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Useless Hoffpauir facts

One would reasonably assume that “Hoffpauir” is an extremely unusual last name. Not so – at least in Chicago this weekend.

Hoff and Hoff History

Friday’s Cardinals-Cubs game marked the first game in the history of MLB that two Hoffpauirs appeared. They were not in the game together however, as the Cardinals’ Jarrett pinch hit, walked and ran the bases in the seventh before leaving the game. Cub Micah collected a pinch-hit double in the ninth. (The two were on opposite clubs numerous times as minor leaguers.)

In fact, the unrelated pair are the only two Hoffpauirs to have ever become Major Leaguers.

However, in 2004, there were four Hoffpauirs in the minors as Jarrett and Micah were joined by Brad Hoffpauir (Cubs – rookie ball) and Josh Hoffpauir (Rangers – A ball). It is not quite as incredible since Josh and Jarrett are brothers. Both were born in Natchez, Mississippi six years apart, graduated from Vidalia High School in the Magnolia State and later played for Southern Mississippi.

Don’t buy another vowel!

Added by Tom Orf:

Jarrett Hoffpauir is the fourth player in St. Louis Cardinals history to have three consecutive vowels in his last name and the first since 1971.

Hoffpauir represents the first “aui” in team annals as the others all had “eau” in their surname:

Patsy Tebeau, 1899-1900

Jim Beauchamp, 1963, 1970-71

Jap Barbeau, 1909-1910

Update: On Saturday, from the sixth until the top of the ninth, the two Hoffpauirs were in the game together. Micah entered for the top of the sixth when Derrek Lee injured his neck on a hard slide in the previous half-inning. Jarrett played the entire game until being pinch-hit for during the top of the ninth. The two met at first base in the seventh when Jarrett grounded into an inning-ending double play.

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