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Memphis Redbirds Organ Donor Night jerseys

The Triple-A Memphis Redbirds held Organ Donor Night at AutoZone Park on Saturday, August 13. They defeated Tucson 5-2 as Shane Robinson, Tyler Greene and Nick Stavinoha hit consecutive home runs in the third inning.

The club shared these photos from the evening.

Andrew Brown

Brandon Dickson

Nick Stavinoha

Nick Derba

More details on the event can be found here and here.

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17 Responses to “Memphis Redbirds Organ Donor Night jerseys”

  1. blingboy says:

    Those are some photos for the mantle. Good day to be on the DL.

    Maybe its time to get Craig and Descalso some regular ABs. Nice job by Rzpnski.

  2. JumboShrimp says:

    Interesting LHP Arthur Rhodes chose to join the Cards. He turned aside interest from the Yankees, powerful Phillies where he has played before (2006), and Boston Red Sox, all teams likely to make the playoffs.
    Salary was irrelevant, since any team will be paying the minimum. There is no bidding on released players still being paid by an earlier team.
    Rhodes reached the majors in 1991, has been around for two decades. More than 800 appearances, nearly 1 K per inning. Spent 2009-10 in Cinci, battling the Cards. Why would Rhodes choose to join the Cards, given a choice? Its hard to say. Obviously TLR sounded off in the press about what a great pro Rhodes is and how he would like him in St Louis. Brian took this as possible grounds to wonder if TLR was pressuring Mo to make another trade or was at cross purposes with his employer.
    However now we know the outcome turned out well. Mo did not have to arrange a trade. Rhodes came free and chose to join TLR rather than clearer shots at the playoffs. Adding Rhodes allows us to use Rzepczynski for longer innings.
    Mo had signed Ron Mahay as LOOGY depth. Now the Cards have added Rhodes, they let Mahay go, so he can try to latch on elsewhere. Nice.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Here was the recent thread about TLR as GM and whether he should be quieter.

      It turns out, Mo and TLR work well together, at least this time.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Did I miss something? Has Rhodes pitched yet? Seems awfully early for balloons and streamers.

      There are multiple ways the cost of a player can be measured. Salary is but one.

      If Rhodes pitches like he did previous to 2011, great. If it is a continuation of his first four months of the season, he will join Franklin, Batista, Miller, Tallet and the others who did not deliver. Unfortunately, by the time that becomes clear, it will most likely be too late to do anything about.

      • crdswmn says:

        I made no secret of the fact that I didn’t like the Rhodes signing and I still don’t. The only positive I can see is that it will allow TLR to use Scrabble correctly, like he did last night. Scrabble is not a LOOGY and has no business being used like one. Unfortunately I also see TLR using Rhodes incorrectly, like he has with Dotel, and letting him pitch to right handed batters.

        If I am not mistaken, the offer from the Red Sox was a minor league contract, so Rhodes made no sacrifice in turning that one down. If Rhodes turned down major league offers from the Yankees and the Phillies because of pretty words from TLR, then his ego and TLR’s should work very well together.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        The topic is whether it is appropriate for TLR to express outloud that he would like the Cards to add Rhodes, after his DFA was announced?
        This question was a reasonable one for Brian recently to have raised.
        The topic is NOT whether Rhodes will pitch well or should be celebrated, because we do not know the answer to this yet and its also a different subject.
        I wish to focus more simply on whether it is appropriate for TLR to tell a reporter how much he respects Rhodes and would like to add him. Brian may have worried this might undermine a transaction, tip Mo’s hand, or be an indicator of internal team discord.
        We now have learned Rhodes was released, so Mo did not have to surrender a prospect for him. And Rhodes did the possibly odd thing of signing with StL versus the Red Sox, Phils, or Bombers. TLR’s public words cannot have hurt, it turns out, in relation to adding Rhodes.
        Why did Rhodes spurn higher profile teams? We do not know for sure. The Cards probably woo’d Rhodes after the 08 season, but were outbid by Cinci and settled on Miller. In other words, we have probably been interested in Arthur for a while. This shows the player respect.
        Joining the Cards, Rhodes may get a chance to be lead LOOGY. The remainder of the season could serve as an audition to show MLB what Rhodes may or may not have left in the tank.
        If his choice of St Louis was simply about making the 2011 playoffs, Rhodes should have gone elsewhere!!!
        Hence Rhodes’ choice to come to St L is probably an audition for 2012. If he does well and fits in with TLR, he hopes the Cards will give him a contract for 2012 or some other team will be favorably impressed and make a higher offer. For Rhodes, the rest of 2011 is his opportunity to make the case for landing a 2012 contract.

      • JumboShrimp says:

        Adding Rhodes illustrates TLR’s commitment to competing in 2011. Miller was not very effective so was carted off by Toronto, opening a spot for Rhodes. During his long career, Rhodes has been good. The Cards will hope to squeeze a few more useful pitches out of him.

  3. Brian Walton says:

    Seems pretty simple if the other orgs wanted Rhodes to go to the minors first. He went where he could remain a major leaguer. Everyone eventually gets old and loses it. Rhodes will be 42 in two months. His time is running out. We will see if there is a little remaining in the reserve tank.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      I agree. The other playoff bound teams must have less room for another LHP.
      It also seems apparent in retrospect there was no harm in TLR expressing public admiration for Rhodes.

  4. blingboy says:

    There is a fine line between being good enough for MLB and not good enough and Franky and Miller showed how quick a pitcher can go from above that line to below it.

    The other three teams wanted to find out if Rhodes had crossed that line or if, at age 41, something else explains his droppoff this year. It would be interesting to know why Mo and Tony think its something else. Hope they are right.

    We should find out quickly since you can’t really hide an ineffective loogy.

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Looked at as a salary comp of two long time vet soutpaws, Miller was $2MM/yr, while Rhodes is $3.9MM. As of last winter, the market saw Rhodes as better.
      We off-loaded Miller and will now pay 1.5 months of the ML minimum to try Rhodes. Mo and Tony had something Boston, Philly, and NYY did not have, a roster slot. Rhodes is a long time, able vet, effective for the Reds when they won the division last summer.
      If there are “fine lines” between success and failure, it makes sense to look for every advantage, however tiny.

  5. Brian Walton says:

    Sunday lineup: Furcal, ss; Jay, cf; Pujols, 1b; Holliday, lf; Berkman, rf; Freese, 3b; Molina, c; Schumaker, 2b; Jackson, rhp.

  6. JumboShrimp says:

    I like the lineup:
    Furcal, makes around $12MM
    Jay, cheap
    Pujols, around $16MM
    Holliday, $16MM
    Berkman, $8MM
    Freese, cheap
    Molina, ?$5MM?
    Schumaker, cheap
    Jackson, $6MM?
    Our high rollers can buy and sell the cheapies from Denver.

  7. blingboy says:

    If we want to keep getting prime time ESPN slots we can’t waste too much time worrying about winning. The wider audience doesn’t care who wins tonight, they are looking for some real entertainment from the most hated team in baseball.

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