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Ranking among top sports bloggers on Twitter

Though I am still a relative newcomer to Twitter, I find it has become an invaluable source of baseball-related information. Of course, the good stuff can be buried at times among waves of useless tweets like what kind of beer a poster is drinking or his current physical location.

twitterI do my best to restrict my Twitter usage to imparting information, either about breaking news or to draw attention to a new blog post or article of interest to St. Louis Cardinals fans or in commenting about another’s similarly-oriented tweet.

The concept of having armies of “followers,” other Twitter users subscribing to one’s tweets, is sort of a badge of merit for some. The most popular Twitter personalities have tens of thousands, while others like me have far more modest totals numbered only in the hundreds.

Given that, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I am ranked in the 300-400 range in the “Top 1,000 Sports Bloggers on Twitter List,” as compiled by

In case readers hadn’t noticed, there are areas both on this blog (left side of the home page) and at message board (at the top of the main forum) where my most recent tweets are listed. They are good places to check for new information, while detailed follow-up stories will follow for the significant items.

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