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Cardinals World Series offensive records

With only four runs scored by the St. Louis Cardinals through the first two games of the 2011 World Series, the offensive eruption I had expected has not yet come to pass.

With the Series shifting to Arlington for Games 3, 4 and 5 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, that may change.

In preparation, researcher Tom Orf pulled the list of the Cardinals World Series leaders in a number of offensive categories. We’ll check back after the Series to see if any of these records are broken.

St. Louis Cardinals, offensive leaders, single World Series, team history

Hits Yr # 2B Yr # HR Yr #
Brock 1968 13 Hafey 1930 5 Brock 1968 2
Martin 1931 12 Martin 1931 4 Walker 2004 2
Brock 1967 12 L.Smith 1982 4 Boyer 1964 2
Medwick 1934 11 Iorg 1982 4 Cepeda 1968 2
McCarver 1964 11 Musial 1946 4 McGee 1982 2
Martin 1934 11
Collins 1934 11 3B Yr # RBI Yr #
Thevenow 1926 10 McCarver 1968 2 Hernandez 1982 8
Southworth 1926 10 Maris 1967 7
McGee 1987 10 Boyer 1964 6
Maris 1967 10 Cepeda 1968 6
Bottomley 1926 10 L.Bell 1926 6
Rothrock 1934 6
Walker 1946 6
Walks Yr # Sacrifices Yr # SF Yr #
McCarver 1964 5 Moore 1942 3 Matheny 2004 2
Pujols 2006 5 Marion 1946 3 Oquendo 1987 1
Sanders 1944 5 Moore 1946 2 O’Farrell 1926 1
Hernandez 1982 4 Rothrock 1934 2 McCarver 1964 1
Walker 1946 4 Hopp 1942 2 McCarver 1967 1
Musial 1946 4 Taguchi 2006 2 Maris 1967 1
Slaughter 1946 4 Hafey 1926 2 Herr 1982 1
Musial 1942 4 Alexander 1926 2 Boyer 1964 1
Groat 1964 4 L.Bell 1926 1
Maxvill 1967 4 Douthit 1930 1
O.Smith 1985 4 Adams 1930 1
Sanders 2004 4 Rolen 2004 1
Frisch 1928 1

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54 Responses to “Cardinals World Series offensive records”

  1. Bw52 says:

    Brian-how about a list of the Cards worst hitters in a Series and worst pitching performances.I wonder if Cards have anybody close to Gil Hodges o for 21 for the Dodgers in the 1950`s? Whats the Cards worst 0-for series ABs?

  2. blingboy says:

    Article about ‘the Hill’ neighborhood where Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola grew up.

    • Bw52 says:

      BB-in the Stan Musial book-a american life -Branch Rickey signed Joe Gariagola (spelling) and decided that Yogi Berra wasn`t worth signing after a tryout.Rickey screwed the pooch on that deal.

    • Kansasbirdman says:

      The Hill, home of “toasted” ravioli. Mmmmmmmmmmm. We aren’t Italian, but my mom grew up in Kirkwood, near there.

      One thing you can’t get around here is good St. Louis style Pizza. Thin crust, square cut and salzitsa sausage. 🙂

  3. blingboy says:

    I wonder if John Abbamondi will move up the food chain in San Diego with Hoyer and an asst. GM leaving for Chicago?

  4. Bw52 says:

    Some of the all-time worst hitters in Cards Ws history
    player year AB H BA
    Dal Maxvill 1968 22 0 .000
    Scott Rolen 2004 15 0 .000
    Jim Edmonds 2004 15 1 .067
    Ronnie Belliard 2006 12 0 .000
    Ozzie Smith 1985 23 2 .087
    Taylor Douthit 1928 11 1 .091
    Tom Lawless 1987 10 1 .100
    Orlando Cepeda 1967 29 3 .103
    Marty Marion 1942 18 2 .111
    Bill White 1964 27 3 .111
    Tim McCarver 1967 24 3 .125
    Cesar Cedeno 1985 15 2 .133
    Darrell Porter 1985 15 2 .133
    Terry Moore 1946 27 4 .148
    Dal Maxvill 1967 19 3 .155
    Tom Herr 1985 26 4 .158
    Harry Walker 1943 18 3 .167

  5. Nutlaw says:

    Berkman DHing. At least now I can hopefully stop cringing every time I hear someone suggest that Holliday would DH or, worse, that Craig would DH. Lance clearly has some people fooled…

    • LarryBird says:

      I think some talking heads just figured since Holliday was hurt recently he would DH. They have no clue! Being a DH is a very hard thing to do. Tony is going to ask the Vets what they want to do each game and that is what is going to happen!

      • Nutlaw says:

        I did read that over on the main site. And that’s just great. What I really want is players deciding where they are going to play rather than the manager choosing the best defensive alignment. Maybe Berkman wants to play shortstop while he’s at it…

        • JumboShrimp says:

          Nutlaw, the players happen to want to win more than you wish them to. So yes, it is good for the players to provide input.

          • Bw52 says:

            Jumbo-good point.The manager doesn`t have to agree to the input.That probably rubs some fans the wrong way.

            • JumboShrimp says:

              One of the commonplace dopey fallacies or vainglorious conceits of fans today is to think they know more about the game than those who play it, because they have heard about some great new statistic that explains everything.
              The players make the statistics, not so much the other way around.

              • crdswmn says:

                Those damn fans, baseball doesn’t need them.

                • JumboShrimp says:

                  It is revealing for Nutlaw to disclose he thinks players are pawns, without minds. He imagine Lance wants to play SS. He chooses to think the worst of Berkman.
                  TLR is smart. He wants input from everyone, to shape the best gameplan. This does not promise a win, since baseball has a great variety of variables. Yet you want to go with your collective best intelligence, including that from scouts and your team-mates. Its all about being a team!

                  • Nutlaw says:

                    What are you talking about?

                    Baseball players, as with many people in many areas of life, want to contribute and aren’t usually terribly objective in their own ability to do so. Lots of players don’t want to take days off to rest. Lots of pitchers don’t want to come out of the game. Many players want to play defensive positions that are too challenging for them, particularly those who refuse to acknowledge a degradation of their skills with age.

                    Theriot still believes that he’s a great shortstop, from all of the quotes that I’ve ever read from him. The Cardinals played to his ego until it simply became unbearable. It cost them in the standings to wait so long.

                    Talking to players is fine. Letting them make decisions is not. They have the right players at the right positions tonight, so I’m happy.

                    • JumboShrimp says:

                      Berkman is not going to ask to play SS. That is just your fantasy.

                      “The Cardinals played to Theriot’s ego” is another mistake. Actually, the Cards dealt off Ryan and acquired Theriot for him to play SS. This has nothing to do with Theriot’s ego or catering to it. It was a cold simple business decision.
                      Theriot is not a very good SS. It is however his responsbility to try to defend SS. Accordingly, because it is a job he gets paid $3MM to discharge, he goes out there and battles. We want our guys to think they can get the job done. We want warriors not whiners. Theriot is a warrior. Good.

                      Ozzie Smith thought he could still play well at age 41. Walt did not agree and traded for Royce Clayton. It takes great drive and determination to become an elite SS. Some ego goes with the territory. There is nothing wrong with Theriot having some self condidence.

                    • Nutlaw says:

                      Jumbo, obviously Berkman doesn’t want to play SS. I know that you understand hyperbole.

                      La Russa leaving Theriot at SS instead of sliding him over to 2B at times early in the season, especially when superior defenders such as Nick Punto were in the game, was done to cater to Theriot’s ego and was clearly not done to improve the team’s defensive capability. It’s a bad way to manage. Leaving Berkman to stumble around the outfield while the younger and more mobile Craig DHed would have similiarly bad.

                    • JumboShrimp says:

                      Nutlaw, what you call ego, a player might call self-esteem. Its ok for people to try to have self-esteem, whatever any walk of life. Do you agree?

                      Allen Craig and Lance Berkman are both first basemen. Its their best position, defensively. Both men have chosen to try to help out at other positions, given the incumbent at 1B.

                      Yes, it is a fact that Craig is younger than Berkman. That is true.

                      Craig does not have enough arm to play 3B, so he is not a strong armed RF. Neither Berkman nor Craig is a proto-typical RF. Ludwick was better suited. Luddy also played a little CF and was pretty good, but none of the 3, Ludwick, Berkman, or Craig is an everyday CF.

                      Punto was out a lot during an injury riddled 2011. I disagree with you that TLR catered to Theriot’s ego. TLR is the boss of the guys in uniform and Theriot is just one guy in a uniform. We deliberately acquired Theriot to play SS and Punto to be a jack of all trades backup. When we got a chance to land much more costly Furcal, he took over at SS and TLR slid Theriot over to 2B against LHPs. TLR cares about winning, not about being intimidated by Theriot’s ego.

                    • Nutlaw says:

                      Probably not intimidated by, just overly sensitive to.

      • RCWarrior says:

        I agree Larry, Tony will allow those guys to pick what they want. Its a cool gig if you can get it. 🙂

  6. LarryBird says:

    A little late to the party here as I am going to respond to the yahoo article by Passan as well as one written in my Peoria Journal Star by Kirk Wessler that said some of the same things.
    I will not defend the veterans for leaving. They should have stayed imho. But to act like the writers are going to destroy the other guys without the veterans around is ridiculous. Jay and Motte can easily hold their own with the media.
    I am still dumbfounded how Albert could be charged with an error. The throw was hooked by Jay who was trying to make a play after catching a one hopper that he almost got to. Albert went after it and it just tipped off his glove as he could not get to it. I am not protecting Albert I am just writing what I saw. The throw went to the plate and Jay should not be charged with an error either as the runner advanced on a fielders choice. The scorers obviously listened to the media as they finally decided an hour after the game to charge Albert with an error. As far as Tony protecting Albert and not calling him out for making an error? Are you CRAZY! Please tell me when Tony has ever called out a player for making an error?

    • RCWarrior says:

      I agree Larry. Jay threw a cutter and it continued to cut away from ALbert. I don’t see how Albert gets an error on that particular play.

    • RCWarrior says:

      Tony called Brendan out last year for a bad throw on a play where Skip didn’t make the catch and turn two. Skip was given an error and Tony stated that Skip shouldn’t have gotten an error, Brendan should have.

      • LarryBird says:

        When I was thinking of calling out it would have to be a lot harsher like Brendan cost us the game with his physical error. But I can see where some will see that as calling a player out. Coaches do that at all levels. My boy played 1st base in high school and he got a scolding for not catching a ball ten feet over his head from the star shortstop. They took him out of the game and put the star shortstop over there and the kid that replaced the shortstop threw what to me was an easy scoop and the same coach blasted the shortstop for not making the throw. It was hilarious to everyone except the coach.

        • RCWarrior says:

          Surely you’re not equating a high school coach getting onto a player to a ML manager calling one out in a news conference? I have most definitely jumped a player for making a mental mistake but rarely for a physical error. Those are parts of the game and are expected whereas mental mistakes should warrant a little tail chewing. The actual play I’m speaking about was a feed from Brendan to Skip that came in just below his sac and Skip butchered it up. It was clearly a play any, even decent 2B should have handled with ease and as a former middle infielder myself I was embarrassed for Skip for Tony jumping in and trying to save him from a clear error. I thought it was mickey mouse to do that to Brendan but Tony will take care of his pets.

          Unfortunately it sounds like your son’s coach has his pets as well and thats a shame because that type of behavior usually leads to a splintered team and usually it leads to a team that isn’t successful.

          • LarryBird says:

            This happened about 6 years ago as my son is a Junior in college now.My son was a laid back kid who was an OK player. The coach was an assistant who used to yell at kids for making physical errors which I thought was not right. I have no problem with a coach getting on a kid for a mental error. I would not compare this to Larussa but I remembered this and had to write about it as I still chuckle when I think about it. You are right about this team being unsuccessful. They lost a lot of games to teams who were not as talented.

  7. LarryBird says:

    We have the advantage! We have a deeper bench and that starts with Craig at DH!
    I would take anyone on our bench over who the Rangers had in the 1st 2 games.
    They have a better base stealing team but that is a non factor because we have
    Molina. They stole a base on Motte which we would have done also because he gave
    the guy a running lead. How Molina almost got him just speaks volumes for how
    great he is! The bull pen seems to be a wash but I got to give the Starting
    pitching to us because of Carp! I think Nolan Ryan was right that this is over
    after the 6th game. He just picked the wrong team!

  8. LarryBird says:

    I should have said we have a deeper and that starts with Craig! He will play Right and Berkman will DH.

  9. RCWarrior says:

    Here is another article that is pretty hot tempered toward Albert and Tony.

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