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Minor league affiliates are miles away

Since this blog and the main site are all about “The Cardinal Nation”, I thought this post I ran across the other day would be worthy of a few seconds of your time. A writer from the minor league-focused blog called “Bus Leagues Baseball” calculated the distance in miles from each Major League to their top six affiliates.

Here is the NL Central roll call, listed in order from closest to farthest away in average miles:

Pittsburgh: 374 miles

St. Louis: 546 miles

Cincinnati: 695 miles

Chicago: 943 miles

Houston: 953 miles

Milwaukee: 970 miles

Closest Cardinals affiliate
: Springfield Cardinals (AA), 217 miles from St. Louis

Farthest Cardinals affiliate: Palm Beach Cardinals (A+): 1,136 miles from St. Louis

Closest NL Central affiliate: Dayton Dragons (A), just 49 miles from Cincinnati

Farthest NL Central affiliate: Arizona Brewers (Rookie): 1,790 miles from Milwaukee

The details by club with links to other divisions as well can be accessed here.

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