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Cardinals announce Tiebreaker Game and NLDS ticket sales

The St. Louis Cardinals announced the process by which fans can purchase tickets for the National League Division Series and the potential one-game Tiebreaker that would be played should the team finish in a tie for the National League Wild Card.

Tickets will be sold online at and by phone (314.345.9000) starting at 10:00 A.M. on Monday, September 26, 2011. Tickets will NOT be sold at the Busch Stadium Ticket Windows or other ticket outlets on Monday.  Any remaining tickets will be available at the Busch Stadium Ticket Windows starting at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 27th.

The Tiebreaker game will only be necessary if both the Cardinals and Braves finish tied atop the N.L. Wild Card standings after the conclusion of the regular season on Wednesday.  Should the teams finish tied, the one-game National League Wild Card Tiebreaker is tentatively scheduled to be played at Busch Stadium on Thursday, September 29th at a still-to-be-determined game time.  The Cardinals would have home field advantage because they hold a better head-to-head regular season record against the Braves (5-1).

Due to the short turnaround time, all tickets purchased will be delivered via Print-At-Home tickets.  Fans can purchase up to eight (8) tickets per game for the Tiebreaker and both Division Series games.  Tiebreaker ticket prices are subject to Dynamic Pricing, while Division Series ticket prices start at $30.  All-Inclusive Tickets will also be available for the Tiebreaker and Division Series games.   Accessible seating can be purchased online or by telephone.

If the Cardinals advance to the Postseason, the best-of-five NLDS will begin Saturday, October 1st at the Philadelphia Phillies, the winner of the N.L. Eastern Division. The entire series schedule would be as follows:

Saturday, October 1, 2011 Cardinals at Phillies
Sunday, October 2, 2011 Cardinals at Phillies
Tuesday, October 4, 2011 Phillies at Cardinals
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Phillies at Cardinals (if necessary)
Friday, October 6, 2011 Cardinals at Phillies (if necessary)

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8 Responses to “Cardinals announce Tiebreaker Game and NLDS ticket sales”

  1. blingboy says:

    They found a way to win without the boppers doing a whole lot. Impressive.

    Albert’s average is right at .300. Still short of 100 RBI.

    Greene isn’t going to get his chance (how many is it now?) to convince Mo not to get a starting SS this winter. Given Greens’s inability to play at this level in his many chances, and given the bad experiences with Brendan and The riot at SS, I can’t see Mo going into the season without a proven SS.

    Any guesses what kind of deal Furcal will command this winter?
    If the Albert contract drags on, can Mo wait to get a SS? A closer? Quality pen help? Or does he need to move before the shelves are bare?

    It is strange to realize that filling those spots is the way the Albert question affects fielding a team next year. Its not so important otherwise, as having Lance and Craig in the middle of the lineup everyday wouldn’t be too bad.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Lets remember the example of Freese.
    During 2009, Freese spent his second season at Memphis (when he was not hurt). In September, the Cards promoted him, but left him off the playoff roster. We went with Glaus as a useless pinch-hitter and the injured DeRosa at 3B, during our 3 game wipeout at the hands of the Dodgers.
    Even though Freese could not make the playoff roster, over two invalids, come spring 2010, the Cards handed 3B to Freese. (We ended up with washed up Pedro Feliz, after Freese’s injuries; Feliz really was too old, unlike Arthur Rhodes or Octavio Dotel.)
    Furcal is going to make some money for 2012. With Mo shelling out big bucks for Berkman and others, the Cards could go cheap in 2012 at SS. They could try to resign Punto to have a substitute and to give Greene competition. But we have seen from the example of Freese that the Cards will not hesitate to turn a position over to a AAA proven player. Greene had a great offensive season for Memphis.
    Mo is not all about sucking up to fans. He traded Brendan Ryan, which disappointed some. Do we want to shell out big bucks for SS in 2012? I am not sure we will. Mo decides the roster.

    • blingboy says:

      Good points. Mo would have to have brass ones to do it, face the firestorm. Maybe.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Mo traded for Holiday, knowing he was a free agent, then gave him a big deal. Mo has to negotiate for Albert. He traded Rasmus. He traded Ludwick, who the Cards liked. He traded Rolen and Jim Edmonds. Such decisions would give me an ulcer. But Mo looks fine.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Skip spent about 3 full seasons at AAA. Lots of fans thought he would never make it. But up came Skip and then later got shifted to 2B.

    • Bw52 says:

      Jumbo-Ryan Jackson is the best SS option that is close now.Would the cards decide to go defense only at SS with Jackson skipping AAA.I doubt that happens although stranger things have happened.Kozma needs another year at AAA and everything i have heard or read is that Ryan Jackson has passed Kozma by.A Spring training battle between Ryan Jackson,Pete Kozma and Dan Descalso with a low level major league FA on a minor deal or a minor league FA or even a Rule V pick could be a possibilty.Furcal just could be too pricey.

  3. blingboy says:

    The Yankees sure are taking a bath on the ARod contract.

    Only 6 more years to go, I think.

    They can afford it. But there is no reason to think his downward trend will reverse next year or ever and they aren’t going to stay with a first baseman who is not on offensive force, that’s un-Yankee-like.

    One of the things that there always is in AAA somewhere are guys who can hit and play 1b well enough, so the Yanks could be getting the same production for minimum wage. Or they could eat the contract and hire somebody else.

    So I think it is a mistake for everybody to leave the Yankees off the list of serious Albert bidders.

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