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Top 20 Cardinals Stories of 2008: #6-10

Brian Walton’s look back at the biggest stories across the St. Louis Cardinal Nation during 2008 continues with those ranked six through ten.

Where Were You in ’82?

On Tuesday, starting at 10:00 a.m. Central, is running a free replay of the St. Louis Cardinals Game 7 win over the Milwaukee Brewers in the 1982 World Series. Where were you, Cards fans?

Top 20 Cardinals Stories of 2008: #11-15

Brian Walton’s look back at the biggest stories across the St. Louis Cardinal Nation during 2008 continues with those ranked 11 through 15.

Eleven Cardinals Rookies Debuted in 2008

During the 2008 regular season, the St. Louis Cardinals called up eleven different players from the minors for their first exposure to the big leagues, the most in the Tony La Russa era.

Kennedy and LASIK: The eyes have it. Or do they?

St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Adam Kennedy had laser eye surgery last off-season. Did it matter? Should it?

Teixeira Signing Helps Cardinals with Pujols?

Mark Teixeira’s signing with the New York Yankees means the biggest spending club in baseball is set at first base for the next eight seasons. Albert Pujols is tied to the St. Louis Cardinals for only the next three.

Merry Christmas from TCN to The Cardinal Nation!

Or Happy Chanukah / Ramadan / Kwanzaa / Festivus! Enjoy your Holiday season, in whatever manner you celebrate it. Thank you for being some of the initial visitors to this site, still not yet two weeks old. Please also consider using this opportunity to make a quick reply to say “hello” and share Season’s Greetings. […]

Odalis Perez: Better off with the Enemy

The St. Louis Cardinals would be better off if free agent left-hander Odalis Perez lands in the National League Central – with one of their competitors!

Top 20 Cardinals Stories of 2008: #16-20

A look back at the biggest stories across the St. Louis Cardinal Nation during 2008 begins with numbers 16 through 20.

Ex-Cards Minors Player, Coach Steverson Back to Bigs at 37

Former St. Louis Cardinals minor league player and coach Todd Steverson has been named first base coach for the Oakland A’s.

Cardinals Add Two Young Latin American Relievers

The St. Louis Cardinals have signed a pair of minor league relievers, right-hander Luis Orozco from Colombia and Venezuelan lefty Julio Castellano.

Ex-Cardinals News: Mulder, Edmonds, Looper

Former St. Louis Cardinals Mark Mulder, Jim Edmonds and Braden Looper are in the news as all three search for new 2009 homes.

More on New Cardinal Maekawa from Luhnow and Rodriguez

St. Louis Cardinals execs Jeff Luhnow and Moises Rodriguez fill in gaps in the story of troubled and well-traveled Japanese LHP Katsuhiko Maekawa, recently signed by the club.

PJ in PR: Finishing in Style

St. Louis Cardinals prospect P.J. Walters further improves his stock with a solid pitching performance in the Puerto Rican Winter League.

Cards sign Katsuhiko Maekawa – Who?

The St. Louis Cardinals have reportedly signed LHP Katsuhiko Maekawa to a minor league contract.

2005 Taguchi > 2008 Fukudome

A family Holiday debate led to a surprising conclusion about the recent contribution levels of two Japanese outfielders, one a St. Louis Cardinals reserve from a few years back and the other a Chicago Cubs starter in 2008.

Cardinals Minority Owner in Serious Financial Trouble

The parent of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Lee Enterprises, Inc. is on the verge of bankruptcy. They also own a minority stake in the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cardinals consider two Japanese pitchers

The St. Louis Cardinals are considering a pair of 33-year-old Japanese free agent pitchers that are outside of the expensive posting process, Kenshin Kawakami and Koji Uehara.

Knoedler signing invokes memories of Dizzy Dean

I reported the St. Louis Cardinals signing of Justin Knoedler almost a month ago. Everyone else finally realized it yesterday. Shameless commercial follows…

Astros to close Venezuelan academy while Cardinals invest

As the St. Louis Cardinals increase their brick and mortar investment in Venezuela, the Houston Astros are bailing out.

Muckdogs drag Rochester deeper into financial muck

Their Rochester saviors lost over $250,000 running the Batavia Muckdogs in 2008. While there are plans to try to fix that in 2009, the losses can’t continue.

Cardinals add Thurston, but why?

The St. Louis Cardinals signed “Joey Ballgame”, Joe Thurston, to a minor league deal so their middle infield problems are solved. Well, not exactly. Instead, what we seem to have here is the 2009 version of D’Angelo Jimenez – without the major league service time.

Looper arbitration decision could impact Fuentes

The cost of acquiring Brian Fuentes or any other Type A free agent went up due to the Cardinals’ decision to not offer Braden Looper arbitration. Is it part of a bigger plan?

Cardinals increasing ticket promotions acknowledge the economy

The St. Louis Cardinals seem to be pushing special ticket deals more furiously than ever before. Is the economy a factor?

Mark Mulder: What comes after “fooled me twice”?

Mark Mulder is supposedly making progress in his recovery. The St. Louis Cardinals should run screaming in the other direction. Better yet, they should encourage the Cincinnati Reds to get into the game for the perennially-rehabbing lefty. It seems only fitting.

Cardinals: Where are they Now? – Ken Oberkfell

Former St. Louis infielder Ken Oberkfell remains loyal to the New York Mets as many Cardinals fans remain loyal to him.

Houston Writer says “Don’t Count out the Cards” in 2009

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle is not counting the St. Louis Cardinals out of the 2009 National League Central race, though he sees the local Astros at risk of hitting bottom.

Cards Non-Tender Flores, Johnson and Miles

The St. Louis Cardinals did not offer contracts to lefty relievers Randy Flores and Tyler Johnson, making them free agents, saving money and opening roster spots. Infielder Aaron Miles was also cut loose. Could the Twins and Nick Punto (pictured) partially be to blame? How might the Cards fill the openings?

Selling Anthony Reyes for $50K

Brian Walton relives the loss of Anthony Reyes as the St. Louis Cardinals lose Luis Perdomo and Cody Haerther and add Russ Haltiwanger in the Rule 5 Draft.

WBC: See Pujols an Extra Time this Spring

Albert Pujols and the Dominican Republic World Baseball Classic team will train near the St. Louis Cardinals in Jupiter, Florida and will play each other in a March 5 exhibition.

Cardinals Mailbag

Brian Walton’s responses to reader questions submitted via email. (Click on the page title, “Cardinals Mailbag”, to view the mail items and responses.)

Cards to Re-Use Uniforms in Minors

Brian Walton notes the St. Louis Cardinals are saving money by re-using minor league uniforms.

Message from Classy Cody Haerther

Brian Walton relays Cody Haerther’s goodbye to St. Louis Cardinals fans as he moves to Toronto via the Rule 5 Draft.

Will Friday be Flores’ Last Day with St. Louis?

Brian Walton is wondering if St. Louis Cardinals reliever Randy Flores will be given his walking papers on Friday.

Tony La Russa Still Loves Colby Rasmus

Brian Walton looks in on the relationship between St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa and top prospect Colby Rasmus.

Links to Cardinals “Best of” Lists

Lists of some of the top current St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers and past major leaguers. (Remember to click on the title to see the entire post.)

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