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Cardinals 2011 spring training schedule update #1

Wait ‘til next year!

Roger Dean Stadium, Jupiter, FL (Brian Walton photo)Such is the annual cry of Chicago Cubs fans, but with their own post-season hopes slipping away, St. Louis Cardinals followers may soon be joining them.

For as long as I have been tracking spring training schedule information, I am quite sure this is the earliest I have seen anything available for the next spring. A partial 2011 schedule of games has been released by the Atlanta Braves, reports

The tentative Braves schedule includes three games with the Cardinals. St. Louis will visit Champion Stadium at the Disney complex in Orlando on Wednesday-Thursday, March 9-10 and the Braves will come to Jupiter’s Roger Dean Stadium on Friday, March 18.

For those planning Disney World trips, a six-month notice isn’t really all that far into the future.

As every year, I will continue to fill in the table below all winter long. Game schedules will become available first, with broadcast information typically trickling in later.

St. Louis Cardinals, spring training schedule, 2011

Day Date Home Visitor Time (ET) Radio GD Audio XM TV MLB Netwk
Thursday 3-Mar
Friday 4-Mar
Saturday 5-Mar
Sunday 6-Mar
Monday 7-Mar
Tuesday 8-Mar
Wednesday 9-Mar ATL STL TBD
Thursday 10-Mar ATL STL TBD
Friday 11-Mar
Saturday 12-Mar
Sunday 13-Mar
Monday 14-Mar
Tuesday 15-Mar
Wednesday 16-Mar
Thursday 17-Mar
Friday 18-Mar STL ATL TBD
Saturday 19-Mar
Sunday 20-Mar
Monday 21-Mar
Tuesday 22-Mar
Wednesday 23-Mar
Thursday 24-Mar
Friday 25-Mar
Saturday 26-Mar
Sunday 27-Mar
Monday 28-Mar
Tuesday 29-Mar
Wednesday 30-Mar

In addition, on Tuesday night, announced their 2011 regular-season schedules. First games are on March 31.

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