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Catch Cardinals minor leaguers on YouTube

The expansion of various forms of social media over the last few years really opened up opportunities for the masses to comment regularly about any subject. Of course, St. Louis Cardinals baseball in its various shapes and forms is among them.

This observation comes from a guy who blogged before blogging became cool and then common, tried MySpace early on before Facebook won that battle, but was slow to hop onto the Twitter bandwagon.

Along with non-insiders stepping up to report on their favorite organizations, the many voices in cyberspace have been joined by teams themselves. Savvy clubs are using multiple forms of social media to present their stories to the fans directly.

A poster at The Cardinal Nation message board recently noted that the Quad Cities River Bandits have established their own YouTube channel. Professionally presented highlights are being added daily during homestands. Josh Jones mentioned similar initiatives from Springfield and Palm Beach and Memphis has a channel that was used more extensively in 2010.

Needless to say, YouTube is an excellent vehicle for fans to actually get a look at the younger players written about here and elsewhere.

As a side point, MiLB.TV has been a disappointment in this area. It really should be called Triple-A TV instead as telecasts of lower level games available on the web are rare. That isn’t the fault of the MiLB folks as they pick up whatever is available and most minor league contests are not being filmed in broadcast quality.

At any rate, recent examples of the YouTube content from Palm Beach and Quad Cities follows. Clips vary from game highlights to interviews, bloopers, upcoming promotions and more. Memphis’ and Springfield’s channels aren’t updated as frequently, but are still worth monitoring.

Links are also provided below so you can subscribe to the channels and have the option of being informed when new content is posted. You can use either your YouTube or Google account.

The clubs are still in their infancy in deploying these channels, with the three lower level clubs currently having only about a dozen subscribers with Memphis at about three dozen. As more people are made aware, however, the use of these YouTube channels could skyrocket.



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