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Cards no better than #6 in Holliday chase?

I was catching up on some reading and read a depressing piece from SI’s Jon Heyman. It was discouraging both because of its message and that it seemed to ring true.

It was one thing to quote a friend of Matt Holliday’s saying the Cardinals soon-to-be free agent outfielder “loves the idea of going to the Yankees”. That is bad enough on its own, but it hurts even more to read where St. Louis supposedly ranks in his priority queue – somewhere south of both New York teams, the Angels and the Dodgers.

The second-hand comment about his current club is that Holliday supposedly “very much enjoyed playing in St. Louis, though, and appreciates the Cardinals’ keen interest”.

Doesn’t that sound like the prelude of the big break-up or what?

Heyman went on to rank nine contenders for Holliday’s services. The best the Cardinals could place is a weak sixth. The truth hurts.

With Scott Boras’ recent rhetoric placing Holliday in Mark Teixeira’s $180-million neighborhood as one of a pair of “blue-collar superstars”, even finishing sixth may be optimistic.

It was a nice try in 2009 for the Cardinals, but once their exclusive negotiating period ends 15 days after the World Series concludes, the sooner the Holliday charade ends, the sooner the club can move on to realistically address their 2010 holes.

Keeping Holliday no longer seems realistic.

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