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“Whiny Birds” shirts take sides in Cards-Reds rivalry

Leave it to entrepreneurs to profit from the St. Louis Cardinals – Cincinnati Reds rivalry. A company called “Look at Me Shirts” has issued a new t-shirt poking fun at the Cardinals for their supposed complaints issued during last weekend’s series in The Queen City during which the Reds swept the visitors.

The shirt’s design features two wingless bird characters from the popular video game Angry Birds sitting on the Cardinals trademark gold bat with the words “Whiny Birds” in script.

It is not clear whether the proprietors of Look at Me Shirts are baseball fans or are just interested in turning a quick buck. Looking at their offerings, they seem to seize on current news topics. Subjects of other featured tees include Randy “Macho Man” Savage, a former Cardinals minor league and star rassler who passed away only yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Osama bin Laden.

In a quick search of their site, I could not locate any Johnny Cueto or Brandon Phillips-themed tees. Since Look at Me is Cincinnati-based, that is not surprising.

The bottom line for this offering may not be that hot, however. Look at Me has already dropped its price from $20 to $14, an indication that the “Whiny Birds” shirt may not be their fastest-moving, most popular offering.

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