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What about baseball’s realignment?

With rumors flying around about Major League Baseball’s plans for realignment, some ideas seem to hold more water than others.

Here are four of the elements.

One team from the National League, perhaps the Arizona Diamondbacks or Houston Astros, would move to the American League, creating two 15-team leagues.

The playoffs would expand to five teams from each league instead of the four today.

One version has the six divisions eliminated with the five teams with the best records in each league making the playoffs.

Another major question would be implementing the designated hitter in the former National League teams, since there would be constant interleague play with 15-team leagues.

Any recommendations to Commissioner Bud Selig and the owners will come from baseball’s special committee for on-field matters, which includes Cardinals manager Tony La Russa.

Did I miss any key elements or questions?

What do you think?

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