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New Rasmania over for-sale signs unwarranted

Colby Rasmus (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)Word that St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus is selling his St. Louis-area home fans trade speculation flames for some.

On the heels of the reported trade interest of the Chicago White Sox in St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus which broke on Sunday is the news that Rasmus has put his St. Louis-area house on the market.

During the Bernie Miklasz radio show on Monday, the Post-Dispatch’s Cardinals beat writer Joe Strauss broke the story as part of a conversation about Rasmus being more available than the Cards are admitting. The pair agreed it would take a substantial offer to make any deal a reality.

“My information is that his house is up for sale in the West County and he is getting ready to move back to Alabama,” Strauss told Miklasz on air.

Some in the Cardinals blogosphere quickly gobbled up Strauss’ juicy tidbit and assumed the worst.

Just as so much of what has previously been written and said on this subject, there is both accuracy and misdirection in what Strauss said.

Right here at The Cardinal Nation Blog on Monday evening, Tony Rasmus, Colby’s father, confirmed his son’s property is in fact on the market.

However, any implication of that being a signal that the talented centerfielder is packing for a trade is off base, according to Tony Rasmus.

Colby will be looking to acquire a new property that will allow him to have an on-site batting cage, a feature his current area home does not allow due to space limitations, explained the elder Rasmus, known on this blog and at The Cardinal Nation forum as “RCWarrior.”

When asked to clarify if his son’s new place will be located in the St. Louis area, RCWarrior said this, with a smiley face following:

“Unless he wants a long commute next year, he’s (sic) better find something close to Busch.”

Further, he explained the younger Rasmus already has a residence in his native Alabama as well. Returning there, as Colby did at the conclusion of the season, is not unusual during the winter months.

As additional explanation, it is worth recalling that father and son had been doing one-on-one cage work during the 2010 season at a local St. Louis hitting facility. As this gained visibility externally, an unnamed individual contacted the proprietor, who cut off their access without warning or explanation, according to Tony Rasmus, who then returned to Alabama.

While attempts to influence public opinion about this player’s situation are hardly new coming from a number of parties, I have no reason to doubt Tony Rasmus’ explanation and certainly recommend against any overreaction based on partial information.

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