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Cardinals minors first half all-stars: 2011 versus 2010

Over at this week, my column recapped the all-stars across the St. Louis Cardinals’ three mid-season leagues. You should go there to read about each player’s accomplishments, but what I will do here is compare the lists of all-stars year-to-year.

In the case of the Texas League, the drop in number of all-stars from last year is considerable – from eight (or 11 if you count promoted and unavailable players) to five. In the Florida State League, eight were selected in 2010 and only three in 2011.

Only in the Midwest League was there improvement – from four last year to six this time. Matt Adams (pictured) made both years’ lists. Cody Stanley is also a two-time all-star as he was selected in the Appalachian League in 2010.

In the 2010 table below, post-season all-stars are included for information and completeness. The count is always lower as just one starting lineup is typically selected instead of two full teams like at mid-season.


Mid-season Promoted Post-season
Springfield (5) Mid-season Promoted
Pitcher Brian Broderick David Kopp Kopp Pitcher Mike Blazek
Adam Reifer Eduardo Sanchez Maikel Cleto
Blake King Scott Gorgen (inj)
Position Player Steven Hill Hill Position Player Matt Adams
Adron Chambers Carpenter Alex Castellanos
Matt Carpenter Ryan Jackson
Aaron Luna
Curt Smith
Palm Beach

Palm Beach (3)
Pitcher Ramon Delgado Casey Mulligan Luis Aguayo Pitcher Joe Kelly Shelby Miller
Mark Diapoules (coach)
Matt Frevert
Position Player Tony Cruz Jose Garcia Position Player Edgar Lara
Rich Racobaldo
Xavier Scruggs
Quad Cities

Quad Cities (5)
Pitcher Eric Fornataro Scott Schneider Pitcher Anthony Ferrara
Justin Wright
Trevor Rosenthal
Position Player Matt Adams Adams Position Player Cody Stanley Greg Garcia
D’Marcus Ingram Starlin Rodriguez

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