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“The Cardinal Nation” blog Sunday on KSDK Channel 5

What better place to feature “The Cardinal Nation” than on “This Week In Cardinal Nation”?

That’s right! I am pleased to announce that this blog, “The Cardinal Nation”, will be highlighted on St. Louis’ KSDK Channel 5’s weekly series “This Week In Cardinal Nation” on Sunday.

A segment called “The Cardinals Time Machine” will feature an interview with a youthful Albert Pujols back in Spring Training 2001. Backing that up will be a series of stats from here at TCN demonstrating Pujols’ excellence during the eight-and-a-half record-breaking seasons since.

For those unfamiliar with it, “This Week In Cardinal Nation” is not a highlight show, but instead a light-hearted series that celebrates the fun of the game and romance between the Cardinals and their fans.

Those in the Channel 5 broadcast area can catch “This Week In Cardinal Nation” on KSDK in St. Louis every Sunday at 10 a.m and again at 11 p.m. In addition, a subset of the segment that includes my contribution will be posted on KSDK’s website by mid-day on Monday. I will post the link here at that time.

As promised, here is the video:

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