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Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: Cubs weekend

Late Friday afternoon, I joined Ken Miller on KXnO FOX Sports Radio 1460 in Des Moines in our weekly series to discuss the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals, “Cardinal Talk.”

Fans in central Iowa can again catch Cardinals radio broadcasts on KXnO throughout the 2011 season as well as this Friday segment, sponsored by WCI Pools and Spas.

Click here for audio: Brian Walton with Ken Miller (11:12)

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Brian Walton runs The Cardinal Nation and The Cardinal Nation Blog, covering the St. Louis Cardinals and minor league system.
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2 Responses to “Cardinal Talk: KXnO FOX Sports Radio: Cubs weekend”

  1. JumboShrimp says:

    Yesterday was a tough loss. Ugh.

    The Cubs are an also ran and fired their GM. We have to find ways to win a higher share of close games.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Ugh again. Hate losing to the Cubs.
    Garza must be good against right swingrs. Our 5 hits came from Jay, Skip, and Lance.
    Jackson has gone 7 innings in 3 of 5 starts. He’s contributing.
    Furcal has had a Cards OPS 20 percent higher than with the Dodgers.
    Hindsight is 20-20, but its too bad Patterson did not play LF, Furcal play SS, and Descalso 3b, to get three more left swingers against Garza.

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