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Walton and Sickels on Cardinals prospects on Tuesday Fantasy Focus show

I will be back again as one of Jeff Erickson’s guests on Tuesday’s Fantasy Focus show on Blog Talk Radio. This segment is part of a continuing series of “slow reviews” of each organization’s farm system that also feature John Sickels of Tuesday’s show, focusing on St. Louis Cardinals prospects, can be heard live starting at 1:00 p.m. Eastern on December 1 and on demand afterward.

Devotees of XM Satellite Radio are likely already aware of the long-running Fantasy Focus show. In 2009, it moved from XM to Blog Talk Radio. Listen live, Monday through Friday, or on demand.

Jeff Erickson is the Senior Editor of and host of Fantasy Focus. His show covers fantasy baseball from a wide variety of angles, talking with the major forces within the industry, and also offers listener interaction. Among the expert leagues in which we both compete is Tout Wars. Jeff is the 2007 American League champion while I won the 2009 National League title.

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