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White Sox avoid Rasmus to clear way for La Russa?

Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rogers sees Wednesday’s trade centering on Colby Rasmus and Edwin Jackson much differently than others.

Rogers wonders why the Chicago White Sox felt the need to flip Jackson to the Toronto Blue Jays first rather than take Rasmus themselves. He explains why he saw the two clubs’ needs having matched up well.

One possible conclusion Rogers backs is that the deal was made with 2012 in mind – specifically to ensure that Rasmus would be nowhere to be found when Tony La Russa returns to the South Side to manage the Sox next season.

La Russa began his major league managerial career with the 1979 White Sox at the age of 34. Pitching coach Dave Duncan joined La Russa there in 1983.

The manager’s long-standing friendship with Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf has been well documented. On one hand, it seems a stretch that current general manager Kenny Williams would have been instructed from upstairs to avoid acquiring Rasmus.

On the other, La Russa has spoken fondly in recent years about working for an owner like Reinsdorf. From a February 2010 interview with Comcast SportsNet Chicago:

“If I ever left the field and went upstairs, which I hope to do some time maybe soon, I’d like to work for an owner that I like and that I respect as much as I do Jerry, because I want to be motivated to make him happy,” La Russa said.

Reinsdorf, a lawyer like La Russa, is a Chicago fixture, having run both the White Sox and Bulls for multiple decades. He presided over controversial decisions such as letting NBA champions Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan leave Chicago. Yet, Reinsdorf regrets most the 1986 dismissal of La Russa by his club, as quoted in the book “Tony La Russa: Man on a Mission” by Rob Rains.

“I never should have allowed Tony to be fired. I’ve often said that was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was a mistake. And I let it happen anyway,” Reinsdorf said.

Whether or not La Russa is in the Sox’ future, 2011 may be combustible Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen’s final season with the team. It remains another leap to assume La Russa would be his successor, though it is an interesting thought for TLR to become second on baseball’s all-time managerial list and conclude his celebrated on-field career where it began.

For his part, though La Russa is not under contract for 2012, he has said previously that he does not plan to take another field job before moving into an undefined future role in the game. Would the Sox and Reinsdorf be enough for him to change his mind, managing perhaps interim to taking a front office spot? Rogers thinks so.

The Chicago writer also brings into his story “Super Joe” McEwing. The former Cardinals fan favorite is now the White Sox Triple-A manager, as was La Russa over three decades ago. Rogers names McEwing as “most likely” La Russa’s 2012 White Sox bench coach and heir-apparent manager.

Rogers did not identify any sources to support his theory.

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102 Responses to “White Sox avoid Rasmus to clear way for La Russa?”

  1. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    For those with the ability….be sure to watch the Toronto feed of Colby’s first game………… It has many revelations…………. everyone will see what they need of course………… Colby is just a little boy……
    he is hitting 2nd in front of Bautista……… A camera shot in the dugout show him walking by Bautista and Bautista reaches out and grabs the back of his shirt as he walks by, pulls him back, and starts talking to him about his AB or what every………. very sincere……….. Colby goes 0/5 and has a hideous missed cutoff throw…………. and he is still laughing and celebrating the win after the game……….
    Colby is going to be fine with all the young players around him……..he will learn to play because, to be quite frank………. they are a much better team……far superior hitting approaches………he is easily…..the worst hitter on the team……….. but they will straighten him out … find his strength ……… they didn’t have time to look at his issues as of yet……but I believe it will turn out well for him.

    How about those Cardinals……………….. the bad news………..Garcia is once again trying to use Duncans balance point transition………….like he did all spring training………. don’t ask me….. hopefully they will pick it up…….or throw it out……what every the case may be……its wrong for him…
    It helps him keep the ball down…the point…….but he always reacts by overthrowing which is a huge telegraph in his case………….. poor Nicky P….guy is a wreck…………. I also hate to see Laird struggle………..Garcia was taking so much time to get to the plate…… looked like he was the problem…………………..
    AP has mounted the dog……..worst case scenario is now upon us ………. Molina and AP seem so traumatized by having to reestablish their Club house dominance with its Tony privileges, they just appear to be sulking around………….. the threat to use Berkman was just stupid……….. we have one lefty……he has a good inning………and Tony wants to test him with another………. a manly man………. I felt for the kid………..24 pitches…….use him tomorrow?

    • Leebo says:

      Heck Westie I was glad to see him use the new guy two innings, only because I expected him to pitch Boggs two or three more innings tonight. So who is TLR’s (and by extention the St. Louis media’s) whipping boy/scapegoat now that Colby is gone. Early leader IMO is Boggs, with Motte and possibly Punto in the running.

      • Kansasbirdman says:

        Fox sports guys (team mouthpieces?) Kept talking about MO making some mord. Moves and”this team’s not done yet” with trades. They were suggesting middle indield and ran through a list of those supposedly available, they even mentiond Barmes. I don’t see MO making another move, but apparently the narrative is now that Theriot (in a batter’s slump and always a risk at D) needs to be traded, so he’s my guess.

        • Bw52 says:

          KBB-Why wouldn`t Mo be looking to get help when its needed? Rumors have said Cards are looking for INF and more bullpen help..I believe Mo is out there trying.If he is unable to get a deal who are the negative nellies gonna blame for that?

      • crdswmn says:

        From what I hear Boggs is already in TLR’s doghouse, so his days are numbered anyway. Who the next whipping boy is will probably become apparent before the end of the season.

  2. Kansasbirdman says:

    Interesting article Brian. If those moves were made by the Chisox to keep a place open for Larussa, was MO aware of their intentions? He was a part of the three team trade. Do they want him back next year? If not why not? Salary? Is the market good for managers this year? If so, who is good that we can get?
    If they are serious about retaining AP, the thought has always been that they keep his protector. So does this mean that they may not think they can get him? Which brings up another question. Do the Chisox think then they have a shot at AP?
    Plus, why does TLR always want to only do 1 year contracts? So it doesn’t look as obvious that he is seeking the record books?

    • Brian Walton says:

      TLR wants one year contracts at this point of his career because he knows he is near the end and wants to be free to decide at the end of each year if he has the desire to return. Since he knows Bill DeWitt will allow him to manage as long as he wishes, it would seem to present no risk other than press speculation about him leaving.

      Some in the St. Louis press have suggested in the past that Cardinals players did not fear TLR because his contract meant he was a lame duck. I always thought that was hogwash and recent moves such as this trade would seem to reinforce that. Say what you want about the manager, but he is clearly in charge of his team on the field and in the clubhouse. He has learned what it takes to have survived over three decades in a very tenuous job.

      Chicago would seem to be loaded at first base already with Konerko and Dunn both, but of course they use the DH and one could be traded away.

      Many, myself included, believe that at most one year of Pujols’ next contract will be under La Russa.

      I predict the timing of events this fall will unfold such that TLR will have to make his 2012 decision before Pujols.

  3. JumboShrimp says:

    Phil Rogers seems to have an abundant and reliable supply of mind-altering drugs. Mo makes the trades and Mo is not going to be guided by making the south side of Chicago a Rasmus free zone so Tony can enjoy his future association with the White Sox. Furthermore, if the White Sox had added Rasmus and later Tony, they could just trade Rasmus; Rasmus would not be a barrier to TLR moving to the White Sox. So poor Phil Rogers publicly reveals his mental frailties yet again.

    A better explanation for the Rasmus deal is money.

    Lets consider some money angles.

    The White Sox spend about $20MM more per year in ML salary than do the Cards. What did the Sox get out of the deal? They were able to get rid of Mark Teahan, underperforming and overpriced. Kenny Williams saved $5.5MM in 2012 and a million plus this year by unloading Teahan. There is no way on earth anyone could get DeWitt and Mo to take on a deadwood big contract like Teahan’s.

    Yesterday I assumed Toronto contributed useful talent to the deal. However, another reason the Sox and Cards could have wanted to bring Toronto into the mix is money.

    Back in 2008, the Blue Jays had a ML payroll of $97MM. This year it is circa $70MM. The Blue Jays have cut back on ML spending, for a variety of reasons, and are more pursuing the Tampa strategy of building from scratch, so have been spending big on foreign amateurs. The Blue Jays were the underbidders on the Cuban southpaw flamethrower Chapman, for instance. To gain an up and coming kid like Rasmus, the Blue Jays can contribute MONEY, and help the White Sox by taking the fiscal albatross, Teahan. The Blue Jays also helped the penny pinching DeWitts by carting away the useless Miller and Tallet, saving the Cards maybe $1MM. It is further rumored the Cards could collect cash, presumably from Toronto, in lieu of 3 PTBN prospects.

    By trading for Jackson, Patterson, Dont Ask Dotel, and Rzep, the Cards took on about $3MM in added salary for this fiscal year. Maybe the Jays gave the Cards financial relief in 2011 by carting off the useless Loogies and are going to give Mo another $2MM at a later date?

    Toronto by taking on the junky Teahan, Miller, and Tallet, has shelled out about $10MM, plus may give the Cards another $2MM. The Blue Jays shelled out this $12MM in order to buy the rights to Colby Rasmus during the next three seasons.

    The Cards traded their most tradeable asset and got three improvements for their pitching staff. We added Walters to make room on the 25 man roster for Dotel. If Jackson leaves to free agency, we will get a supplemental first round draft pick, about where we selected Rasmus back in 2005.

    McClellan did a good job trying starter, but is better in relief. Lohse has a sore finger. Miller and Valdes were virtually useless. Trading for Jackson gives us a strong starter to compensate for the loss of Wainwright to injury. Plus Jackson can learn if he likes playing in St Louis, making us a stronger candidate to sign him this winter. He is represented by former Cards farmhand, Scott Boras, who agreed to free agent deals for Lohse and Holiday.

    • Brian Walton says:

      There are certainly a lot of potential angles with this trade. You mentioned prospects earlier and now looked at money. There is of course people and personalities and immediate pitching needs by the Cardinals. They all likely played a part. At what percentage is what leads to interesting discussion and speculation.

      • crdswmn says:

        Well I think the article is certainly a stretch, and that is being kind. Jumbo’s usual positive spin aside, the majority of Cardinals fans think this trade was an abomination. Even most of the minority who like the trade acknowledge that the #1 reason for it was to get rid of Colby and improving the team was a distant second. The Cardinals are a laughingstock among the national sports media. Brian, have you been able to find any national media that like this trade because I have yet to find one. I particularly like this comment from Ken Rosenthal:

        Well, I’ve finally identified the most difficult-to-find commodity in baseball.

        Not a catcher. Not a shortstop. Not a third baseman.

        Someone who likes the Cardinals’ return for outfielder Colby Rasmus.

        Jumbo, I think the sequence of events here proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that MO does not make the trades in this organization. He makes the phone calls, yes. The decisions he does not.

        • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

          Actually, in this trade, Mo did the work CRD……… he found the GM’s that were amicable and they all created changes the were helpful to there teams………….as long as the sum was 0…….Bd could care less.
          But lets be honest…………Jays have there work cut out for them………. and the media hype, is really about something else…………. throw in Tyler Greene ……….yikes…………. Assuming that the Garcia “adjustment” is now a long term “speculation” because of his contract status…..thats trouble……AP doing just enough to stay mounted……resigned to his fate……… this is the turning point……go 5 back here and thats all she wrote………..

        • Brian Walton says:

          crdswmn, yes, there are a few national writers that made positive comments about the trade from the Cardinals perspective. I found two which I included among the sampling of ten whose comments I summarized in my previous post. One is from CBS and the other from Sporting News. They are the exception.

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      Bravo Jumbo…………..and Brian for stimulating him…………. thats a much improved format for you Jumbo…………I’m proud of you…………… for those less informed………. imagine a good old fashion balance point scale……… pile on the talent exchanged…….and to balance it up, sprinkle some cash around the Cardinal side till it reads zero………….. and to camouflage the greenbacks…… drop a few PTBNL dolls for the “baseball minded”on top………… and all of that fun puts the ball back in Tony’s court……………

      Watch out for the Cubs………… This team is in a world of hurt right now……… blood in the water…

    • JumboShrimp says:

      It is interesting that the bigger budget White Sox were not interested in getting Colby Rasmus, even though they could use an upgrade over Alex Rios, who has been underperforming.

      Instead, the White Sox were more interested in getting rid of Mark Teahan’s contract and collecting a couple of relievers for Jackson.

      Maybe the White Sox secretly believe they do not offer enough “fun” for Colby. This seems like the angle overlooked by Phil Rogers. He could have interpreted the Jackson trade as an indicator that the White Sox are not fun, because they shun fun-loving ball players.

  4. Bw52 says:

    Brian-who gives a crap what the national media think..Quite a few fans like the trade for several reasons.The trade helped a area of need and took from a area of surplus and baggage.As for rampant wild speculation about who is the GM and who is the boss………….thats for the grassy knoll and haters bunch to salivate over.

    • Brian Walton says:

      Bw52, if you refer to the poll in the other thread, you will see that over twice as many voters do not like the trade than do. Maybe that will change over time, but right now, you seem to be in the clear minority. Being grumpy won’t change that.

      Grassy knoll, haters, kool-aid drinkers, etc… Why revert to silly name calling and baiting others just to make a point?

      • crdswmn says:

        Brian I think what we have here is the ole tell that guy standing next to me to shut up routine. Hence my post below about changing your handle and avatar. 🙂

      • Bw52 says:

        Brian-you might just want to try to point that out to everyone or do certain posters get a free pass.Looks that way to me.

      • CariocaCardinal says:

        Because they have become phrases that convey meaning? Why is calling someone a kool-aid drinker any more of a name calling exercise than calling someone a fan? (and of course fan is just short for fanatic)

      • crdswmn says:

        I see where this is coming from now. I made a comment in response to Jon Seals (who is a journalist I believe) in a previous thread. Jon had commented about how he was incredulous at the number of fans who thought the trade was a good one. I responded with a general commentary about how some people didn’t take the time to think things through because it was easier not to. At the time I made that comment I did not know the position anybody on this board was taking on the trade so it was NOT directed to any individual poster. If it was offensive to anyone here I am sorry but it was not meant to directly attack anyone just a commentary on the collective thinking. It is my opinion that there is a lot of lazy thinking out there, not just in sports but in other areas as well.

        Having said that, I am not going to slink away meekly every time I post something that is upsetting to another person’s point of view. I try to avoid directly attacking that person, but there are some who see disagreement with their point of view a direct attack. I can’t help that.

        • Bw52 says:

          Crdswmn-Okay you said it was a general blanket statement.So be it.I realize you and i are in different corners and will probably never agre on much……………………….or anything.
          I know i get testy at times and i feel you do get that way also.So i understand now that your post yesterday was not personally intended towards anyone.Very gracious of you to apologize.I thank and i also apologize for the firey retorts.

  5. crdswmn says:

    Brian–when did you change your handle and your avatar? 😉

  6. CariocaCardinal says:

    Brian, for the sake of accuracy I am almost positive LaRussa is not a lawyer (I can’t believe crdswmn would let you lump him in with her!) ……and talk about your name calling.. 🙂

    • crdswmn says:

      TLR has a law degree. I don’t believe he is licensed but I could be wrong. People with J.D are sometimes called lawyers even if they are not licensed. Same way with people who have MDs being called doctors even if they haven’t taken or passed the boards. It is a bone of contention with a lot of people.

      • CariocaCardinal says:

        Just for my own edification, is someone technically considered a lawyer if they are not licensed?

        • CariocaCardinal says:

          considered is not the proper question – are they or aren’t they a lawyer?

          • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

            Tony La Russa — A Lawyer?

            It turns out that the answer to that question is yes. La Russa did go to law school and passed the bar exam. He never actually practiced law, though, because he began coaching in the major leagues almost immediately.

            It also turns out that he has some legal advice for Mark McGwire, who like Rafael Palmeiro, is considering a lawsuit against Jose Canseco for defamation, based on the claims Canseco made in his book that McGwire, Palmeiro and others used performance-enhancing drugs. His advice: don’t bother.

            “I vaguely remember law school, but I remember that when you start getting into libel and slander, that’s one of the toughest proofs in the world,” La Russa said Friday. “It is so difficult. … The players can do whatever they want to, but you’ve got to think long and hard before you make that investment.”

            La Russa may be far-removed from Con Law, but I have to agree with his advice. As tempting as it may be to take every penny Canseco has, it is probably not worth the trouble of a lawsuit. Besides, although it sold quickly thanks to early publicity, I have a feeling that this book will soon be relegated to bargain bins and trash cans. Ball Four, it is not.

            • crdswmn says:

              Thanks WC, I wasn’t sure whether he had taken the bar exam.

            • CariocaCardinal says:

              I do not believe he is currently a licensed member of the bar in any state and thus is not a lawyer. Michelle Obama is another person who is often referred to as a lawyer who is actually not. Was she, as well as Tony, at one time a lawyer – yes. Are they currently? No.

              • crdswmn says:

                Well, not so fast. If you take the bar exam and pass then you are licensed. Just because you do not practice doesn’t unlicense you. If you continue to pay your bar dues, keep up with the state’s continuing legal education requirements, don’t do anything to get disbarred, or just voluntarily relinquish your license, you are a lawyer regardless of whether you ever practice law in your lifetime. I don’t know TLR’s circumstances with his license so it is possible he still has it. Unless CC you know for a fact that he doesn’t.

                • CariocaCardinal says:

                  Unless things have changed in the last few years, he is no longer a member of the Florida bar where I believe is where he passed the bar and has reciprocity with almost no other state.

                • crdswmn says:

                  I forgot there is also Inactive Status. You don’t have to pay bar dues or take CLE but you can’t practice. With Inactive Status you can reactivate at any time if you meet the requirements, which doesn’t include taking the bar exam or being relicensed.

                  • Kansasbirdman says:

                    You would have to make upeach years worth od CLE’s. I have there is a member of our county bar that hadn’t practiced for 5 years (she had worked for a company) and now is trying to get reliscensee and has to take/makeup 60 hrs of Continuing education (5 times the 12 hr yearly req).

                    Tony would have a lot of catching up.

                • Brian Walton says:

                  TLR remains an inactive but dues-paying member of the FL bar. He also passed the multi-state exam in 1980.

                  In 2005, some guy named Brian Walton recapped a detailed discussion he had with TLR on the subject, during which TLR even showed him his card. (The Cardinal Nation subscriber article)

        • crdswmn says:

          Not in Missouri they aren’t. I can’t speak for any other jurisdiction.

          They are allowed to put J.D. after their name and that might cause others to conclude they are a lawyer.

  7. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    This is kind of provocative considering who is saying it……………… ad then this one……….

    point being………. there is no war going on between on field and off field in Toronto……no chew toys in play……………

    • crdswmn says:

      I laughed very hard at the comment about all the good prospects “developed on LaRussa’s watch”. Jeff Gordon should change his middle name to Mouthpiece.

      Loved some of the comments on the Toronto Sun article. It appears there are idiots in Canada too. 🙂 Not to mention the Colby haters who can’t give it up even when he isn’t in the same country anymore. 🙂

  8. crdswmn says:

    John Mozeliak said on Bernie’s radio show that they are not close to anything on MIF help which I take to mean that is a dead issue given the time constraints.

    Tyler Greene was called up from Memphis. My views about Greene are known but I will restrain myself from commenting until I see what he does on this trip.

  9. Brian Walton says:

    Lineup: Patterson, rf; Jay, cf; Pujols, 1b; Holliday, lf; Freese, 3b; Schumaker, 2b; Molina, c; Descalso, ss; Jackson, rhp

    The leadoff man brings to the table a career .292 on-base percentage.

    • WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

      Not much choice really………. Skip is burning down under currents stress……….. Tony know that well enough………… Chicago will bunt Freese at this point…….lets hope Jackson can field………

    • blingboy says:

      Well, he can’t go worse than Ofer, which is what we got again last night.

    • blingboy says:

      Speaking of OBP, I notice that Brendan’s is higher than Theriot’s right now. I imagine his fielding stats are too. Nice one Mo.

      • crdswmn says:

        Ryan: Fld% .981 9 errors
        Theriot: Fld% .958 16 errors

        • blingboy says:

          Sadly, the numbers aren’t the half of it with Theriot..

          I like the looks of the DD, Skip, Jay D up the middle. Given Skips improvement this year, I guess its the ‘hands’ defense.

          Let’s hope new guy can bring it. Yadi calling the game should help.

          I think Patterson can run, at least sort of. Maybe we’ll see something if he can manage to get on.

  10. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Lance Berman talked a little about an injection he was given earlier in the year…………..most painful thing I’ve ever experienced if I recall………………. and now he’s opted for the Shoulder Greasing?????

    Absolutely a critical time for the Cardinals……..Pujols on the slippery slope……Holiday seemingly unable to make any adjustments……he is loosing weight on many fronts……… Molina is emotional and threatened over his friends concerns and territory……….. both alarmed at seeing the Cardinal PR apparatus at work……. grim reminders of possible days ahead……….. Love Nick P……. how can you keep him at this point? ………………….. If Jackson pitches hard……and then feels the air leaking out of this team that surrounds him… it did for Carp and Garcia………. that isn’t going to go down well…….
    These guys are used to seeing hands on coaching…..kick in the pants for everyone if they need it…….. will they understand the AP jog??????????? and what it represents????

    Camera is on Colby before the first pitch yesterday………… he is adjusting and readjusting his hat…flat brim and all……….he brushes the front of his shirt…….noticing that it feels different, he reaches down and pull it out and up a bit…looking at the new logo design and how it effects the fabric……just like a boy on a new LL team……………….. and that is the issue here…….. show compassion for the efforts of his family for encouraging him……….bringing him this far……

  11. blingboy says:

    The new guys stand out like chocolate chips in a bag of marshmallows.

  12. Kansasbirdman says:

    Its muggy here but cloudy. Hopefully Jackson is settling in. Hear a lot of cubs fans

  13. Kansasbirdman says:

    BB holiday wearing the stirrups. Lynn came out of the bp to throw a ball around, he is a big guy and hairy.

  14. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    23 DP’s ……….just to avoid strikeouts……….. and thats the word……….

  15. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    You at the game KB……….. get me a beer………..

  16. LarryBird says:

    Hate the trade. Love the spin.It had nothing to do with Tony not getting along with Rasmus. What a joke. I still love Larussa but I do not believe him.
    We are now 0-2 post Rasmus:)
    I will not bring this up again.

  17. LarryBird says:

    We are playing our arch enemy and I am excited to just dwell on that.
    Jackson seems to have great stuff that he tries to be too fine with. Molina and Duncan will get his head straight.

  18. blingboy says:

    Patterson made an accurate throw to the plate. Am I watching the right game?

  19. LarryBird says:

    That was a great throw!

  20. Kansasbirdman says:

    if that AP hit woudve kept going it would have come right to me. 4 rows up

  21. LarryBird says:

    That is where I will be sitting come Sept. 2nd and 3rd! I am going with 4 of my brothers and a few friends and we bought an extra seat as those bleacher seats are not too wide:)

    • Kansasbirdman says:

      Nice LB. That’s funny you say that bc midway throught the 1st a couple ladies tried to squeeze in and decided to sit across in several open seats. Hope you have a good time and catch a cardinal hr. Me, I’m gonna catch AP’s 2000th 🙂

  22. LarryBird says:

    Great shot by Freese!

  23. LarryBird says:

    I love the bleacher seats as they are affordable but you can still be right in the action. I will never sit anywhere else.

  24. Kansasbirdman says:

    Kmac is starting to stretch

  25. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    still no adjustments from Colby……. 0/3 with a walk………..

  26. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    84 through 6 for Jackson…………………….

  27. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Thats why Tony is HofFame………….. Patterson is hitting 300+ against lefties……..and he knows to put a guy that 2/42 in his place…………..thats why he gets the big bucks…………..

  28. Kansasbirdman says:

    No movement in pen. Gonna say Schu has one of our best arms. That was AWESOME!

  29. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    Nice form………………. both throws from right were good…………Colby hadn’t even mastered the mechanics of that…….. Jays will begin teaching that soon enough…………

    Gosh KB…….I’m feeling kind of parched…………….and I’m a little short…….I wonder……………..

  30. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    I don’t like this match up…………..Soto and Mott……………I try to preserve the lead with Salas…let someone else close…………

  31. Kansasbirdman says:

    Battery almost dead. Have to catch up with y’all tomorrow

    • crdswmn says:

      Congrats for being there to witness hit 2K.

      • Kansasbirdman says:

        I’ll take all the credit for that and the win 😉

        Gotta say that was a pretty sweet moment. The flashbulbs, the anticipation, the delivery, the crowd was already on its feet. An RBI double is as good as a homer for one’s historic hit. The win was icing for him for sure. Hope we get to see # 3k at Busch.

        My wife, who’s not the biggest baseball fan even got into the hoopla a bit.

  32. Nutlaw says:

    I shut the game off for a few innings. Is Theriot really playing second base? Did La Russa stumble into some sense or something?

    • JumboShrimp says:

      Maybe Greene and Descalso can cover SS, while Theriot and Skipper share the chores at 2B.

      Greene actually is a SS. He could give us a lift, if he could step it up.

      • Nutlaw says:

        Oh, I’m perfectly okay with that, absent a trade. I’m just shocked that actual performance finally won out over the player’s personal preference after four months!

        • JumboShrimp says:

          I see no reason to blame Theriot. It was the Cards who decided to replace Ryan with the higher cost Theriot at SS.
          Descalso may have seldom if ever played SS before reaching the majors. Tony can think outside the box and has been willing to give Descalso a look at SS. This is also not a big vote of confidence by TLR in Theriot at SS.
          Since Punto’s latest injury, unless we land Furcal in a trade, Greene may get a chance to see if he can establish himself at this level.

  33. WestCoastbirdWatcher says:

    He took a measured swing and hit a gaper double too…………it was like a miracle…….. like a feisty little infielder…….gritty even……

  34. JumboShrimp says:

    Great debut by Jackson!!

  35. Kansasbirdman says:

    The impressive thing about Jackson was the jams he was able to pitch out of. Of course, the defense was exceptional last night. No errors for the good guys and (2 or 3?) for the flubbies. For me it was hard to keep track of the box score and stats bc I am used to having it right there on the tv. People like my grandfather who grew up listening to games on the radio have that skill that I am afriad us tv watchers haven’t developed.

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