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Vote for your Cardinals NLDS roster

The St. Louis Cardinals have several questions when deciding the composition of their roster in the National League Division Series, which starts for them on Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia.

As covered yesterday, the questions of the members of the rotation and its sequence are front and center, but there are also several other important decisions to be made and shared.

The club will be most interested in seeing how the right hand of outfielder Matt Holliday will respond to a cortisone shot he was to have received on Thursday. Even if the news is good, the club’s cleanup hitter may miss game one. If he is unable to go in the first round, Adron Chambers or Shane Robinson could be the possible replacement.

If Holliday can go, they would need another DL-related move to make a change to their reserve in center. Corey Patterson has the veteran stripes but has been very ineffective as a pinch hitter (1-for-18) since joining St. Louis two months ago from Toronto. He hits left-handed as does starter Jon Jay. Chambers offers youthful enthusiasm and some real speed on the basepaths. He hits right-handed like Robinson and the other outfield reserve, Allen Craig. However, without an injury-related roster move, neither September outfield call-up can be playoff eligible.

At shortstop, Rafael Furcal’s hamstring injury would need to be severe enough to put him out for the series to drive a roster change. In that case, Tyler Greene would seem at first blush to be the likely addition. Then again, the Cards could add an outfielder that way. Or, with a number of other options in the middle – Nick Punto, Daniel Descalso, Ryan Theriot and Skip Schumaker – might the Cardinals go with a third catcher instead, Tony Cruz?

Another direction would be for the team to go with a 12th pitcher. Ten seem set (Carpenter, Lohse, Jackson, Garcia, Rzepczynski, Rhodes, Motte, Dotel, McClellan and Salas). That would leave three pitchers for at most two spots – Jake Westbrook, Mitchell Boggs and Eduardo Sanchez. With two position players already banged up, would you risk adding that extra hurler, or is another reliever more important?

Time to vote for your preferences. Please add your thought process in the comments below. Note that rosters may not be disclosed until Saturday.

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If Holliday can’t go, which outfielder would you add?

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If Furcal can’t go, who would you add?

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Would you go with 11 pitchers or 12?

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If you had to leave off a healthy position player for a 12th pitcher, who would it be?

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Who would be your 11th pitcher?

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19 Responses to “Vote for your Cardinals NLDS roster”

  1. Brian Walton says:

    Mo saying McClellan on roster is “highly unlikely” due to a “dead arm” but both Furcal and Holliday are “almost certain.” No formal announcement until Sat AM, but it looks like 11 pitchers. (Report from Matthew Leach)

    • RCWarrior says:

      Thats great to hear. I was worried about Furcal. I’m not certain that TLR won’t balk at leaving McClellan off of the roster. That will be interesting to watch.

  2. crdswmn says:

    That anyone would choose Patterson over Descalso is mind boggling. Patterson is just so awful.

  3. CariocaCardinal says:

    The leaving in of Carpenter for the CG shut out could come back to bite us.

  4. blingboy says:

    If Epstein was our GM Tony would have been gone a few years ago.

    If we win game 1, maybe Carp will get pushed back to game 3.

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      1 day less rest …… 40 pitch BP in between………… he will be fine……won’t be any weight lifting either I’d guess………… wild guess says he asked for it……… if we don’t win one in Philly……who wants to throw the funeral game anyway…………..

      • Brian Walton says:

        Solid point, WC. I can understand throwing the pitcher they think will best give them a chance to leave Philly with at least a split.

        • friendmouse says:

          This is true, but I’m thinking we have a solid shot of winning this afternoon’s game the way Lohse has been pitching and out hitters have been hitting. You saw what Tampa did to CJ Wilson, the Ace of the Rangers. Obviously, no one expects we’ll be so successful against doc Halladay, but I’m sure scant few thought the Rays would do what they did, either. Someone once said “That’s why they play the games.” 🙂 .

          While one part of me thinks it would not be right to NOT include K=Mac on the roster (and honestly I have yet to look to see if it’s been posted yet or not) given what he’s meant to this ballclub; but the other part of me says that’s the most logical move when you take all emotion out (which TLR seem capable of) because I don’t thing K-Mac is right, the way he’s been throwing. Here’s to a “W” tonight.

      • blingboy says:

        Isn’t there a day off after game 2

    • crdswmn says:

      Maybe TLR is hoping for a rainout.

  5. Brian Walton says:

    No official announcement yet, but the Post-Dispatch is reporting there will be 11 pitchers as follows: Carpenter, Lohse, Westbrook, Jackson, Garcia, Rhodes, Rzepczynski, Motte, Boggs, Dotel and Salas. That would mean no McClellan. Sanchez also left off with Boggs on, which is not what the voters here wanted.

    • crdswmn says:

      I would have left off Westbrook and included Sanchez. I know TLR intends to use Westbrook out of the pen, but I don’t trust him even in that capacity.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      I voted for Boggs over Sanchez. Sanchez has made just one appearance since June.
      Westbrook can be a long reliever and save the pen, if one is needed. Plus Westbrook has been around the block.
      Its nice they have let McClellan off. He could not hold up under a starter’s load. Good of him to try to backfill Wainwright’s injury.

  6. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    “La Russa indicated Nick Punto would start at short should Furcal not be able to go. Allen Craig is ready to start in left field if Holliday experiences renewed discomfort today.”

    Read more:

    That is stupid…………. thats not how we got there……… notice Mo saying he’s deciding………. Holiday isn’t right.and neither is Furcal…….

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