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Blogger blogging about Rasmus reader comments at another blog

Looking at the site activity here as I periodically do, I noticed an unusual number of queries bringing people to The Cardinal Nation Blog this past weekend. The search arguments were variants on “Tony Rasmus” and “The Cardinal Nation.”

It turns out that a blogger at NBC’s Hardball Talk, Drew Silva, mined a couple of comments from one of the threads here last week and turned it into an article that was posted on Saturday. The subject is trading St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus.

Apparently, the web searchers are looking all around here for the comments because most oddly, despite quoting from this site directly, Silva’s post did not link back to the original source. In fact, he did not link to The Cardinal Nation Blog at all. Further, I will not comment on his labeling this site a “fan blog.”

The subject is the concern shown by Colby’s father Tony Rasmus that fan expectations of his son are too high to be met and that the player “needs to be somewhere else.”

Tony went on to make a not-so-bold prediction that it is highly likely his son will not be with St. Louis for the duration of Albert Pujols’ next contract.

Think about that width of that potential timeframe for a minute.

The blogger apparently jumped to a conclusion, turning this into a juicy headline trumpeting a supposed new trade demand.

As in the case with any quotes, having context is helpful to understand where the poster might be coming from. And especially in this case, given the past history of events perhaps having been overblown, it is preferable to look at the big picture.

The site has a very good search function, but it is for articles only, not reader comments. The comment feed, viewable at the lower right, has been restricted to the most recent 30 posts to keep the size of the RSS feed manageable. So, to view the larger body of Tony Rasmus’ comments, you will need to look through the daily discussion threads for the handle “RCWarrior.”

You can draw your own conclusions from what you read.

Speaking of the big picture, in a side point, albeit an interesting one, Colby’s younger brother Casey has been tweeting that he is signing with the same organization, the Cardinals, and reporting to short-season Class A Batavia. The catcher from Liberty University was drafted in the 36th round last week.

Note: Regular readers here already covered this situation in Sunday’s discussions, but I had written this post first thing Sunday morning and I wasn’t going to waste it.

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