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MLB Gameday Audio integrated into Gameday

I know this might seem like I am pimping for MLB, but I can assure you that would be the last thing I would be inclined to do. On the other hand, when they deserve to take a bow, I will give them a nod. In this case, credit is due.

As many fans know, MLB offers a free data-filled window into each contest called MLB Gameday. It provides an in-game box score, play-by-play and pitch-by-pitch data. (The latter is not available during spring training.)

I have several friends who enter this data in various MLB pressboxes on an interactive basis during the regular season and know this job is taken very seriously.

You can get into MLB Gameday quickly for any game by clicking onto the baseball diamond icon in the scoreboard area at the upper left of the homepage.

Anyway, putting all the background aside, a really neat new twist I noticed for this season is the integration of another feature, MLB Gameday Audio, into the Gameday page.

I know the terms may be a bit confusing, but here is the bottom line. One can watch the game stats and listen to the broadcast from the same screen. This example is from today, with the audio window just above and to the right of the score.

One minor downside this season is the addition of advertisements into the center batter window between innings. You learn it is there pretty quickly when its audio is bled on top of the game audio. Fortunately, you can toggle off the ad audio once for the entire session instead of having to do it each half-inning.

Gameday Audio is not free like the Gameday function, but its cost of $19.99 for the season isn’t bad at all. In addition to PC, it is also supported on mobile devices like Blackberry. An alternative to subscribe to it is via its inclusion with MLB.TV, Major League Baseball’s online video streaming offering.

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