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Rains’ new book on 2011 Cardinals season now available

The accomplished author, educator and radio host Rob Rains has released a new book. Not surprisingly, the subject is the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals.

This new print book and instant eBook, Wild Cards: The St. Louis Cardinals Stunning 2011 Championship Season, is now available through the Triumph Books website and, digitally on the iBookstore, the Kindle Store and, and in bookstores for $14.95.

With full-color action photos, detailed accounts of every Cardinals postseason game, and profiles of Albert Pujols, David Freese, and other stars, this commemorative keepsake is ideal for any Cardinals fan, whether for yourself or as a gift.

For those not familiar with Rains’ work, he is the author or coauthor of 30 books. They include biographies of Albert Pujols, Tony La Russa, Mark McGwire, Ozzie Smith and Jack Buck. His McGwire bio was a New York Times bestseller.

In full disclosure, Rob is also a friend of mine, but that is coincidental. His stellar reputation established from years of solid reporting and top-notch writing stands on its own.

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25 Responses to “Rains’ new book on 2011 Cardinals season now available”

  1. blingboy says:

    That the way baseball go.

    Pop quiz, any guesses who says that?

  2. blingboy says:

    “Life goes on and there’s always next year, after all. As Washington says, That the way baseball go.”

  3. blingboy says:

    There’s a pretty good argument stated by Bernie today that Mo and Luhnow will want to move their people up from the minors onto the major league coaching staff. And that a young and grateful newbie manager would be easier to push around than a Francona or somebody like that.

    Wonder how DD is at changing diapers.

  4. HBTexas says:

    Hey kids! Thought I’d poke my head in here after a long absence and say hello. Quite an exciting year to be a Cards fan, wasn’t it? Even more exciting days ahead as we find out what happens with Albert, who replaces Tony, and what direction the team takes under new field management.

    Really surprised to see RC posting. I’d heard rumors he’d been traded to The BlueJay Nation blog for a hitting instructor/chemistry teacher to be named later. Must not have been true.

    Also heard rumors that crdswmn had been writing for Redbird Rants… doing a regular piece called “Rants In My Pants”… but that may just be a vicious lie I just thought up! 🙂 I’m sure she is heartbroken that TLR has retired. My condolences, madam.

    Read back a couple days and saw most of the old gang. Westy stomping off, pouting, again… smart money says he will be back like Arnold in the Terminator. Jumbo still making sense, and would expect no less. CC poking an elbow or two in Westy’s ribs… bling exercising that deadly keen sense of humor… Nutlaw with the stats, and Brian… still the handsomest, most eruidite man hosting TCNB!!

    Greetings one and all!

  5. crdswmn says:

    Hey HB, good to see ya. Still as misguided as ever I hope. 🙂

  6. blingboy says:

    “Moyer, who turns 49 later this month, is a free agent and has thrown for scouts twice recently, including Thursday in San Diego. . . So far, the left-hander is getting rave reviews.”

    Mo’s shopping list is Rick, Todd and Jamie. How sweet would that be.

    U snooze u lose Mo.

    • Bw52 says:

      BB-Ankeil and Moyer………………………………….Just say no to Rick.Jamie at 49…………………………surely the Cards can find somebody who isn`t getting applications from AARP.

      • blingboy says:

        We had a roster spot for Patterson, I’d have rather had Rick. We need a 5th outfielder, one who is a good defensive replacement. And we won’t have Tony trotting him out there bumping the guys who are producing. Besides, every single game would present the possibility of seeing something truly astonishing.

        I imagine we’ll have enough contenders for the rotation, but Jamie has won more games since his 40th birthday than everybody on our rotation has in their career, except Carp, and he’s only ahead by about a dozen. Besides, guys come back from TJ better than ever. 🙂

        And don’t dis Coffey, just don’t.


        Don’t you have guys you’d want on the team just because you would?

  7. blingboy says:

    The 9 teams with the highest team WAR for 2011 consisted of the 8 post-season teams and the Red Sox.

    1. Texas, +60.6
    2. New York, +59.9
    3. Boston, +59.5
    4. Philadelphia, +51.6
    5. Milwaukee, +51.0
    6. St. Louis, +48.6
    7. Detroit, +48.0
    8. Arizona, +47.4
    9. Tampa Bay, +46.1

    Obviouly, we want to be in the top 8 next year. So one way to look at assembling a roster is to make sure we replace whatever WAR we lose. Another way is to look at bumping low WAR fringe guys, trying to improve by a point here and there. Of course, its not really possible to know what guys like Freese and Craig will contribute next year. It depends a lot on how much playing time they get.

    If any of you wonks have the time and inclination, I invite you to expand on this a bit for the benefit of the rest of us.

    It looks like the playoff format did a pretty good job of getting the best teams into the post-season tournament. Only Boston got screwed which is as it should be.

  8. blingboy says:

    We will have to see how the moves Mo makes this winter affect the team’s odds of winning the 2012 WS, now standing at 14/1.

    Philadelphia Phillies 4/1 20.0% 14.2%
    New York Yankees 13/2 13.3% 9.5%
    Boston Red Sox 8/1 11.1% 7.9%
    Texas Rangers 12/1 7.7% 5.5%
    Detroit Tigers 14/1 6.7% 4.7%
    St. Louis Cardinals 14/1 6.7% 4.7%
    San Francisco Giants 16/1 5.9% 4.2%
    Tampa Bay Rays 18/1 5.3% 3.7%
    Atlanta Braves 18/1 5.3% 3.7%
    Arizona Diamondbacks 20/1 4.8% 3.4%
    Milwaukee Brewers 22/1 4.3% 3.1%
    Chicago Cubs 25/1 3.8% 2.7%
    Cincinnati Reds 25/1 3.8% 2.7%
    Colorado Rockies 25/1 3.8% 2.7%
    Los Angeles Angels 25/1 3.8% 2.7%
    Los Angeles Dodgers 30/1 3.2% 2.3%
    Florida Marlins 30/1 3.2% 2.3%
    Chicago White Sox 30/1 3.2% 2.3%
    Washington Nationals 30/1 3.2% 2.3%
    Oakland Athletics 35/1 2.8% 2.0%
    Toronto Blue Jays 35/1 2.8% 2.0%
    Minnesota Twins 35/1 2.8% 2.0%
    New York Mets 35/1 2.8% 2.0%
    Cleveland Indians 50/1 2.0% 1.4%
    Seattle Mariners 60/1 1.6% 1.2%
    Pittsburgh Pirates 60/1 1.6% 1.2%
    San Diego Padres 75/1 1.3% 0.9%
    Baltimore Orioles 75/1 1.3% 0.9%
    Kansas City Royals 75/1 1.3% 0.9%
    Houston Astros 100/1 1.0% 0.7%

  9. blingboy says:

    One last thing. In talking about various scenarios that might play out over the next couple years, it’s been mentioned that Holliday could shift to right field. Good god.

    That would mean defensive downgrades at both corner spots.

  10. crdswmn says:

    I take everything said by anybody in the Cardinals organization (including players) in the public with a jaundiced eye. I look forward with great interest at what develops over the next year. An entire change in direction than what we had during the LaRussa years would not be surprising. Whether it is good or bad remains to be seen.

  11. crdswmn says:

    OMG. Bob Forsch died last night. Whoa.

    Don’t know the details yet.

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