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Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: Can they do it?

Late Wednesday afternoon, I joined Ken Miller and Jim Brinson on KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460 in Des Moines in our weekly series to discuss the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals, โ€œCardinal Talk.โ€ With the football season upon us, my normal Friday spot is now on Wednesdays for the remainder of the season.

Fans in central Iowa can again catch Cardinals radio broadcasts on KXnO throughout the 2011 season as well as this Wednesday segment, sponsored by WCI Pools and Spas.

Click here for audio: Brian Walton with Ken Miller and Jim Brinson (12:19)

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52 Responses to “Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: Can they do it?”

  1. crdswmn says:

    The Baseball Gods are indeed smiling upon us when it comes to pitching matchups for these last 9 games. We missed Dickey, we are going to miss Garza, and now it looks like we are going to miss BudChuck!

  2. Brian Walton says:

    Thursday lineup:

    Furcal, ss; Craig, lf; Pujols, 1b; Berkman, rf; Freese, 3b; Molina, c; Theriot, 2b; Jay, cf; Westbrook, rhp.

    Big news today is re-signing of Berkman to a one-year deal.

  3. CariocaCardinal says:

    I pray Motte can survive Tony’s abuse. Using a guy who has already been overworked with a 4 run lead is just stupid.

  4. Bw52 says:

    So what do you suggest? Dotel for another inning? Boggs? Dickson?None of the 9th inning guys did squat.It stinks a bunch but it happens sometimes.Boggs has been unreliable.Dickson is unexperienced.Maybe leaving Dotel to get thru the 9th might have worked.who knows.Furcal has had a few errors lately.Cards didn`t help themselves enough today.Time to start again tomorrow.

    • crdswmn says:

      Well gee, BW, TLR said the media calling Motte a “closer” made him screw up. So maybe Boggs and company would do much better since no one has called them “closers”.

      I am just fed up with TLR’s attitude and excuses. Have the decency to at least act like a human being to people instead of an effing primate TLR.

      • Bw52 says:

        crdswm- don`t fall off your soapbox leading the lynch mob.Get a new routine .Your getting stale with your anti-TLR venom.Why are you getting upset………………….didn`t you give up on the season a couple of weeks ago.You might be fed up with TLRs attitude but your constant ripping gets real old.Try something new………………… something the team is 14 and 6 this month instead of being front and center of the negative nellies.

        • crdswmn says:

          Kind of like your “soapbox ” and “routine” on Westy’s posts? Why don’t you practice what you preach? At least when I get on a “soapbox” it’s about a legitimate baseball issue and not just trolling other people’s posts.

          • Bw52 says:

            Crdswmn-a legitimate baseball issue? Bitching nonstop about TLR is a legitimate baseball issue.? Maybe in your little world.TLR gets blamed and Furcal gets a pass? Get real.

            • crdswmn says:

              Talking about the manager is about baseball. Trolling other people’s posts and taking shots at those people because you don’t like what they say is NOT about baseball.

              Your little world says that anything you disagree with is not legitimate. How does that make you any different?

              • Bw52 says:

                Disagreeing with your posts about blaming the manager for everything but global warming is baseball.Why do you think your opinion carries any more weight than anyone elses? Who died and made you Queen?I point out my disagreement with your view and you say its trolling.I say BS.Looks to me like you think you bare beyond reproach.Once again i say BS.

                • RCWarrior says:

                  You say BS BW, I say Rose Colored Glasses. ๐Ÿ™‚

                • crdswmn says:

                  I was referring to your constant trolling of Westy’s posts BW. While I criticize TLR, who is fair game, you take pots shots at fellow posters, which is not. Why you can’t see the difference is beyond me.

                  I don’t give a rat’s behind if you disagree about my TLR posts. I don’t give a rat’s behind if you disagree with me about anything. But if you take shots at me personally, you are going to get it right back and then some. You apparently have no idea how to disagree about anything without being vicious and ugly about it. Your idea about disagreeing is to attack the poster and not the post. I have tried hard not to do the same back to you, I even took a time out for a while and just ignored you, but I have had enough.

            • RCWarrior says:

              I believe Furcal has quite a few errors since the cards picked him up but he has also made more than a few good plays. Its a wash. I’m sure he has been an upgrade at SS for the cards.

              I said earlier, you must give TLR the credit for getting the team back in the thick of things. I am a critic of the man and I’ve even credited him with being the reason for the September failures over the years. But he obviously has done things differently this year. And for that I am forced to give him some love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • blingboy says:

      Yesterday McClellan failed in the middle relief role so Tony had to burn up the pen. The price was paid today.

    • CariocaCardinal says:

      Motte is being overused – was the outcome unpredictable? I’d have gone with Boggs. You can bring in Motte later if necessary. but why burn him when you might not have needed to? He’s tiring. Now he is useless tomorrow. Bad decision in my mind even if Motte had come in and got 3 up 3 down.

      • friendmouse says:

        And part of the problem with TLR bringing Motte in AGAIN is the damage which I cannot believe it doesn’t do to his psyche. Confidence takes a while to gain; yet it can be exterminated in an instant.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Thursday’s loss is known as pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. When you lose a 4 run lead in the 9th, at home, against a weak hitting Mets team, in a must win game, is one terrible loss.

      Motte has had a great season, so TLR went to the well again. Its understandable, but the outcome was not good. Salas had a great season overall as well, but could not stop the damage in time.

      It was a fitting end to a season during which the bullpen often had problems. Franklin and Miller hit their expiration dates. Tallet expired a year ago. Moving McClellan to the rotation removed an effective reliever.

    • Bw52 says:

      Aren`t the Jays trying to get CR to hit to all fields?Isn`t that what the Cards tried.Where`s the outrage that came with the Cards trying to change CR?Sounds like CR needs to change something.Totally mixed up player right now.

      • T8Ball says:

        “The interview took place shortly after manager John Farrell said the Jays want Rasmus to stop trying to pull the ball on every swing. He needs to use the whole field and refine the timing of his leg kick, which serves as the trigger for his swing, Farrell said.”

        I’ve heard that before. Where have I heard that before?

    • RCWarrior says:

      I believe this is what the people close to Colby have witnessed for some time now. Hopefully he can get the hatred for TLR out of him. That is never something that makes one a happy person. And you’re right Crdswmn, next year will tell us if Colby will ever be any good.

      And for what its worth, Colby has really been good defensively since the trade which is a positive sign for us that he’s coming around. He also has spoken about his desire to get back in the weight room and prepare for a big year in Toronto next year. He didn’t do any of that last offseason which was bad to be sure. It has been a long time since he was excited about playing baseball so hopefully this next year will get him back in the saddle. Or he’ll just go his merry way with a bunch of unreached expectations.

      As you can read though, he was pretty miserable.

      • Brian Walton says:

        It is sad to wonder if he may never get excited about playing again. When was the last time? Double-A in 2007 would be my guess.

        • RCWarrior says:

          I would say so Brian. After dealing with Tony in spring training his words were you need to get me out of here. This guy has it in for me. I’ll never forget the conversation. And boy did I try. ๐Ÿ™‚ And every year he played worse, and he would continue telling us, this guy is driving me crazy. But all you can do is what you can do.

          There is similar thoughts about Boggs and Green. I just hope they can get out before they reach the point where they may not be able to see themselves as caring about the game anymore.

          • Brian Walton says:

            We may never know the definite cause(s), even if Colby later turns the page. Placing the blame/credit on one factor feels overly simplistic.

            • Bw52 says:

              Brian- placing the blame on one factor gives the haters a platform.Then the haters can rant to their hearts content.

              • RCWarrior says:

                Well BW, I give credit where credit is due and likewise blame.

                • Bw52 says:

                  RCW-well there are some here that don`t think that way.Some just have to be torn between enjoying the teams play or wishing for a tank job and hoping for a change.

                  • RCWarrior says:

                    Well there is not a cardinals fan out there that hasn’t enjoyed this recent upswing in the cards play. You can bet that BW.

                    • Bw52 says:

                      RCW-let me rephrase that.I think that there is a faction that where hoping for a September swoon and hoping this would lead to change in leadership.

                    • crdswmn says:

                      Well if you are talking about me you are dead wrong. I would never, never want the team to play badly just to get rid of TLR. I want this team to get in the playoffs in the worst way. I want TLR to go, but not at the expense of the team winning.

            • RCWarrior says:

              You are right, and I for one can’t jump into Colby’s head but he does communicate the cause. Tony is a mind game guy and that does work with some people. It obviously doesn’t work with others. It goes back to surrounding the manager with the personality types that he works best with and trading those that he obviously doesn’t work well with.

          • crdswmn says:

            There is speculation that Boggs may be traded in the offseason.

            • Bw52 says:

              Crdswmn-what area do the Cards have a abundance of? RH relievers.I wouldn`t be shocked if McClellan or Boggs were traded elsewhere.

              • crdswmn says:

                The speculation that it is Boggs is based on the fact that Boggs is in TLR’s doghouse like Colby was. If you believe Joe Strauss, he has confirmed this a couple of times in his live chats.

                • RCWarrior says:

                  Boggs is doing the right thing, speaking out about it. Thats the best way to expediate the process imo. Funny I’ve received more than a few phone calls recently about how to force a move. ๐Ÿ™‚ Greeny may come out once the season is over with some negative comments in order to force the issue.

                • Bw52 says:

                  crdswmn-My opinion would be to keep Boggs around.I really would have to weigh keeping pitching around because of potential injury concerns……………………..Wainwright`s health,Carps age,the possible need to use McClellan as a starter,Sanchez etc;
                  If everybody stayed healthy then trades could be worked on if needed.It just seems like Cards injury bug gets the pitching staff often .

                  • crdswmn says:

                    Now see BW you CAN disagree without attacking me personally. Keep practicing, you will get the hang of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    I would like to keep Boggs as well, but I think other issues will keep that from happening.

                    • Bw52 says:

                      Crdswmn-Its not meant to be personal.I have a temper and i think you do too.I admit my temper riles easy at times.Sometimes i type something in anger and don`t give myself a minute or two to decide if i want to hit the submit button.Hey i admit i get hotheaded.Just remember its not meant to be personal.

                    • crdswmn says:

                      Then you need to work on controlling your temper BW because it doesn’t come across that way. I am never going to agree with you about TLR and I am not going to stop posting my opinions about him so you need to learn to deal with that. If you can’t post a opposite point of view without being angry, then perhaps you should just not respond at all. There are plenty of posts here that I have had to back away from responding to because I knew I couldn’t.

              • RCWarrior says:

                Surely Otto as well but this will not need to be a big deal as he isn’t on the 40 man. And Im sure Otto’s agent has been at work on this for a while now, or he damn sure should have been.

                And I don’t put Otto in the same boat with Green or Boggs. The latter two have TLR against them which is unfixable. Otto is on the crap list for an entirely different reason. But it is a crap list nontheless.

                • crdswmn says:

                  I wish I understood what was behind TLR’s inability to get along with some of his players. I could put up with TLR’s overmanaging the other things he does in a game that make me crazy, but the way he treats people I just can’t stomach at all. When it started in 1996 with the big blowup with Ozzie Smith, I didn’t like it but I thought I could overlook it. But as time went by and it kept happening with more players, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. The ugliness with Scott Rolen in 2006-2007 was the last straw for me.

                  • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

                    Players bring some very interesting problems to the table CRD. Tony is battling for his legacy in these final days. He is battling both BD and Mo, who are compromising his on field domain with all of their silly contract negotiations. The Furcal benching was hard for him to do. That is about more than a guy in a funk……………….. Cards/Carpenter opened at -220……now down to -177 ……. there is a bad odor in the air……… Punto wasn’t the answer. Green has looked good at the plate ……. Descalso easily the best defender……….. Punto is the trusted choice ………. Tony is trying to regain control……… no Mott today……….Salas is on the edge…….all he has is Dotel or the whip on Carpenter………

                    • crdswmn says:

                      A psychiatrist could have a field day with TLR I bet. I don’t know, maybe I could deal with it more if I understood there was something behind his behavior like a childhood trauma or something. The constant sourness, the personal attacks on players, the ugly behavior in post game shows, the manipulation to get his way, the lack of any semblance of humility or class, these are all things that smack to me of a truly troubled man. And these are only the things that are visible, God only knows what else goes on behind the scenes.

  5. RCWarrior says:

    It was known that Brendan had issues with TLR as well as Colby yet the organization tried to hold out in hopes that the problem went away. TLR will never change his view of a player and the Cards could have gotten more for both Brendan and Colby if Mo would have just realized this earlier.

    Fast forward to Boggs and Green. Do you think that this problem TLR has with these guys will mysteriously go away next year? Nope and all of a sudden TLr will take shots at them in the public and their value will take a dive……lower than it is now.

    My advice, get what you can now while you can still get something. ๐Ÿ™‚

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