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Defending Cardinals Nation to the Cardinal Nation

A St. Louis Cardinals promotional program new to some has them strangely angry.

    This is the time of the year when the well of story ideas becomes driest, just before players report to spring training and actual news on the field of play becomes available to report and discuss.

    I guess I am guilty of the same, writing about such a storyline here. Yet in a way, I feel the need to defend those who do not defend themselves and those of us who happen to like the term “Cardinal Nation” in whatever derivative used.

    The other day, Alvin Reid of the Globe-Democrat launched off into a long editorial, expressing his disgust with the St. Louis Cardinals organization’s promotional offering to provide perks to fans for a fee. Apparently, Reid just discovered the existence of “Cardinals Nation”, a program which has been in place for several years now and is a duplicate of ones in a number of other major league cities.

    I was prepared to let it pass until I read a second reaction piece, even stronger than the first. Reid’s column spawned a profanity-laced rant from AT Hooks at, in which he declared “’Cardinal Nation’ is Dead”. I guess some think swearing is a necessary part of being considered edgy. Putting that aside, why Hooks feels he can make this declaration on behalf of everyone based on an ongoing and relatively minor team promotion is beyond me.

    In terms of full disclosure, I once actually signed up for “Cardinals Nation” a few years back simply to get MLB Gameday Audio at a reduced rate. It gave me what I wanted from it. Others might like the special ticket offers. Whatever.

    Whether or not people choose to pay their money for the program is certainly up to them, but the thought of somehow trying to tie this to one’s fandom level is a pretty ridiculous concept, even when there is apparently nothing else to write about.

    Both Reid and Hooks were sloppy in their use of the terminology, confusing the variations on the words “Cardinals Nation”. Given this blog’s name and its parent are turns of the phrase (for the record, with the latter’s URL and site active long before the Cardinals introduced their offering), as a public service I thought I should clarify some of its uses.

    • “Cardinals Nation”: A promotional program offered by the St. Louis Cardinals for $19.95 per season. (logo above)
    • “Cardinal Nation”: A generic term to characterize the team’s fan base shared by all.

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