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Baseball by Positions: A great resource

Recently, we had a discussion here about the comparative difficulty of playing a particular position versus another. While the won’t answer that directly, the site offers a wealth of comparative information back to 1876 unlike that I have seen elsewhere.

The following is a description provided by site operator Andre Lower. When I get off the road and have some spare time, I plan to really explore the various options. You may want to as well.

What is the greatest Team Position in baseball history?

Have you ever even considered this question? Have you ever heard of anybody talking about this subject? Not only has this question been asked, it’s been quantified and ranked. The answer to this question is found on . All 345 Team Positions for the 30 active teams are rated for their all-time performance as compared to league average for that position and then ranked in order.

Every Team Position has its own page, listing the starters for every season as well as showing the ratings for each season, the last 5 seasons through each season and all-time cumulative performances as of each season. These ratings are also graphed for easy viewing.

This website looks at baseball from a positional perspective. The foundation is the 2,800 comparative tables covering every possible combination of league, position and season. Every table features several splits, all of which are summarized in year by year chronologies. The Team Position Histories show all of the players in chronological order for each Team Position’s entire history.

A really valuable feature is the Team Lineups. This is a snapshot of each team’s season showing the fielding position starters, top reserves and most active pitchers for each pitching position. The starter rankings and team index ratings for each position gives you a good, easy way of seeing the positional strengths and weaknesses for any team’s season.

This website gives you tons of great baseball information not found anywhere else. If you want to see baseball from a different perspective, check out

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