the purpose of saving money? Will the loss in revenue from losing AP be offset by the savings in not having to pay him?

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        Baseball is big business……….AP created a statical anomaly that threatened the salary structure….that has been resolved…………the lost year and his “vulnerabilities” this year did the rest……….if you read the threads……..I told everyone that BD would eventually “leak” a number……… try to understand that it was never in AP interest to contradict that……..and it still isn’t…..was it a formal

        • crdswmn says:

          Well, I still don’t follow all of this, but I am not going to pursue it any further because it just takes up too much room on the thread and is probably not what others want to talk about. Maybe after Pujols end up wherever he is supposed to end up we can talk about it some more. 🙂

      • blingboy says:

        Surely the Cards wouldn’t make the same offer this year as last.

    • Kansasbirdman says:

      I enjoyed your post WC. And I could understand it. Thanks for posting without the allusions, synonyms and cryptic stuff so us regular folk could enjoy it!

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        Thanks KB…………..I’ve watched the series game 6 and 7 a number of times……. I’m happy for everyone that contributed………….thats what its all about…….. no matter what happens, we have a bunch of players with attitudes and more importantly “game” coming back……. I’ll be sorry to see Furcal go……Dotel too…these guys brought the sack that this team so needed………… I’m sure they would be happy to be offered reasonable compensation…..and gladly except……….. Tony’s gift to all of us….. lets see if saving a few bucks is worth letting them walk………..

      • crdswmn says:

        If you understood all that perhaps you could explain to me exactly why Albert cannot sign with St. Louis. I can’t tell if it is BD not wanting to pay, or MLB not wanting him to play there, or something else.

        • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

          I just watched the post game awards and speeches……….. wonderful festive moments………. Tony is speaking about loving the fans and his players…….BD and Mo standing at his side…knowing the situation…….and just smiling………… do you suppose that one of them might have said something like…” we love Tony, and never know until he’s had his time of reflection whether he will coach another year. We all hope he will carry on with this team”…………………… my point…..even though they knew Tony ” planned to retire”…….they could not risk publicly taking him off the hook ……….. least he back out……..that would have heightened everyones credibility and emotional experience ……… but…War is war……………………….. bottom line…….. BD is in on some very deep and controversial political issues, and their power structures……….. his activities and long range business goals are recognized and shared by others in a similar position …… BD got a problem solved and received concessions ……… he has done his part up to this point ………… now others will do theirs in an effort to solve a problem ………. thats how it is……… CRD, watch this interview…

          because of things talked about here……….. Burwell attempts repeatedly to trap Matheny into admitting he knew he had the Job prior to the interview process………. and watch Matheny consciously avoid the trickery knowing the significance of a slip up………. again…bottom line…..I back DeWitt in this….it won’t matter much in 2012 is why………in the future, who knows……….it isn’t about baseball…..

  4. blingboy says:

    Was Epstein serious about wanting to put a giant jumbotron in Wrigley?

    Are the Reds serious about going with Rolen again?

  5. blingboy says:

    Marlins new stadium:

    “Though the wall is a normal 340 feet in left field, it increases to 384 feet in left-center and then 420 feet in the “Bermuda Triangle” of deep left-center, before coming back in a bit to 416 feet in centerfield.”

    Albert probably stuffed his pockets with hors d’oeuvres and got out of there.

  6. Brian Walton says:

    Note: The full 2012 Cardinals spring schedule has been announced.

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