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A glance at St. Louis Cardinals 2010 betting odds

Just for fun, not for keeps, we’ll take a quick look at where the 2010 Cardinals line up with the gamblers.

    As I often do around this time of year, I just took a peek over at the yellowed betting slip from the Luxor Sports Book in Las Vegas that is stuck up on the board next to my desk. It reflects my bet from five years ago this week, February 28, 2005, when I laid down a whopping $20 on the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series. I received 6-1 odds, meaning I could have won $120.

    I was not only betting on a bounce back from the disappointing sweep by the Boston Red Sox in the 2004 World Series, but the excellence of Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter as well as the nostalgia value of the final season of Busch Stadium II.

    As most readers here probably know, the 2005 Cardinals won 100 games again and Carpenter and Pujols took home the game’s highest individual honors, the Cy Young Award and Most Valuable Player Awards, respectively. Yet the Houston Astros ended the Cardinals’ dream in a six-game National League Championship Series.

    The old slip reminds me why I don’t bet.

    Still, I find it interesting to look at what kinds of odds those who are willing to put their money down this year are seeing.

    I checked out three online betting sites, where the Cardinals vary from 9-2 to 11-2 odds to win the National League. The Phillies are favorites, with the Dodgers and Cubs behind the Cardinals.

    NL pennant 2010 Philadelphia St. Louis Dodgers Cubs 5-2 5-1 13-2 8-1 2-1 9-2 8-1 8-1 3-1 11-2 7-1 9-1

    Here are their odds for the World Series. I added in the Yankees, since they are the favorites to repeat. The Cardinals range from 11-1 to 13-1 to take it all this year.

    World Series 2010 Philadelphia St. Louis Dodgers Cubs Yankees 11-2 12-1 12-1 22-1 3-1 6-1 11-1 20-1 20-1 11-4 6-1 13-1 14-1 18-1 11-4

    Right before I ended my search, I ran across an even more interesting site. also provides an over-under bet on number of wins in the 2010 regular season for each MLB club. I am assuming that all betting lines opened at -115, meaning you would need to bet $115 to win $100.

    I imagine that odds have shifted from there based on betting interest. As you can see below, the Cardinals’ over/under is 88 ½ wins. If you are the optimist and think they will win at least 89 games, you only have to bet $110 to win $100. The pessimists must be out in greater volume, as it will take a $120 bet to collect $100 on the under, 88 wins or fewer.

    No word on whether these lines shifted with last Friday’s word of Felipe Lopez’ signing. I am betting, er… guessing not.

    Team Wins Over Under
    New York Yankees 94½ -140 110
    Boston Red Sox 94½ -105 -125
    Philadelphia Phillies 92½ -105 -125
    New York Mets 89½ 115 -145
    Tampa Bay Rays 89½ -115 -115
    St. Louis Cardinals 88½ -110 -120
    Atlanta Braves 86½ -105 -125
    Colorado Rockies 84½ -115 -115
    Los Angeles Angels 84½ -105 -125
    Los Angeles Dodgers 84½ -115 -115
    Texas Rangers 84½ -105 -125
    Chicago Cubs 83½ -115 -115
    Seattle Mariners 83½ -105 -125
    Arizona Diamondbacks 82½ -130 100
    Chicago White Sox 82½ -125 -105
    Minnesota Twins 82½ -130 100
    San Francisco Giants 82½ -115 -115
    Detroit Tigers 81½ -105 -125
    Florida Marlins 81½ -105 -125
    Milwaukee Brewers 80½ -115 -115
    Cincinnati Reds 79½ -120 -110
    Oakland Athletics 79½ -105 -125
    Cleveland Indians 74½ -110 -120
    Houston Astros 74½ -105 -125
    Baltimore Orioles 73½ -125 -105
    Kansas City Royals 71½ -115 -115
    San Diego Padres 71½ -115 -115
    Toronto Blue Jays 71½ -115 -115
    Washington Nationals 70½ -115 -115
    Pittsburgh Pirates 69½ -115 -115

    Perhaps it is not surprising, but the largest deviations have occurred with the New York teams. If you believe the Yankees will win 94 or fewer games, you can earn $110 on your $100 bet. On the other hand, if you think 95 or more victories will be the result in the Bronx, you have to lay down $140 just for a chance to collect $100. The poor Mets, starting at an incredibly optimistic over/under of 89 wins, have trended in the opposite direction with the smart money on them doing more poorly.

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