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Archive for May, 2011

Twitter and Shelby Miller’s promotion

What may be the St. Louis Cardinals’ biggest minor league promotion of the year was announced by the player himself – via Twitter.

What if Pujols follows Helton’s career trajectory?

Colorado’s Todd Helton eventually renegotiated his nine-year contract downward after his performance declined. Would Albert Pujols do the same?

Cardinals and Rockies pitching have similarities

The St. Louis Cardinals and Colorado Rockies both feature ground-ball staffs with strong starting pitching and hittable relief.

Finding The Cardinal Nation on Thursday

A busy Thursday is planned between radio appearances and weekly columns. Here is where to find Brian Walton’s contributions.

D-Money chasing Big Mac and The Machine

In terms of crucial RBI for the St. Louis Cardinals, Daniel Descalso’s 2011 start trails only Mark McGwire and Albert Pujols in the last 60 years.

Join the Cardinals in helping out Joplin

Fans can join the Springfield and St. Louis Cardinals in donating to help those in need.

Colby Rasmus’ transformation continues

The St. Louis Cardinals’ centerfielder has a higher average, is drawing more walks, striking out less and scoring more often, but his power is down.

Cardinals minor league video updates

Links to several videos of features about St. Louis Cardinals prospects.

“Whiny Birds” shirts take sides in Cards-Reds rivalry

A Cincinnati business is profiting from the bad feelings between the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds.

Molina’s fast start deserves attention

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina is off the best start with the bat in his seven MLB seasons.

Pete Kozma’s excellent Cardinals debut

In a rare occurrence, a St. Louis Cardinal reached base twice in his first Major League game when light-hitting Pete Kozma did it Wednesday night.

Saying goodbye to another old ballpark

The seats from long-time home of the Arkansas Travelers, Ray Winder Field, were given away last weekend.

Media joins Cardinals-Reds rivalry

Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman’s remarks critical of the St. Louis Cardinals are receiving wide coverage.

Cardinals offense not helping overcome blown saves

The St. Louis Cardinals are blowing ninth-inning leads at a record pace, but aren’t receiving any help via offensive comebacks.

Bill White remembers what the Civil Rights Game is about

The former St. Louis Cardinals first baseman looks back at the difference between baseball’s integration and desegregation.

It is time to appreciate Fernando Salas

Fernando Salas is the only St. Louis Cardinals reliever not to blow a save or take a loss in 2011.

Garcia has fifth-lowest MLB ERA since joining Cards rotation

Over the last season plus six weeks, St. Louis Cardinals left-hander Jaime Garcia has been pitching in some select company.

Where will the Pujols-Hendry bromance lead?

Speculation that Albert Pujols may end up as a Chicago Cub starting in 2012 is growing and the two sides are contributing.

Catch Cardinals minor leaguers on YouTube

St. Louis Cardinals minor league teams are using YouTube to directly share information.

Cardinals pitchers log best three-game series since 1972

The St. Louis Cardinals had a trio of unusually well-pitched games this past weekend – their best in almost four decades.

blingboy wins Cardinals Social Media Night tickets

The author of the best guest article posted on The Cardinal Nation Blog receives a free pair of tickets to the Cardinals’ May 17 game and will attend a special pre-game event.

Pujols as part owner of the Cardinals: Not so fast!

Examining inhibitors that might keep Albert Pujols from being granted an ownership stake in the St. Louis Cardinals.

“Down on the Farm” at

Catch Brian Walton’s weekly column focused on St. Louis Cardinals minor leagues and minor leaguers each Thursday.

Deep Time Baseball Venues in St. Louis

Our Cardinals Social Media Night contest submissions continue with a look back at old-time ballparks in St. Louis.

Some seeking relief from AT&T U-Verse on missing Cardinals telecasts

It won’t bring back 20 missing St. Louis Cardinals broadcasts, but some unhappy customers are getting concessions from AT&T U-Verse.

The $64,000 (or perhaps $300 million) question

Is Albert Pujols’ impending free agency affecting his results on the field? The first of our reader contest submissions digs into the question.