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Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2011-2012 off-season

NOTE: This version of the roster matrix is no longer current. It reflects the changes from the end of the 2011 World Series until the announcement of spring training invitations. It should now be considered a historical reference document. For the active roster matrix covering 2012 spring training, click here.

With the 2011-2012 free agent period underway, it is time for another refresh of the St. Louis Cardinals system roster matrix. This version will reflect the changes made from the conclusion of the World Series until 2012 spring training. The previous matrix reflects the rosters as they evolved from the start of short-season ball through the end of 2011 play.

If you are new to the blog and not familiar with the Cardinals organization roster matrix, here is quick summary:

After eight major league and seven minor leaguers declared free agency following the season, the St. Louis Cardinals had 278 players under contract from top to bottom, including 33 players on the 40-man roster. The matrix places each one at his current assigned level in the system based on his placement at the end of the season as well as by position. It is kept updated daily or as transactions occur.

Nowhere else will you find this current and comprehensive single-page view of the entire Cardinals organization.

Don’t be concerned about the order of the players’ names within a team. It doesn’t signify anything.

The players on the 40-man roster are called out in bold.

The short-season pitchers are broken out into returnees and summer 2011 signees.

At the end is a group of currently inactive and unassigned players.

Free agents are listed, but are not included in the system-wide totals. As they sign, their organization will be noted.

Full team rosters and player profiles at The Cardinal Nation

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Looking ahead and back

Now that you’ve found this page once, remember one of three ways to get back here. Bookmark the page, type “Roster Matrix” in the dark blue search box at the upper right or use the dropdown menu at the top of the page: “Players/Staff” > “Depth Charts/Roster Matrix”.

For details behind past rosters and transactions, check out the earlier versions of the Cardinals organization roster matrix as follows.

Link to previous matrices: Jan–March 2009, April 2009, May 2009, June 2009, July 2009-February 2010, Spring camp 2010, Opening season 2010, First half 2010, Short-season 2010, 2010-11 Off-season, 2011 spring training, 2011 regular season, 2011 short-season


11/9: New matrix. Organization total: 278 players. GCL RHR Richard Mendoza released. New total: 277 players.

11/11: Seven released: Mem RHP Bryan Augenstein, Spr OFs Jim Rapoport, D’Marcus Ingram, PB OF Edgar Lara, QC P Cale Johnson, Bat P Manuel De La Cruz, C Kevin Moscatel. New total: 270 players.

11/17: PB RHS Arquimedes Nieto released. New total: 269 players.

11/18: Three added to 40-man roster: RHS Adam Ottavino, RHR Chuckie Fick, LHR Sam Freeman.

11/27: JC 3B Hector Garcia released. New total: 268 players.

12/8: Rule 5 draft: OF Erik Komatsu (Was) onto 40-man. LHR Barret Browning (LAA), RHS Shooter Hunt (Min) to Mem. Taken were Spr C Charlie Cutler (Pit), PB SS Domnit Bolivar (Mil), Bat RHS Javier Avendano (Tor).

12/10: Free agent SS Rafael Furcal re-signs with StL. New total: 269 players.

12/12: IF Ryan Theriot non-tendered, becomes free agent. New total: 268 players.

12/15: LHR J.C. Romero signed to StL. New total: 269 players.

12/18: RHR Hector Corpas released. New total: 268 players.

12/21: LHR R.J. Swindle and 2B/OF Eugenio Velez signed to minor league deals. New total: 270 players.

12/22: Free agent OF Carlos Beltran came to terms on a two-year contract. New total: 271 players.

01/12: C Koyie Hill signed to minor league deal. New total: 272 players.

01/15: QC IF Jason Stidham retired. New total: 271 players.

01/23: PB P Justin Smith retired. Bat OF Victor Encarnacion released. RHP Cole Springer signed. C Adam Lewis invited to minors camp as a tryout player. Both assigned to Batavia on matrix.

The St. Louis Cardinals Organization Roster Matrix (effective 01/23/12)

25-man (NA) 40-man (39)
C Carpenter Boggs Molina Berkman Schumaker Furcal Freese Holliday
Lohse McClellan T Cruz Hamilton
Descalso T Greene M Carpenter Jay
Westbrook Sanchez Anderson

Kozma Cox Craig
Wainwright Motte

Ja Garcia (L) Rzepczynski (L)

Dickson Lynn

Komatsu (R5)


S Freeman (L)

Romero (L)
Free agents (15) not incl in total
Majors (new org)
E Jackson (Type B offered, declined) Dotel (Type B Det) Laird (Det) Pujols (Type A LAA) Furcal (StL) Punto (Bos) Patterson
Rhodes (L Type B not offered)
Minors (new org)
Rundles (L) Bynum Solano (Mia) Stavinoha (Japan)
Lyman Duncan (KC) Jones (Cin)
Memphis (16)
Additon (L) Marte Derba Velez Cazana
Broderick Rauschenberger S Hill
Blazek Parise K Hill
Hunt Todd
Browning (L)
Swindle (L)
Springfield (23)
Gast (L) Delgado Tartamella Adams Jo Garcia R Jackson Curtis Pham
Gorgen Swagerty A Perez Swauger
McGregor Greenwood (L) Luna
S Miller Samuel
Kelly Schneider
Thomas Rada
Hooker Rondon
Palm Beach (22)
Fornataro Corrigan L DeLaCruz Scruggs Obregon N Vasquez Conley
Lyons (L) Reid Stock G Garcia Ahmady R Rosario
C Martinez Butler S Rodriguez Melker
Siegrist (L) Calhoun (L)
Ri Castillo Simpson
Wright (L)
Quad Cities (32)
Russell Lucas Espinoza V Sanchez Lu Mateo Gil J Rodriguez Longmire
Whiting Kiekhefer (L) Stanley Bergman Elkins Edmondson
Bibona (L) Maness Klein Walsh Swinson
Blair De Jesus Teran Wong Taveras
A Ferrara (L) Nazario (L) Keener
Rosenthal Edwards (L)
Copeland (L)
H Hernamdez (L)
Batavia (31+2)
P P(2011 added) C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Y Castillo Miranda (L) Rasmus D Medina Stienstra Wittels Patton Martini
Almarante Cole J Castillo R Ruiz C Valera Rbto Reyes
Daugherty (L) Tra Miller Lewis (TO) Cerreto Albitz V Hill
R Martinez Cornelius (L) O’Neill
Mijares (L) McInnis Williams (SL)
S Watson (L) Baker
Bileckyj (L)
Sherriff (L)
Johnson City (36)
P P(2011 added) C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Jenkins Mills Byrd Washington Rahmatulla M Williams R DeLaCruz Apelian
Pasen Hald (L) Montero B Valera Pritchard Ro Castillo
Santana Gillung (L) Martin An Garcia
Canache Billbrough S Ramos
B Freeman (L) Creath Bergin
Bautista Wyatt Tilson
Nuernberg Rein (L)
E Hiraldo Costantino
J Lucas Melling (L)
Revesz (L)
Nadeau (L)
Gulf Coast (25)
P P(2011 added) C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
Aguilar B Watson Velazco Knox Le Mateo Peoples-Walls Tuivailala Jeffries
Brand L Perez Vargas Argenal
DeLeon Ehrlich McElroy
Toribio Dodd
A Tapia Bryant
S Lopez Deol
Villanueva (L)
B Martinez
DSL (38+1)
Salazar A DeLaCruz (L) Baez Mejia Rblys Reyes Pina Agustin Araujo
Escudero A Gonzalez (RL) J Gomez R Medina R Garcia Capellan
Perdomo Ceballo L Cruz Barbuena Celestino
S Garcia F Gonzalez Godoy E Alvarez J Pena
Paredes F Flores Torres
DeLosSantos I Brito D Diaz
Jh Polanco D Rodriguez (L) Acevedo
Negrette (L) JC DeLaCruz
D Perez (L) Gerdel
Unassigned (6)
P P C 1B 2B SS 3B OF
M Harris (MIL) P Vasquez (RL)
Eager (RL)
Patterson (RL)
Novak (RL)
Mulligan (RL)

(I): injured
(TI): temporary inactive list
(SL): suspended list
(RL): restricted list
(MIL): military list
(TO): tryout player not under contract
(L) left-handed pitcher
bold: on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster
(#+#) number of active players on the roster plus number of inactive/not under contract (DL+TI+SL+RL+MIL+TO) players

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61 Responses to “Cardinals organization roster matrix: 2011-2012 off-season”

  1. blingboy says:

    I had another comment that disappeared.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Congrats to Nick Stavinoha for signing with Houston, his hometown. He could play 1B or LF or RF and collect 500 at bats in the awful Astros lineup, make a ML salary, and earn time toward retirement. Great move.
    Often, guys who do well at AAA need enough at bats to transition into the majors. Allen Craig is one of many examples. Limited to pinch-hitting early in 2010, he could not buy a hit and got sent down. In 2011, he got more at bats and was able to get comfortable at a ML level. In recent years, we have seen similar examples with Schumaker, Ludwick, Chris Duncan, etc.
    This has relevance for someone like Tyler Greene too. If you can dominate at Memphis, as he did in 2011, you can hold your own in the majors.

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    Congrats to Darryl Jones for getting a job offer from Cinci. It can take a kid 7+ years in the minors, after high school. Jones is not the new Kenny Lofton, because not a big basestealer. But if the Reds had some ML OFs suffer injuries, Jones could provide depth.

    Its an indicator of health that the Cards can sign amateurs and after they earn their freedom as free agents, other teams give them jobs. Jobs are a welcome thing nowadays, even for jocks.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      The Cards parted company with AAA CF Rapoport, AA CF Ingram, and A+ OF Lara. These guys are not bad players. Any might be signed by another system. It seems like the Cards are thinning their minor league depth, to allow more playing time for others.

      • Brian Walton says:

        Yes, there have been eight releases in total. A bit interesting since OF depth is an open issue at Memphis. I have all the details in an article on the front page of the main site. (A minor point. Rapoport had been demoted to Springfield.)

        • JumboShrimp says:

          Agreed Rapoport had been demoted, but he has played adequately for AAA and could have been retained, if the Cards wanted the depth.
          One reason to let a few guys go now could be to give them a head start to sign with another system, a positive for them.
          For AAA OF, there may be Chambers, Robinson, Cazana, Luna among possibilities. Chambers could use a 2nd season of AAA training.

          • Brian Walton says:

            Run producers are noticeably absent. Even with Stavi and Brown, the 2010 Redbirds offense was among the worst in the PCL. Outside help may be needed.

            • blingboy says:

              One of the things I’ve been wondering about is Zack Cox. He has a contract so the Cards can’t dawdle. Seems like he hit ok in the Texas league, but a lot of guys do. One question is: Is he a third baseman or not? And even if he is, what does that do for us? Assuming he will be at Memphis this year, producing runs, will he be tried at another position?

              Also, Adams should be producing runs there too. If Albert stays, what do we do with him?

              I don’t know if either one has OF potential. But I guess that might depend on how the stick develops at AAA.

              In any case, trade value would be enhanced if they got ML experience and did well, but fitting them in seems problematic. I just hope we’re not all excited about more Wallaces. The Astros only have so many openings.

            • JumboShrimp says:

              The Memphis park tends to have the low scoring for the pcl. This helps pitchers, while the hitters hold up pretty well when promoted to the majors. Cazana, Luna, Hamilton, Anderson, Hill, Luna, Adams, Cox, repeats for Matt Carpenter, Chambers, Robinson, and Kozma could provide offense. And perhaps a AAA free agent could be recruited.

  4. blingboy says:

    Here’s a blurb from Baseball America on Daryl Jones

    “The Cardinals had high hopes for their ’05 third-rounder Daryl Jones, but the athletic outfielder stalled at Double-A with too little range or instincts for center and too little power for a corner. The 24-year-old batted .263/.353/.389 over 1,168 plate appearances for Springfield, where he spent the bulk of the past four seasons.”

    I saw where Stavinoah’s minor league deal includes an invite to major league ST camp. If he has a hot spring he could get a chance like Wallace got. Hopefully he’ll make more of it.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Jones also received a big-league camp invite, I am told. His St. Louis future may have been foreshadowed when he was omitted from their 2011 Media Guide. 😉

      • blingboy says:

        I take it he was in the media guide previously. Wow, what a kick in the nads to open it up and find out you’ve been left out. We’ll have to remember to look for who is omitted this year.

        • RCWarrior says:

          A 2005 draft class member was Daryl Jones, and in the Cardinals organization that was the kiss of death. You had to be a mental monster to put up with the stuff those guys have had to put up with. If he isn’t too damaged in the head he will have a chance now that he is free of the Cardinals and Tony’s power. I can tell you most of those guys now hate the game because of what they have had to endure. Wrong place at the wrong time. Luhnow’s first draft class.

          • Brian Walton says:

            Some ballplayers just don’t have what it takes. I find it hard to believe that Jones’ failings in Double-A and Triple-A were caused by anyone in St. Louis. Jones really had only one standout season, back in 2008. Otherwise, it was years of unmet potential.

            Apparently, Jaime Garcia is tougher than most – or this is being over-exaggerated…

            • RCWarrior says:

              See Penn State………who would have ever thought that Joe Paterno would have been part of such a scandel? Why do you think that stuff was kept quiet for so long? Because of Jo Pa’s power and status as a HOF type of guy.

              Don’t think that TLR is above doing things underhanded to get his way or make a point.
              Over-exaggerated? Probably not. 🙂

              • Brian Walton says:

                I understand the environment to which you refer but cannot assess how widespread any impact might have been on large numbers of players. As such, I am not ready to blame any failures of minor league prospects on the major league manager, nor in all fairness would the manager receive my praise for prospects that achieve or overachieve against their potential.

                The tragedies at Penn State, while newsworthy, are irrelevant to the Cardinals and Daryl Jones as a prospect.

                • RCWarrior says:

                  But the power of TLR and Joe Paterno do appear to resemble each other…..which was my point. And that much power can mask many injustices.

                  • Brian Walton says:

                    I get that remains your hot button, but you seem to see everything through that particular lens. I am unconvinced that it has much of anything to do with Daryl Jones. If you want to blame someone external for his failures, why not point to Jeff Luhnow and player development? They had much more of an influence on Jones’ seven years as a Cardinals minor leaguer than the major league manager.

                  • JumboShrimp says:

                    RCW, you have been a big fish and “power” with your development of players. But I am not going to assume the worst about what could have gone on at Russell County. This would be unfair to you, so I would not do it. Likewise, TLR deserves the same benefit of the doubt and not to be linked to the Penn State fiasco.

            • blingboy says:

              It’s sad when a venerable sports franchise comes on hard times due to scandle, and when riteous legends prove less than divine.

              It’s not just in sports, anywhere a revered and iconic figure gathers too much power no good will come of it most times.

          • JumboShrimp says:

            TLR would play his great-grandmother, if she helped win games. do not think TLR would care about “draft classes.” If he did, he hated 2004 which produced nothing a lot more than 2005, which brought up Rasmus fast, Garcia, Stavinoha. Greene could get more play next year. Anderson could reach the majors, somewhere if not here. The 2005 bias is unconvincing, if one looks across other years.

        • Brian Walton says:

          bb, I added a smiley face above. I imagine it was just an honest mistake. Guys on the 40-man and those with MLB camp invites are listed in a different section of the book from the minor leaguers. Jones was dropped from the former and not re-added to the latter.

  5. blingboy says:

    Nobody seems to be very high on Oquendo for the manager job. And I don’t think he’s gotten any attention from elsewhere either. Seems like he’d learn a lot working for TLR all that time and would get a chance somewhere.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Oquendo has received looks in past years for at least three other managerial jobs, but obviously, he was not hired. If passed over this time, he probably needs to move elsewhere to increase his visibility and future opportunities. He apparently does not want to manage in the minors, but that seems the most glaring weakness on his resume. I wonder if Maloney was hired if Jose would want to manage Memphis? Then again, that would block a deserving Pop Warner from moving up. I wonder what more Oquendo could achieve by being a bench coach, 3B coach or infield instructor at the MLB level with another organization. He is still young enough to get better positioned elsewhere if he doesn’t get TLR’s job.

    • RCWarrior says:

      I see Jose as a great infield instructor, but in my mind he is not a managerial candidate. I see most of Tony’s staff as great workers but probably not guys who would be great leaders. Tony has run everything to the point where these guys probably didn’t do much thinking for themselves and would be subsequently not qualified to lead a group of ML players.

      Dave Duncan gets big time credit for developing and fixing pitchers but no credit for managing the game situations. Tony gets total credit for the genius that is the pitching moves. Heck, I know Tony positioned the outfielders. He controled it all. The other guys were worker bees. 🙂

    • friendmouse says:

      I’m high on Oquendo, but I guess that makes me a nobody. 🙂
      I would think that if Oquendo seriously didn’t have the right stuff, then the FO would either have told him that 3B coach is as high as he’s going, or else they would have encouraged him to go elsewhere if he was determined to be a Manager. Since it seems neither of those happened, that perhaps he does have the potential to manage. And if he does, would there ever be a better time for the FO to give him the job to see how he does? He could keep all the existing coaches, and replace himself with one of the “M’s”. With DD by his side, he could pretty much put it on cruise control. I mean, he could not possibly come up with a lineup that TLR had not already tried! 🙂 Likely, our personnel will be much the same as our WS-winning team, and the “karma” could stay intact.
      So, what am I missing? Something, I’m sure.

      • Brian Walton says:

        My guess is that TLR wanted Jose to stay. Because he did not get a head job elsewhere and he was holding out hope he could succeed TLR, he remained. All along, the front office let him interview for any MLB managerial openings for which he was a candidate, but it is not reasonable to expect they would have pre-determined if he would or would not be the future StL manager and told him that in advance. Things are rarely that cut and dried.

        • Kansasbirdman says:

          Sorry this is late. Been out deer hunting, then sick.
          But, I thought Jose Oq was a manager for the dominican league and lead his team to the championship game there. Does that count as a minor league type managerial assignment?

  6. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Matheny will be announced Monday. The real problem for Sandberg in Chicago? They must break the connection to players of the snakebite Cubs. This has to be done during a very difficult transition period. The Cubs have to get rid of many many bad contracts. It is really very likely, they they will make a hiring similar to the Cardinals. Use a very controlled, and disposable young coach. Sandberg will eventually coach that team I would think. Epstein is there to break the curse. No small task.
    No one knows how stable Dave Duncan is at this point. His wife is very ill and counting down. There may be grace somewhere in all this. He will be very influential if there is a graceful transition. I thinking Mo will be keeping this very simple for at least that reason.

    The very comprehensive interview of Oquendo was very likely to be a vetting of sorts, just to see if he retains any of Tony’s prejudices and influences concerning the joggers. I believe they will attempt to set Greene on a course to become the SS. They may want a different influence. Oquendo said as much in his comments.

    Read more:

    • RCWarrior says:

      I’m interested to see if you are right regarding Matheny.

      Greene may get a shot or he may have gone the way of some others and want clear of St. Louis. We’ll see soon enough.

      I agree about Oquendo, I just don’t see how he has a snowballs chance of getting that job because he would be expected to carry on the things that TLR has allowed the chosen few to do. It may be tough for Jose to maintain the same type of control. Carp loved Tony…I’m not sure he will be an Oquendo supporter.

      • crdswmn says:

        I don’t really have a horse in the managerial race. The FO will pick whomever they believe will foster the philosophy they want–whatever that is. My issues with TLR were more about him as a person than his on field managing. Some of his ways did irritate me, but I learned to live with them. So as long as we don’t get a TLR type personality, I’m fine with whomever they pick.

        Whether or not the chosen few are happy with the new manager matters not to me. I like Carp as a pitcher, but his personal comfort with the managerial situation is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. I suspect his competitive nature will keep him pitching to the best of his ability regardless of personal concerns. If not, then he is not who I thought he was.

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        Its Matheny. Mo is the WChamp GM going into the meetings. Everyone will be watching. Everyone having an opinion. These appearances will have an influence on the “prepared Market” for teams not necessarily involved in this matter…….. He must show “control” of his own house to continue with the master plan……….. He will take center stage with the announcement on the eve…………….turning the market loose as it concerns AP. We really have no pressing needs there. Furcal is the only “player in waiting” ………….. signing him will be signaling something????????? Thats for you to decide……..

        The factor here is……no matter what you think of TLR’s methodology…….he was in a long protracted battle with BD/Mo…………..he was given a chance to die the good death……….and did…… would never have seen the Furcal move with certain understandings. He was tethered from that point on……….what BD does without this struggle isn’t a certainty…………..there are many ways of running a team……..and now he does………the models for contract structures and organizational propaganda supporting player values have just changed……….. some teams take that revenue money and just bank it……relying on there scouting and minor league systems to produce values to be harvested……….and traded ……… by 2013 you will begin to notice………the first test is Furcal/Green………. Furcal and agent are fully aware of there situation…….they have been open for business……… AP……they now await the Cardinals to set the market……. if we delay…..playing the dead pool strategy……he will sign elsewhere and we will go with Greene into ST………. we will soon display our new “character”……………….. an aside……I thought Greene had matured in his plate appearances in Sept………… he didn’t play the field…….but I recognized growth………if the improved team climate has a positive effect……….kid my be a property…….????? have a feeling they will look.

  7. blingboy says:

    Why did DD ask for a two year contract last year rather than moving in lockstep with Tony? The answer is he didn’t. Mo wanted DD for two years anticipating that Tony would not be back and Matheny would take over. Dave’s experience would be invaluable to MIke. Of course, the cover that DD wanted the two was accepted without question. Well done Mo, Bill.

    It takes the rest of us a while, Westy.

    • Brian Walton says:

      That is not the way I remember it. (Hmmm…. Did Jumbo hack bb’s id?) 😉

      • blingboy says:

        It’s really me, Brian. I took off my tinfoil hat for a moment and had a revelation. It was scary. All better now.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        I think there are a variety of candidates who are selectable. Its not a simple choice.

        Francona has a managerial trackrecord. If Mike Maddux is preferred in Chicago, then it might be hard to bypass Terry.
        Its hard to pass Oquendo. He has served us well, as player and coach. He has managed for Puerto Rico. We have championed him to other teams. We have more Spanish speaking players in the minors, and coaches, aptly. Pujols, Molina, Furcal, Dotel just helped win a WS. What is wrong with a Latin skipper? Nothing.
        Matheny has virtues too.
        Any of these three seem strong.

        I would be surprised by selection of Sandberg. Molony deserves to be interviewed, being the AAA manager, but its hard to see him ahead of Francona or Oquendo.
        I do not know enough about McEwings selling points. He’s probably good, but what would move him ahead of the top 3?

      • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

        All Dave’s 2nd yr option did was fix the price………….another smart move by BD….. Tony and Dave payed themselves for the games they endured………… Dave makes serious money……. Bernie’s article today was off center……….in a number of ways……..

  8. blingboy says:

    Shouldn’t Theriot be listed under 2B rather than SS on the matrix?

    It’s unnerving not seeing Albert’s name on the 40 man.

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