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Cardinals Rule 5 available players

Mike Parisi at the AFL (Brian Walton photo)Back in February, I identified the 59 players then under contract with the St. Louis Cardinals that would be eligible for the 2009 Rule 5 Draft, to be held December 10 at Baseball’s Winter Meetings. The purpose of this article is to fill in the gaps from then until now.

In the intervening nine months, an entire season of transactions occurred, to the point that original list of 59 was whittled down to just 20. As part of the normal business of baseball, most of the other 39 were released or added to the 40-man roster. Several others were traded, retired, placed on the restricted list or became free agents.

One joined the list when he was removed from the 40-man and another newly-signed player is eligible, making the current total 22.

Feb. total Off 40-man New sign Subtotal Remain Released Add 40-man Free agent Traded Restricted Retired
59 1 1 61 22 18 13 4 1 1 2
Shearer P Rodriguez Buckman Anderson Castellanos Gregerson Landin Gorsett
C Gonzalez Craig Ostlund Sillman
Degerman Freese Thurston
Haltiwanger Hamilton Yarbrough
E Hernandez Jay
Herron Jones
I Garcia Norrick
Ja Martinez Ottavino
Javier Pagnozzi
Knoedler Rasmus
Leach Robinson
Mateo Samuel
Maiques Walters

These are the remaining 22 players eligible for Rule 5 selection and have been confirmed. They are listed by year originally signed.

Player Position DOB Draft yr/rd Signed
Pedro Rodriguez RHP 10/31/1987 2004
Andres Rosales RHS 06/13/1988 2004
Jose Martinez 2B 01/24/1986 2004
Mike Parisi RHS 04/18/1983 2004 9 2004
Matt Scherer RHR 01/20/1983 2004 16 2004
Domnit Bolivar SS 05/12/1989 2005
Jose Rada RHS 04/13/1988 2005
Edwin Gomez OF 03/10/1988 2005
Donovan Solano SS 12/17/1987 2005
Ivan Castro C 11/17/1987 2005
Shaun Garceau RHS 08/28/1987 2005 20 2005
Mark McCormick RHS 10/15/1983 2005 1a 2005
Trey Hearne RHS 08/19/1983 2005 28 2005
Gary Daley Jr. RHR 11/01/1985 2006 3 2006
David Carpenter RHR 07/15/1985 2006 12 2006
Jim Rapoport OF 06/25/1985 2006 35 2006
Kyle Mura RHS 11/24/1984 2006 42 2006
Brandon Dickson RHS 11/03/1984 2006
Mark Shorey OF 08/13/1984 2006 31 2006
Marco Gonzalez RHR 05/28/1984 2006
Amaury Cazana OF 09/02/1978 2006 18 2006
Brad Furnish LHS 01/19/1985 2006 2 2006

At this point, most articles on this subject would conclude. Yet there is another factor which dramatically affects which of these players might be most advantageously selected by another organization.

Only the players put on the Triple-A Memphis reserve list for protection would be eligible for the major league phase of the Rule 5 Draft. Those players would have to remain on the new club’s 25-man active major league roster the entire 2010 season or be offered back to the Cardinals after clearing waivers.

There is not room for every player on the Memphis roster, so the Cardinals probably had to make some tradeoffs as to which players they wanted to make most painful for another club to take.

Some of these 22 eligible players have likely been stationed on the Double-A Springfield roster or lower. These players cost less to select and most importantly, do not have to be added to the major league roster if taken in the Rule 5. Effectively, they do not have to the returned even if they are later demoted.

A recent example is outfielder Cody Haerther. One year ago, the Cardinals placed him on the Springfield reserve roster. He was then taken by Toronto in the Triple-A phase of the 2008 Rule 5 Draft and as a result, was essentially gone forever from the Cardinals organization.

Once I receive confirmation on which reserve rosters these eligible players reside, I will share that information with / subscribers. Update: “Available Cardinals Rule 5 Players by Level” now posted.

Post-publishing updates: Kenny Maiques and Jon Mikrut had been previously released by the Cardinals and have been moved accordingly. Newly-signed pitcher Pedro Rodriguez has been added to the eligibles.

Not reflected above: The November 30 signing of infielder Ruben Gotay to a minor league contract adds another to the Memphis roster, increasing the total number of Rule 5 eligibles to 23.

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