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Twitter and Shelby Miller’s promotion

As many from various walks of life have discovered Twitter, they search for its niche that best fits their needs, often via very public trial and error. St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers are among them.

Just this past weekend, an excited Shelby Miller used Twitter to declare to the world his promotion to Double-A Springfield. The word was not unexpected, though its timing had been unknown – until Saturday morning, that is.

Within minutes, the news that the Cardinals top prospect was on the move was quickly amplified, not just across Twitter, but it also quickly spilled into the mainstream news channels as well.

While the announcement elicited excitement from most every corner, there may have been a few exceptions. For example, it eliminated the rumor reporting element of “who knew first” emphasized by some in the media.

Further, consider the players already on the Springfield roster and especially the pitchers that were currently starting at Double-A.

They almost had to have been wondering what possible ramifications Miller’s impending arrival would have on them. Will someone be promoted, or worse, demoted? Will somebody be given his release? Who will be taken out of the rotation to make room?

Ideally, organizations would prefer to control the release of all information, but keeping all the fingers in that dike is becoming a greater and greater challenge by the day.

The reality is that social media is clearly not going away. In fact, it should continue to grow in importance for instant dissemination of information, whether or not all the “I”s have been dotted and the “T”s crossed first.

Though Miller’s promotion and its associated roster moves at both Springfield and Palm Beach have not yet been formally announced – after all, he isn’t starting in Springfield until Friday – we have all known the big news for days now…

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